As an Anti-Christ, Anti-Progressive, Dan Savage Blames Christianity: CNN/YouTube - Dan Savage - Gays [misnomer] Most Targeted Minority

All things being equal, if I call people banksters (which I do) and someone else beats up a bankster, that's not my fault. Someone beating up a bankster is not a consequence of my calling someone a bankster.

If Christians say that homosexual "marriage" is undermining the institution of procreative, heterosexual marriage as the central institution of humanity and the only legitimate form deserving of the label marriage because it is extremely important for a whole host of reasons but someone else beats up or bullies a homosexual, it is not the Christians' fault and the beating and/or bullying is not a direct consequence of the Christians' open observations.

Do you know how many issues can be framed in this way? If you don't like it that BP leaked oil into the Gulf of Mexico and you call them an environmental disaster but someone else blows up BP's headquarters, how is that your fault? It isn't, not unless you pushed for that.

There are people who hate banksterism who will do violence on banksters. There are people who call themselves Christians who will do violence on homosexuals just because they are homosexuals. Those aren't Christians. There are environmentalists who will do violence against extreme polluters. This is mostly assuming they can "get away with it."

There are though homosexuals who have called for the physical persecution of Christians who speak against homosexuality. I've been on the receiving end of that hatred and even homosexual fascism, but I'm not going to say that every homosexual is at fault for it. That would be stupid, just the way this video is stupid and anyone who agrees with it.

If the point of the video is to say that there is a slippery slope and that Christians should qualify their statements with calls for anti-violence, I will agree with that approach. However, that is not what the video is doing. The video is claiming that homosex is fine, as being Black is fine, as being a female is fine, being an ethnic Jew, etc. Being Black or female or born of "Jewish" parents is not a behavioral choice in this world, or at least it hasn't been. (You know there are mad scientists who have "ideas.")

Look, I have three main fundamental issues with the "homosexual community" as they've deemed themselves:

1) I do not agree that homosexuality is ever harmless. I know it is a harmful error. It is a mistake and regardless of whether or not it's genetic in the way that so many homosexuals and others claim that it is. There are plenty of genetic mistakes. I've written extensively on the subject, as have others. You can search on it on this site and elsewhere.

2) I do not agree that homosexuality is not a behavioral choice. One can define homosexuality in ways that say that it is more than outward behavior, but the outward behavior remains a choice. However, I also know that the Holy Spirit can change souls on the inside in terms of what attracts them and what turns them off and everything in between. I know that there is no limit as to the power of the Holy Spirit. I also know that disbelief has retarded and is retarding humanity and that I will be vindicated in saying this.

3) Jesus did not condone homosexuality nor was he a homosexual. This is a theological issue for scriptural interpretation, but it is absolute garbage the idea that Jesus condoned it or was it. People such as Elton John don't know what they are talking about. They spread total lies about Jesus. Homosexuality was, and remains, completely inconsistent with the wholesomeness of which Jesus spoke. It would be totally inconsistent for Jesus to have condemned a near laundry list of sexual behaviors while turning a blind eye to homosexuality. He did not though call down the wrath upon homosexuals or anyone else. He did though clearly warn people concerning all manner of offense in God's eyes.

I have shot down with clear references to scripture and logic every homosexual argument put forth to the contrary that I have ever encountered, and I've had plenty of homosexuals attacking me on this blog and on other sites and at length. Their theological claims never stand up to close scrutiny and logic.

You may rail against these statements of mine, but you will do so thoughtlessly.

I am not a coercive democrat. The real law, which is the law of God, is against homosexuality, just as it is against greed and violence and so many other selfish things. How to be consistent in this knowledge is the task of the real Christian.

If you think that Jesus accepted everyone the way he or she was, then tell me what he was doing when he was shaking the dust from his feet?

This Dan Savage uses the word hate over and over, but does he not hate? What will he do or say when homosexuals gang up on others and beat them for being anti-homosexuality? Has it not happened yet?

Is it to become a crime to hate homosexuality? If so, I will be an outlaw; but considering the general lawlessness of the United States, what difference will that make in the vast configuration of things? I will shake the dust from my feet, that's what.

By the way, there's nothing "progressive" about censoring free-religious exercise, which includes proselytizing for one's religion, including Christianity. This Dan Savage is not more "progressive" in the sense he's using the term than was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who called freedom of religion one of the Four Freedoms.

"The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, everywhere in the world." That's what the most "progressive" President in American history said.

Dan Savage wants to use the power of the coercive state to censor people from being able to worship God in their own way. He believes that his homosexuality trumps anyone's right to repeat Jesus's words and to explain them and why in Christianity, homosexuality is known for the error it is.

Well, Dan, if you want a hot war, keep it up. There are people who will re-fight the American Revolutionary War to reestablish their right to quote Jesus and to explain what they believe Jesus's words mean. If the homosexual community wants that fight {I know many, even most, in there do, based upon the drive to take over the U.S. military and to destroy Islam if lying about it (falsely moderating it) doesn't work}, you'll both be wrong.


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