Zionists and Their Arab-Leader Collaborators: Evil Against Other Arabs and Now Iranians: "Sharing the Land of Canaan - Palestine Timeline"

Palestine Timeline

1840-1850 The British Empire employed the services of Lieutenant Colonel George Gawler (1796-1869). Gawler was a colonization expert after whom a city in Australia is named (Gawler City). In 1845, Gawler published how this might be accomplished in "Tranquilization of Syria and the East: Observations and Practical Suggestions, in Furtherance of the Establishment of Jewish Colonies in Palestine, the Most Sober and Sensible Remedy for the Miseries of Asiatic Turkey."  In 1852, the Association for Promoting Jewish Settlement in Palestine was founded by Gawler and other British officials and later evolved it into the Palestine Fund.

1880 First Zionist colony in Palestine Established funded by British Zionists.

1897 First Zionist Congress held in Switzerland issued the Basle programme on the colonization of Palestine and the establishment of the World Zionist Organization (WZO).

via Sharing the Land of Canaan - Palestine Timeline.

"June 7, 1981 Israel destroys Iraqi civilian nuclear reactor even though the International Atomic Energy Agency has been visiting regularly and certifying Iraq had no nuclear weapon program."

If the Zionists attack Iran, will the Zionists go down? Sooner or later they will anyway.

The Arabs who support the Zionist-neocon dross in the U.S. attacking Iran when those Arabs know the Zionist-neocons are the liars of liars are just as drossy as those Zionists.

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