Daniel Ellsberg: Boycott Amazon; Plus Yours Truly: a Nameless "Critic"

Daniel Ellsberg

I'm glad to hear that others than myself have pointed this out. This is the first I've seen it outside my own writing:

Critics suggest that Amazons move was effectively a corporation acting to silence free speech, and that were it being logically and ethically consistent, Amazon would have to apply the same standard to most major news publications that have covered the sites revelations.

via Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg calls for boycott of Amazon.com :: www.uruknet.info :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [vs-1].

It's interesting to me that I'm always in with the nameless "critics" rather than quoted by name. I certainly know why that is, and it's not because no one visits my site. My logs sayI do not reject it. otherwise. The government loves reading my stuff and trying to keep it from gaining attention (been deliberately censored for being politically incorrect on the "left" and the "right" so many times that I've lost count). Of course that's not the only reason.

I don't fit neatly onto the false spectrum of left/right or so-called statist versus so-called libertarian, and I've known about all of that since long before Alex Jones was a gleam in his father's eye, taking nothing away from Alex, even though his people canceled my user account on his forum.

I don't say all of this from a sense of ego or narcissism, far from it. I'm concerned about the truth and nothing but. I don't yearn to see my name in mundane lights. I don't want to be that kind of "star." I yearn for the truth to be everywhere all the time.

Just calling people "critics" so that names don't have to be named though is an attempt to cover the light. It is a diminishing. It is a censoring. It is a method of borrowing, even stealing, without others being readily able to go to the source, so that that source will not be as fruitious because the powers that be do not want the Christian Commons for it is the exact opposite of everything wrong they are doing out of their utter selfishness and irresponsibility and lack of accountability and lack of all the rest of the good.

The Christian Commons is giving and sharing all with all who believe and taking care of the poor and downtrodden. The Christian Commons is peace that is non-violent.  The Christian Commons is sexual wholesomeness. These three things do not fit together in the eyes of the right or the left of the false spectrum. Hence, those who believe and agree with all three are in an extreme minority. However, Jesus rightly said, "Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."

When that happens, when the truth is everywhere all the time, what more will there be for me? The truth includes that I'm completely healed. Who could ask for or want anything more? There isn't anything more than that. That is my name in lights, but it's everybody's name in lights. It's credit where credit is due.

In the beginning was the word. The word is the name. The name is the light. The light is truth and life everlasting. In the beginning was God, and Jesus was with God in the beginning.

Beyond all human "scientific knowledge and understanding," Jesus was sent by God to tell us and to save us from ourselves and each other so that we will save one another and ourselves.

There are those who refuse to believe anything beyond the results of mundane experiments. There is no word (as I have described it above) for them. They reject it. So be it, for them. I do not reject it.

I have asked and been answered, though I still ask and still wait.

I have sought and been shown the way and found it, though I'm still learning the walk.

I have knocked and the door has opened, though one can walk out without knowing it until finding oneself outside. Be vigilant. Watch. Do.

I have personally experienced things that do not fit at all with the God-deniers' visionlessness.

I will not revert to my old walk. I am new. I have return to before.

I repent and will repent again and again and again as I learn the refinements and for as long as it takes!

Do it, so help you God.

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