Remember "Liberals": New Wire Tap Revelations: Why Did Rice and Bush Spy on UN Diplomats?

New Wire Tap Revelations: Why Did Rice and Bush Spy on UN Diplomats?.

So, the "liberals" were up in arms against the Bush-43 administration, Rice and Bush, over illegally spying on U.N. diplomats. Where's the outrage against the Obama administration, Clinton and Obama?

The "liberals" were screaming for Bush and Cheney to be impeached and removed. Where's the call now for Obama and Biden, et al., to go?

It's time to clean out all the Neoliberals and all the Neoconservatives whether they are in the Republican Party or Democratic Party.

It's time for the real Populists to have the reins. They were cheated by the Plutocrat banksters back in the 1870's-90's.

See: and's_Party_(United_States)

Those are not exactly what we need (close but with refinements), but they were at the time clear attempts to head the nation in the right direction away from Plutocracy (which Plutocracy still reigns and must be taken down or else).

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