YouTube - Gerald Celente on WikiLeaks - Cablegate. Get 'em, Gerald!

Gerald Celente is right on here about WikiLeaks and Cablegate. He's not falling for the line that WikiLeaks is a Mossad Operation. He can see that WikiLeaks is doing way too much for that.

Just look at that video playing along side Gerald as he speaks. That's the U.S. wiping out unarmed men, some of whom are journalists caring cameras that the stupid U.S. military didn't zoom in on (avoiding that on purpose) so they could claim the cameras looked like weapons.

Sure, the "terrorists" just walk down the middle of the street carrying major weapons with U.S. military helicopters flying above them. What utter nonsense!

Then those monsters attacked unarmed people assisting the unarmed dying. They shot two little kids in the process. What did those monsters do and say, they blamed it on the father for having his children in the van. What was he supposed to do, make them walk? Was he supposed to show his children how to just drive away and leave the injured moaning for help? He was a compassionate man trying to save a noncombatant brother shot up by the insane, greedy, depraved Empire.

Sure, maybe he shouldn't have been naive enough to think that the U.S. is as sick as it is, but whose fault is that really? It's the American people's, at least the ones who supported that disgusting, illegal war.

Anyway, it was WikiLeaks that leaked that, and it was a major set back to U.S. Neocon/Israeli war-drums beating.

Gerald sees right through those stupid Neocons and tells it like it is. You should too.

Tom Usher

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