US deploys [XM25] game-changer [game?] weapon to Afghanistan - Yahoo! News

Better read it while you can. The "capitalism for the poor and socialism for the superrich" crowd will take it away soon.

If, for example, an enemy combatant pops up from behind a wall to fire at US troops and then ducks behind it, an XM25 gunner can aim the laser range finder at the top of the wall, then program the shell to detonate one meter beyond it, showering lethal fragmentation where the insurgent is seeking cover.

Right here I thought, think if there are innocents behind that wall somewhere. Then the next paragraph just threw huge War Department propaganda at the people.

Use of the XM25 can slash civilian deaths and damage, the Army argues, because its pinpointed firepower offers far less risk than larger mortars or air strikes.

The result, the Army says, is "very limited collateral damage."

Well, there's also this. Suppose you are an Afghani who believes the U.S. has zero right to be in your country murdering your close relatives. So, you decide to do what any so-called "Red Blooded American" would do were the Afghanis to invade and occupy the U.S., you take up arms against the invader. Now, you shoot at the serpents and move to another location because some people who should not have strayed into your area do in fact stray in. Then, the devils fire one of their XM25 rounds at that location and you watch the people dying on the ground with their bodies shredded. What do you do after that, quit? No, you decide to figure out how to defeat that MX25 and kill as many of the Satanic monsters as you can.

The Pentagon plans to purchase at least 12,500 of the guns — at a price tag of 25,000 to 30,000 dollars each — beginning next year, enough for one in each Infantry squad and Special Forces team.

via US deploys game-changer weapon to Afghanistan - Yahoo! News.

That's $375,000,000 not counting cost overrides and maintenance supplies and spare parts and ammunition and transportation and storage and, and, and...bankrupt-American's tax dollars at work murdering people for Empire.

You could have taken that whole family you murdered out to dinner on that and won some hearts and minds while not losing your own soul. Maybe you could have taken Afghanistan out to dinner on that — several times. Oh, but then you'd have to let them own their own country and decide what to do with their own raw materials and which corporations could have what pipeline over their land and whether or not you could attack Iran from their soil, etc.

Oh, so the Plutocrats vetoed your dinner invitation and sent you out to murder the "little rag-heads" instead. Well aren't they huffy. Maybe they shouldn't be invited to dinner.

I'm told that Jesus is planning on giving a wedding feast. Do think the plutocrats will be there? How about the soldiers murdering for them with their little XM25 "toys," (remember, it's a "game-changer") will they be there? Maybe they'll "be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." What do you think?

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