Rush Limbaugh the Dolt Hates the Volt: "Rush to Judgment - Motor Trend Blog"

Rush Limbaugh the Dolt Hates the Volt: "Rush to Judgment - Motor Trend Blog"

I enjoyed pretty much all of the article except for the utterly ignorant statement that "GM designed the Chevy Volt after its failed experiment with the EV1."

via Rush to Judgment - Motor Trend Blog.

Come on Todd Lassa. You write as a well-educated person. You should know that the EV1 was no failed experiment. The EV1 was canceled because GM sold out to Big Oil, plain and simple!

If GM had stayed with the EV1 and worked with a vengeance on perfecting it, GM would still be the biggest auto company in the world by far. It would also be the hero company of the Environmental Movement. They blew it, big time.

Rather than siding with Big Oil, GM should have work with the solar panel industry, etc., because the EV1 could be recharged via solar panels on homes and businesses and carports and many other places.

Anyway, I'm glad GM worked on the Volt, and hope they come out with 100%-electric cars, trucks, and buses soon.

Rush Limbaugh is the dolt, not the Volt.

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