"You KNOW it's a Myth" billboard: Actually, I know Jesus was and is alive

This "You KNOW it's a Myth" billboard is shown on the goddiscussion.com website. Vehicles entering New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel have the billboard facing them.

The thing is, it's trying to be tricky; but it's very transparent for those who know the ploy. Let me say that the wise men or kings were not numbered in the Gospel. The manger is not known in terms of exactly what it was. Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. The list goes on. However, that's not where the atheists of atheists.org want to stop. They (the hardcore of them anyway) really want you to believe that Jesus never existed in the flesh as a full human being — every bit as much alive in the flesh as you are.

Perhaps you'll also notice that the star is the Mogen David, which most Christians would not include in any representation of the nativity because of it's Talmudic-Jewish (Pharisaic), anti-Christ connection.

If you dig a little on the goddiscussion.com site (it took about two seconds — literally — for me), you'll find the likes of one who has renamed herself "Acharya S." This woman is a heroine of the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, who reportedly goes by his first and middle name (to keep his family out of it — if so, not very impressive) Peter Joseph.

I won't reinvent the wheel here, because Chris White (nowheretorun1984's Channel on YouTube) completely shredded all of Acharya S and Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist Movement dung on the story of Jesus. To put it in simple terms, Acharya S and Peter Joseph are New Agers (anti-Christs).

Watch Chris's video series on them here. Then leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Not all atheists subscribe to this particular brand of nonsense, but many do.

Anyway, the main thing to keep in mind concerning Christmas is that it was the Roman Catholic Pope Julius I in 350 A.D. who declared that Jesus's birthday would be celebrated on December 25th. December 25th was an important date — being near the beginning of winter. He wanted to bring in pagans, to convert them, and most people figure the Pope thought co-opting the date would help in that. It was a very bad idea because it led to things such as that shifty billboard.

However, Jesus was personally known by John, his close disciple, who was in turn known by Polycarp who was, in turn, known by Irenaeus and so on down to the present. Among many other things, Irenaeus wrote of Polycarp.

Irenaeus is best known for his dismantling of the Gnostics, who claimed secret oral knowledge from Jesus. It reminds me of the Pharisees who claim secret oral teachings from Moses and more. Jesus had a running verbal and spiritual battle with those Pharisees (who are today's Talmudic rabbis) who had Jesus premeditatedly murdered by proxy (the Romans in Jerusalem).

Irenaeus simply pointed out that none of the first bishops anywhere and going right back to the Apostles were Gnostics — end of discussion for those who love the truth.

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