Goose and Gander: Assange and Cheney: Nigeria Files 16-Count Bribery Charge Against Dick Cheney

If the U.S. government can go after Julian Assange for violations of the U.S. Espionage Act or other Acts or statutes even though Julian was not and is not an American citizen and was not in the U.S. when WikiLeaks released leaked material and even though clearly and plainly the leaked material substantiates war and other crimes and revealed for the first time various high international and national crimes committed on the part of the U.S. government and major U.S. corporations and other governments and corporations, then Nigeria certainly may go after Richard "Dick" Cheney for his direct authorization of illegal bribes in Nigeria.

Dick Cheney

A SIXTEEN-COUNT charge was filed by the Federal Government at an Abuja High Court yesterday against a former Vice President of the United States U.S., Richard 'Dick' Cheney over his alleged complicity in the $180 million bribe-for-contract scandal by Halliburton.

via Govt files 16-count charge against Cheney.

If INTERPOL issued a warrant for the arrest of  Julian Assange based upon the flimsiest of allegations made against him by suspect females who openly bragged about their "relationship" with Julian Assange after the alleged sexual conduct, then certainly, INTERPOL must issue a warrant for Dick Cheney.

If the U.K. government arrested Julian Assange based upon those same flimsiest of allegations (but no doubt really on account of international and internal pressure from the U.S. and various other criminal entities, which pressure would be confirmed by WikiLeaks-like leaks if there were brave and true whistleblowers in the U.K. and U.S. with access to material documenting that pressure), then to be consistent, the U.K. must likewise arrest Dick Cheney if he steps foot in U.K. territory and extradite him to Nigeria to stand trial.

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