More News on the Frontline of the Just Begun Eternal Cyber War: MasterCard DOWN:, Swiss Bank, Lawyer's Site Hacked By WikiLeaks Supporters With DDOS Attack

Hackers rushed to the defense of WikiLeaks on Wednesday, launching attacks on MasterCard, Visa, Swedish prosecutors, a Swiss bank and others who have acted against the site and its jailed founder Julian Assange.

MasterCard DOWN:, Swiss Bank, Lawyer's Site Hacked By WikiLeaks Supporters With DDOS Attack.

This is not even a shot across the bow. This is war. It will ramp up. The U.S. Air Force is doing most of the fighting on the illegal U.S. government side. They will be stepping it up. The NSA is busy scrambling to trace the "freedom fighters."

Other nations will get into it. They'll do false-flag attacks on other nations to weaken their commercial rivals while hiding behind supporters of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

This is huge.

Watch for the viruses to be rolled out. Both sides, all sides, will attempt to enlist your computer in the fight. Watch out for the U.S. corporations that work in cyber security and have relationships with the NSA. Your computer can be updated with stealthy programs to aid the illegal Empire in its fight against sorely needed governmental transparency.

Watch for "emergency" draconian, police-state legislation to be put on offer. It's been sitting there waiting to be used. The state will move to insist that everyone be registered and licensed to use the Internet just the way they do drivers licenses. You'll have to have an I.D. that will track your every move. This is where the government has wanted things to go. However, the fight will be very hard because there are libertarian computer scientists who will take the fight up to total war. This is a whole new weapons area. The field of battle right now is like the Wild West; but this time, the "Indians" are able to be invisible at the start of the War. That's why the NSA will want to block all non-licensed traffic.

From there, the fight will move to impersonating authorized users and also slipping in under the radar and through the cracks, very much the way hacking has been all along.

Various corporations make secret deals with the so-called intelligence community to allow those corporations to be used to illegally spy upon you. Your computer can become infected with code that those "security" computer-program providers will deliberately allow without informing you.

This Cyber War will rapidly become bigger than the so-called War on Terrorism, which has always been nothing more than a front for imperial takeover by the U.S. of other areas of the globe. The reason it will be bigger is because the battle will be constantly fought penetrating firewalls everywhere. The War will be fought on U.S. soil. It has already begun.

As the U.S. Air Force and NSA and others counter-attack the counter-attackers ("Operation Payback" is a counter-attack — the U.S. started this War), the people comprising the resistance will swell, learn exponentially, and harden. This isn't good all the way around.

The revolution will be fought on all fronts. It's going to get worse than nasty.

Don't forget, this group isn't even WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has a doomsday system. If the government pushes it to the wall, it will release all of its data totally raw. You can bank on that. Then the Empire will scramble with planned responses to contain the flow of the super exposing data.

Meanwhile, more and more people will be moved to leak because they will see that the Empire is not for the people but rather a not-so-stealthy Neocon and Neolib dictatorship unfolding.

Whose side will you be on. I'm on the side of the real peace. I will not renounce Jesus Christ under any circumstances. I will not re-characterize Jesus Christ as some mass murderer. He overcame the world, and I will meet him in person in the flesh and in the spirit beyond your wildest imagination.

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