Joe Lieberman: New York Times Should Be Investigated For Publishing WikiLeaks Cables (VIDEO)

...he [Joe Lieberman] said that, since WikiLeaks had certainly violated the Espionage Act, it was a real question whether the Times had also done so by accepting it.

via Joe Lieberman: New York Times Should Be Investigated For Publishing WikiLeaks Cables (VIDEO).

Wow, is he ever dumb to think that we can't see his illogic.

He says WikiLeaks is definitely guilty for accepting leaked documents but that he's not sure whether the New York Times is guilty for accepting leaked documents.

How dumb/dishonest is that!

He tries to qualify by saying that the New York Times says it didn't publish everything, but WikiLeaks redacted names too and conversed with the New York Times about what to release/not to release, etc.

Would we have been better off with Joe Lieberman as Vice President over Dick Cheney. At least with Cheney, you know it was about money (oil, stealing other people's resources, etc.) and American Empire. With Joe Lieberman, it's about Zionism.

Let me also point out, which others have probably pointed out elsewhere but I haven't seen it yet, that Julian Assange is not a U.S. citizen. The Espionage Act is American law. If it applies to Julian Assange, then all American law applies to everyone everywhere and the U.S. is the sole sovereign in the world. The Chinese and Russians would not agree with Lieberman though on that.

This guy is a fascist. He's a very dangerous person. Julian Assange's actions help the common people to see the duplicity of the U.S. and it's lying, puppet dictators around the world. If the U.S. hadn't been propping them up, the people in those nations would have been vastly freer. Joe Lieberman though makes everything worse.

There has never been a constitutionally required Declaration of War against Afghanistan or Iraq.

The Espionage Act is about enemies. Who are the enemies where WikiLeaks' leaks are concerned? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere have all been illegal. Who's the enemy of the people? It's not WikiLeaks.

You cannot apply the Espionage Act to illegal wars. Only fascists would seek to do so. That's why Joe Lieberman is doing it. He's a Zionist through-and-through and therefore a racist fascists because everyone knows that Zionist-Israel that Joe Lieberman so supports is utterly racist. It was founded by open racists, such as Theodor Herzl for one. Nothing has change there on that. The Zionists' racist and ethnically bigoted war crimes prove it.

If Lieberman's position is that simply because the documents were classified is enough to trump the war crimes of the U.S., he's much worse than depicted above.

I suggest that the trial of WikiLeaks and/or Julian Assange put the U.S. and its leaders on trial for war crimes.

As Lieberman said, if you don't prosecute criminals, they'll do it again. So much for Barack Obama's oh-so-convenient-and-selective-applied don't-look-back position.

I say prosecute the war criminals. The issue after declaring the unrepentant guilty guilty will be about what to do with them. They need mental help. I say they need spiritual help.

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