Dupes galore: [Leave] THE FIGHT TO STOP DISHONORING THE PRESIDENT | causes.com

Ordinarily, I wouldn't write about someone else's "cause" on Causes this way, but this cause twists beyond being allowed even a bit of the benefit of doubt.

George W. Bush is White, and I didn't like his unrepentant caving in to the neocon-Zionists and banksters either.

What Bush and Obama have done for the sake of such utter evil is hugely important. No one should stand by silently; but more importantly, no one should laud Obama in such an across-the-board way and especially not while asserting that Obama's detractors are all racists at heart.

Obama adds insult to injury. Covering for him just because he's half Black is extra-wicked.

[Don't] JOIN THE FIGHT TO STOP DISHONORING THE PRESIDENT [For everyone's soul, leave it]| causes.com.

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