It's Time to Impeach and Remove: YouTube - US spokesman responds to spy claims/hard evidence

Government Liars

How do you spell squirming? Well, I know how to spell lying. The State Department cable illegally ordered diplomats to illegally spy. There is zero question about it. It's prima fascia. P. J. Crowley {Philip J. (P.J.) Crowley} is flat out lying. He's being paid to do it. He's a hired liar. He was told to do it, and he's shown doing it there in the video (below).

Hillary Clinton Knew Honduras Had a Military Coup

He's shown ducking the direct questions concerning the Honduran coup against Manuel Zelaya. The U.S. government, the State Department, the Obama administration, all knew that it was an illegal coup in which the Honduran military engaged without doubt.

As the alternative press at the time was saying, as I was saying at the time, the State Department deliberately avoided calling it an illegal coup and a military coup (which everyone knows it was, including Hillary Clinton and all of her State Department lawyers) because the law required the U.S. cut off the coupsters and military.

Pass Time to Impeach and Remove the Unrepentant Criminal, Barack Obama

The U.S. government, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many, many others lied about this in clear violation of the law and the President should be impeached and removed from office on account of it. It does constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. His administration should be swept out.

Clearly though, the Honduran example is far, far, far from the only case in which the same lawless leadership has committed and continues to commit high crimes and misdemeanors for which they all should be removed from office.

Assange and WikiLeaks Under Attack by Lying Serpents

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are under attack for bringing these horrendous crimes to light. Assange and WikiLeaks are the true heroes. People such as U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman are biting, venomous snakes who have no business in public office at any level.

This major obfuscator, twister, fellow snake with Joe Lieberman, P. J. Crowley, claims that Julian Assange is trying to undermine the system whereby the U.S. works to solve problems.

WikiLeaks Undermining Illegal Regimes, Including U.S.

Julian Assange is undermining the system whereby the lying, cheating, stealing, mass murdering, covetous, lawless system goes about self-enriching its elitist masters at the direct negative expense of everyone else on the planet, even the planet itself. P. J. Crowley's proud of that?

He's criminally insane; but by that, I don't mean he's not responsible for his terrible choices and should not be held to account for them.

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