MasterCard Joins the Other Illegally Acting Sycophants of the Global Plutocrats Against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

MasterCard also said it would block payments to WikiLeaks, according to the CNET News website, a move that will dry up another source of funds for the website."MasterCard is taking action to ensure that WikiLeaks can no longer accept MasterCard-branded products," a spokesman for MasterCard Worldwide said yesterday.The credit card firm said it was cutting off payments because WikiLeaks was engaging in "illegal activity". "MasterCard rules prohibit customers from directly or indirectly engaging in or facilitating any action that is illegal," its spokesman, Chris Monteiro said.

via Julian Assange to be questioned by British police | Media | The Guardian.

WikiLeaks Is Not Engaged in Illegal Activity

As I have been repeatedly saying, WikiLeaks is engaged in EXPOSING illegal activity. The wars being conducted by the government of the United States of America are in clear violation of international law, law concerning which the U.S. has agreed to abide by reason of signing the various legal instruments involved and which signing also renders such instruments, treaties, and the like the highest law of the land of the United States by virtue of its own Constitution, which states as much.

The Plutocrats Are Engaged in Illegal Activity

It is entirely plain and clear that WikiLeaks is in a war with the gangster Plutocrats of this worldly world. Those Plutocrats are rabid imperialists, extreme elitists, megalomaniacs, sociopaths, exceptionally greedy, and in need of their comeuppance.

Calling For the Death of Julian Assange is Evil and Illegal

The treatment of WikiLeaks is completely hypocritical and moronic. People calling for Julian Assange to be assassinated or executed are sick fools. Assange is no saint, but he is a far better human being than those calling for his death. His interest is in stopping the Plutocrats. The rest are suck-ups to those utterly depraved, greediest of the greedy, most selfish of the selfish, Plutocrats.

The System Belongs to the War Criminals

Everyone who is opposed to WikiLeaks exposing the war criminals is aiding and abetting the same people who deliberately caused the current economic meltdown. They are aiding and abetting George W. Bush, who along with his Cabinet and fellow anti-American conspirators in the Congress and elsewhere (especially the CIA and military contractors), willfully lied the U.S. into wars. It's well documented. Bush and Dick Cheney should have been impeached and removed, but the American people didn't stand up in sufficient numbers. That's why the vast majority of the American people are suffering economically and otherwise as those on the raped end of the gigantic Ponzi scheme that is the American economy.

MasterCard Openly Acts as a Member of the Illegal Syndicate Against the People

So, now MasterCard has joined and PayPal, just as all the telecoms (save Qwest, which was subsequently punished, having it's CEO put in prison on largely trumped up charges for protecting the average Qwest customer under the Bill of Rights) joined the NSA in secret and illegal dragnet spying on every single American.

Consolidation (Trusts and Monopolies) from Deregulation

This is all of what consolidation (the trusts and monopolies) under deregulation have wrought for you, the citizens under Ronald Reagan and Thatcher, et al. (the Neolibs and Neocons that also includes the Clintons). You are as far from free as free can be because you are imprisoned but fooled into believing your prison is your freedom. You are not free from evil. You are living under it.

Double-Standard Treatment of the New York Times

Where is the New York Times in all of this? Are they going to the mat defending the source of the information they too, along with WikiLeaks, published? Has MasterCard refused to allow people to pay for subscriptions to the New York Times using MasterCards? You know the answer to that. would love to host the New York Times on Amazon's cloud computing system. PayPal will honor all use of PayPal cards when paying for subscriptions to the NYT. Why?

The reason is simple. The New York Times knuckles under when push comes to shove. It has been the mouthpiece of the CIA many times.

The U.S. Is a Lawless State Under the Plutocrats

What am I advocating here, anarchy? What's that relative to the current state of affairs? The term anarchy has many connotations, many twists upon various concepts. It is clear though that the U.S. is a lawless state. The laws do not apply to the Plutocrats. The Plutocrats own the government. It does their bidding or else. There is no "rule of law" here. There's no law for the superrich. They do what they want that the non-superrich are sent to prison for doing.

Plutocrats Alone Control the Money Supply

The Plutocrats have bought and paid for the ability to control the currency of the world. If Amazon or PayPal or MasterCard or whomever doesn't do what the Plutocrats want, then the Plutocrats will cut them off because the Plutocrats control the money supply and can fund anyone, anywhere, at any time to do exactly what the Plutocrats want.

Throw Off the Central Bank; Destroy It

It hasn't always been so. There have been some spots in history where the Plutocrats lost control over huge areas of the world. Every time the U.S. threw off the central banks represents such a moment.

End the Federal Reserve System

The single most important thing the people could do right now is end the Federal Reserve System. The Plutocrats own and control the Federal Reserve. The people through their elected representatives do not. The Federal Reserve is a private institution headed up by oligarchical families with loyalties that run to their families and not to the American people as a whole.

Those Plutocrats, those Oligarchs, create the money. The government of the people does not. Those Plutocrats can create money and destroy it at their will. When they create it, they make the common people pay them interest on that money. What have the Plutocrats done to deserve receiving hundreds of billions from the working poor and others in this arrangement? They have done absolutely nothing but the bidding of evil. The Plutocrats have this arrangement for the sole reason that they are the liars of liars. They got their starts, their families got their starts, by evil means. They've use their ill-gotten gain to buy the loyalties of mercenaries of all types in all fields. They been at it so long that continuity concerning awareness of the clear and plain evil scheme can break while the people continue on duped by the past and the pattern of behavior.

"State Secrets" (Plutocrat Impunity) Have Murdered Tens of Millions

What has WikiLeaks done that's illegal? The lack of transparency led to the illegal, immoral, unethical wars resulting in the slaughter and displacement of tens of millions of the innocent. WikiLeaks has worked to bring transparency to bear upon the war criminals who sat and still sit (albeit with the names changing from Bush to Obama and the like) in offices ultimately controlled by the Plutocrats.

Plutocrats Are the Chief Enemies of the Good

The chief enemies of God and all that is righteous and holy are the Plutocrats. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. Remove them, and humanity stands a chance. Allow them to continue lording it over the planet, and dystopia will increase and increase until the Apocalypse.

So, tell everyone that we must get rid of the Plutocrat banksters' control over the money supply.

Interest-Free Currency Now

We must have as a start a 100% interest-free currency that will be used  to pay off the National Debt 100% (never to go back into debt with any bank(s) again) and that will be pegged exactly to real productivity so that the people can create all the non-inflationary/non-deflationary money they want for every project they want.

Break the Trance

Right now, the Plutocrats decide what gets to be done. The people do not. That doesn't have to remain the case at all. The people can take back the decision-making power unto themselves so that if they want free and totally clean energy for all, they can have it. That's just one example. Frankly, the imagination is the limit. If we imagine good, we can have it. Right now, the Plutocrats imagine slavery and that's what the world is under even as it is mostly also in a hypnotic trance where the hypnotic suggestions issued by the bought-and-paid-for hypnotists of the Plutocrats are carried out as a matter of conditioning (marketing/advertising, etc.).

Obama's Change Is Not Breaking Out

Barack Obama campaigned on "Change," but he meant only slight change within the hypnotic state. He did not mean breaking out of the spell.

United States Notes Replace Federal Reserve Notes

So, tell everyone that we need United States Notes to completely replace Federal Reserve Notes. Those United States Notes should not be backed by any commodity. They should be paper and more so bits and bytes and such only. The law should be that the supply be exactly for carrying out what the people want.

Unlimited Money For Whatever the People Want

When the people want solar, wind, and geothermal projects enough to satisfy all the current energy needs plus in anticipation of all electric transportation or whatever, then the government (not the banks) would issue the money interest-free and tax-free (yes, 100% tax-free) into the economy as payment for carrying out the project(s).

  • If we want no poverty, we end it.
  • If we want everyone in decent housing, we build it.
  • If we want healthcare for all at no charge to anyone, we do it.
  • If we want all organic, non-toxic farming, we do that too.
  • If we want to clean up environmental disasters, we do it.

The Vision Thing

There would never be a lack of money for anything. The only thing that would ever be lacking is vision. Of course, that's what's been lacking all along.

The Leadership Has Been Very Stupid

The Plutocrats don't care to see what's best for everyone because those Plutocrats are stupid. They think their smart because they've set things up where they alone get to make the decisions, but they have made horrendously stupid decisions that have retarded not only the people in general but also those Plutocrats.

If the people do not demand an end to the banksters, then they will deserve the fate that the banksters have in store for them.

No Killing, Assassinations, Executions For Evil Cult of Mammon

Understand here that I am not calling for the death of the bankers. Unlike them, I'm not desirous of assassinating and executing people. I'm for deprogramming them from their evil Cult of Mammon, and that is what it is.

New United States Notes Not Just More Mammon

The New United States Notes would not be just more Mammon. You see, because of the lack of vision, we are living under the means-of-exchange lie. The New United States Notes as I have proposed them here and before, really aren't stuck under that confining mentality.

You see, if we create energy from clean and inexhaustible (well, relatively speaking inexhaustible) sources and give it away to ourselves at no charge, we have removed Mammon from that entire sector. Carrying that out to its logical conclusion, we end up with a moneyless/Mammonless society and rather a one, big, happy family society (if we can bring ourselves to being compassionate and unselfish across-the-board; completely honest, repentant, atoning, and the like).

That's the vision. That's the prophecy. When is the only question, not really if.

I know it exists in the Universe. It can, does, and will exist.

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