Anti-Zionists, 9/11 Truthers: Major Defense Contractor Blocks Anything With 'WikiLeaks' In URL | TPMMuckraker

Mind you, not all "capitalists" are this insane; but:

How to keep your employees ignorant and your profit margin in selling weapons of mass destruction for murdering anyone and everyone who is offended by your supposed right to be a capitalistic swine (it's Biblical):

The image is allegedly "what the Daily Beast looks like on a company computer." I don't doubt it. Note how WikiLeaks is lined out. It may, and likely does, mean that the links are blocked/useless.

Anti-Zionists, 9/11 Truthers: Major Defense Contractor Blocks Anything With 'WikiLeaks' In URL | TPMMuckraker

The nation's biggest defense contractors, who employ thousands of people with security clearances, are taking steps to restrict their access to Wikileaks, including one company which is blocking employees from accessing any website, including news stories, with "wikileaks" in the URL.

via Major Defense Contractor Blocks Anything With 'WikiLeaks' In URL | TPMMuckraker.

To Libertarians, 9/11 Truthers, Anti-WikiLeakers

I am a 9/11 Truther, and I say that anti-WikiLeakers who are also anti-Zionists need to rethink their wild, knee-jerk, short-sighted, initial conclusions about WikiLeaks. The Zionists/Neocons are out to crush WikiLeaks. It's not just a matter of convenient timing either where WikiLeaks spills what the imperial sycophants had to say to each other via their internal cables, which were not very secret at all since they were readily accessible by a mere Private First Class, and that WikiLeaks is now being shut down by the Zionists after the Mossad has finished leaking that dictatorial Arab/Sunni leaders are as bad as those Zionist in that they too want the U.S. to do the dirty work of destroying their supposed rival, the Shiite Iranians.

WikiLeaks and Zionism

WikiLeaks is not a friend of the Zionists. Anything leaked to WikiLeaks about the Zionists will be likewise leaked by WikiLeaks. The public just has not been told yet whether WikiLeaks has received and is vetting any such anti-Zionist materials.

WikiLeaks is not in the business of regurgitating what's been on alternative sites. It is about releasing material never released before. If it doesn't receive such anti-Zionist materials, if no one ever leaks such materials to WikiLeaks, WikiLeaks cannot be held responsible for the lack of anti-Zionist, internal-government/corporate documents.

Could an entity create such documents and submit them? Yes it could. That's why WikiLeaks' job is not an easy one. It must gauge the validity of submissions. I don't envy them the task.

People Mistakenly Afraid to be Truth-Tellers/Leakers

For a variety of reasons, people are afraid to leak. The primary reasons people don't leak are as follows:

  1. They have been brainwashed via the political-socialization process of the military-industrial complex
  2. They don't want to harm the source of their personal compensation
  3. They are afraid of getting caught and facing the wrath of the Empire.

The last one is the primary reason why those who contemplate leaking hesitate. However, they need to consider that Bradley Manning bragged about leaking. Otherwise, he might never have been apprehended.

Leaking Illegal "State Secrets" is Not Illegal!

There is also the false propaganda being pumped out now by the Empire that leaking is illegal. It is not illegal, not when the leaked materials concern illegal government activity. All of the wars are illegal. They were all started via deliberate lies told to the people who, had they known in sufficient numbers that they were being lied to, would not have gone along with the wars. The list of lies is legion.

Government agencies and corporations that are claiming that WikiLeaks is illegal are flat out wrong. WikiLeaks has exposed illegal activity, and the governments and corporations are engaged in further illegality by deceiving the people about it all.

Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy

Julian Assange is absolutely correct that Hillary Clinton should not be the Secretary of State because she ordered the people in the State Department to due the illegal bidding of the CIA when the CIA asked for the State Department to illegally spy on U.N. diplomats. Yet, Hillary Clinton will turn around boldfaced and say that it is WikiLeaks that is illegally undermining diplomacy. How can U.N. diplomats conduct their negotiations in an atmosphere where the U.S. State Department spies on them for the CIA?

Of course, we had knowledge that the George W. Bush administration was spying on U.N. diplomats. At the time, many Democrats bemoaned it. Many of those same Democrats are backing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. It is utterly shameful, transparent hypocrisy.

On Boycotting Amazon and PayPal

Yesterday, I posted how Daniel Ellsberg has called for boycotting for deleting WikiLeaks' cloud-computing account with Amazon. He was premature. I would rather have seen Daniel write an open letter to Amazon that would have also been hand delivered to all the members of the board and to the top executives spelling out why Amazon was wrong and what Daniel will be doing if Amazon doesn't reverse course.

The same applies to PayPal.

Plenty of times, Amazon has been asked to pull a book only to restore it after hearing arguments from the other side. I suspect PayPal is similar.

I don't fault Daniel Ellsberg for not wanting to wait though. His reaction is understandable. He's exasperated. It's hard not to be to the extent that one doesn't want to cut any entity any slack. However, Amazon and PayPal and others have not heard the word enough yet for that. Things haven't been put into stark enough contrasts for them. It is coming though. The time for finally choosing is coming. Ages come and go.

We shouldn't be in the business of seeking to do economic harm in order to get our way. We do though have the perfect right not to support those who are doing evil and who refuse to repent of it. First though, tell them about the plank in their eyes. I say this as a reminder to myself as well. It requires vigilance to avoid falling back into old, bad patterns of behavior that we hate in others.

We have Amazon links on this site. We accept donations via PayPal too, not that we have sold books or that there have been many donation via PayPal. If they want to cut off the Church for saying that WikiLeaks is not engaged in illegal activity but is rather exposing it, that will be their decision and they will have to live with the consequences for having sided with the darkside rather than with the light of truth.

May they do the right thing for the sake of their own souls and all those they influence; otherwise, may they fall of their own top-heaviness.

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