"Local News | WikiLeaks website kicked off Amazon's servers | Seattle Times Newspaper"

This is up in my neck of the woods (Seattle).

Amazon.com Inc. forced WikiLeaks to stop using the U.S. company's computers to distribute embarrassing State Department communications and other documents, WikiLeaks said Wednesday.

The ouster came after congressional staff had questioned Amazon about its relationship with WikiLeaks, said Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.

WikiLeaks confirmed it hours after The Associated Press reported that Amazon's servers had stopped hosting WikiLeaks' site.

via Local News | WikiLeaks website kicked off Amazon's servers | Seattle Times Newspaper.

So, what do people think? WikiLeaks was under denial-of-service attacks and moved to the Amazon cloud. The hyper-Zionist U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman complained, and Amazon backed down, kicking WikiLeaks off Amazon. Where're the CIA and Mossad in all of this if WikiLeaks is a Mossad operation, as some are contending? The logical retort would be that it was a ploy for the sake of appearing plausible.

If WikiLeaks has any powerful anti-Zionist material, it should release it within the next week or so. If it has such material and doesn't release it fairly soon, something is wrong there.

Why aren't more people leaking to WikiLeaks? Is it because of what happened to Bradley Manning? Well, Bradley leaked that he leaked.

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