Twitter Digest: December 15, 2010

  1. Twitter Digest: December 4, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  2. The FBI wants back doors on communications. Law-abiding citizens had as much to fear from J. Edgar Hoover as from Al Capone. What's changed? #

  3. Anti-Zionists, 9/11 Truthers: Major Defense Contractor Blocks Anything With 'WikiLeaks' In URL | TPMMuckraker #

  4. More than this: "Bizarre Tale of Graft & Sleazy Political Opportunism Brought Us the 'Porno Scanners' | | AlterNet" #

  5. Huge Missing Section In Your Article, James: Fiscal Commission Does Not Serve American People, James K. Galbraith #

  6. WikiLeaks' Current Website IP Address: By-Pass DNS Blocking (for now) . via @AddToAny #

  7. "I am a big fan of this president, ... and I'm also a big fan of Hillary's, too.": Paul McCartney (Beatles). McCartney's a Neocon! HELP! #

  8. YouTube - Gerald Celente on WikiLeaks - Cablegate. Get 'em, Gerald! via @AddToAny #

  9. In Zionist-Israel, make a 9-year-old check for booby-trap bombs & not be taken out & shot but only demoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant. #

  10. In Zionist-Israel, war criminals are only demoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant. #

  11. Economist Steven Horwitz: "Driving is much more dangerous than flying, as you are far more likely to be killed in an... #

  12. Warren Buffett says the superrich should give away most of what they have. Why amass it rather than share in the... #

  13. What for? Juan Williams: "But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and... #

  14. It's just like Christianity. How many people who profess Christianity do what Jesus said to do or even try to?... re: #

  15. Racial profiling is unconstitutional. Constitutionalist don't support it. Constitutionalists support a very high standard of probable cause. #

  16. Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons...against... #

  17. To say no to porno-scanners, Congress members would have to have said no to porno-scanner-lobbyists offering money: Temptation and the fall. #

  18. Do you remember the Clinton campaign saying, "It's the economy, stupid." It's not the deficit, stupid. It's jobs. Full-employment now! #

  19. The world can be divided into those whose consciences and votes have been bought and paid for by the superrich and those whose have not. #

  20. FreedomWorks (misnomer) is hasbara: Frank Luntz's evil tactics. Capitalist ideology is ultimately theft of the rightful inheritance of all. #

  21. Pat Rabbitte sticks it to Pat Carey on Prime Time #

  22. Do Anthropogenic-Global-Warming Deniers go after Big Oil, King Coal, & Big Gas? Most are witting shills for mega-polluting corporatists. #

  23. Has the total environment gotten better or worst since 1970? Many sore thumbs have been partially cleaned up, zero... #

  24. They've simply spread the disaster even while older toxic hot-spots have received some forced attention and... re: #

  25. Obamacare includes healthcare for pre-existing conditions. Who's against that other than the coldhearted? Universal healthcare is Godly. #

  26. Rush Limbaugh the Dolt Hates the Volt: "Rush to Judgment - Motor Trend Blog" via @AddToAny #

  27. The Big Idea #

  28. Interview with Philip Lymbery (edited version) #

  29. As an Anti-Christ, Anti-Progressive, Dan Savage Blames Christianity: CNN/YouTube - Dan Savage - Gays [misnomer] Most... #

  30. Wake me up when Obama fires unrepentant Alan Simpson. Wake me up again when the people fire unrepentant Obama and don't hire another neocon. #

  31. "'The absence of WMD stockpiles did not change the fact that Saddam was a threat.' All these years and lives later,... #

  32. Gerhard Schroeder accuses George W Bush of 'not telling truth' in memoirs - Telegraph via @AddToAny #

  33. My Must Read: MasterCard Joins Other Illegally Acting Sycophants: Global Plutocrats Against Julian Assange & WikiLeaks #

  34. They've Arrested Julian Assange: "BBC News - Wikileaks' Visa payments suspended" and much, much more via @AddToAny #

  35. Assange's "Rape" Accuser Bragged of Conquest & Has Links to CIA Operatives? #

  36. Banksters Are Out to Get WikiLeaks via @AddToAny #

  37. Zionism & Herzl: Antisemitic Side of Zionism: Helen Thomas says Zionists control U.S. foreign policy - #

  38. Joe Lieberman: New York Times Should Be Investigated For Publishing WikiLeaks Cables (VIDEO) via @AddToAny #

  39. WikiLeaks Reveals State Department Discord Over U.S. Support for Canadian Tar Sands Oil Program | Friends of the Earth #

  40. Separate bad politicians from good. The bad go after WikiLeaks. The good say, "What the Hell are our diplomats doing illegally spying?" #



  43. YouTube - Quantitative Easing Explained (Not So Fast, Not So Fast) via @AddToAny #

  44. Good point: Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators, Glenn Greenwald - via @AddToAny #

  45. Goose and Gander: Assange and Cheney: Nigeria Files 16-Count Bribery Charge Against Dick Cheney via @AddToAny #

  46. It's Time to Impeach and Remove: YouTube - US spokesman responds to spy claims/hard evidence via @AddToAny #

  47. Remember "Liberals": New Wire Tap Revelations: Why Did Rice and Bush Spy on UN Diplomats? via @AddToAny #

  48. U.S. Republican Senators John Ensign and Scott Brown and Independent Joe Lieberman want to make it illegal to... . #

  49. Never Illegal to Publish Names of U.S. Military and Intelligence Informants Engaged with Government in Illegality #

  50. An upper-class GOPer's child is eating well. A Dem's isn't. That's good if it keeps that GOPer's taxes down. Is that the idea? Sure it is. #

  51. US spokesman responds to spy claims #

  52. U.S. military tells soldiers "You're about to break the law" reading WikiLeaks' exposure of illegalities. Try not committing war crimes. #

  53. Look, if you boycott every organization with any connection with the illegalities of the Empire, you will be... #

  54. This Economy's Winners and Losers #

  55. Watch msnbc video: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Social Democrat) rips unbridled greed, tax-cuts for billionaires #

  56. It was absolutely not necessary to cave into continuing the obscene tax cuts for the superrich. Obama must go. As usual, he didn't even try! #

  57. Barack Obama avoids the bully pulpit with a vengeance. He'll pull it out during the campaign season. Once elected, he'll cave as preplanned. #

  58. Obama, Congress Cut Deal on Tax Cuts for the Greediest of the Greedy - via @AddToAny #

  59. Corporate Taxes and Estate Taxes are way down. Employment Taxes and Personal Income Taxes are way up. Who's... #

  60. Bradley Manning didn't break the law. He exposed those who do. #

  61. The Cyber War Begins: It's a Global Revolutionary War: Hackers take down website of bank that froze WikiLeaks funds #

  62. The Story Of The Alberta Oil Sands #

  63. Rethink Alberta - Tar (Oil) Sands Pollute Athabasca River #

  64. Will President Obama prevent the NEXT oil spill disaster? #

  65. Bringing back the House Internal Security Committee to do witch hunts for Marxist would hugely backfire. Under the... #

  66. Washington Post Editorializing: CIA Rag, Myth-Making on "Hollywood ... on Valerie Plame" via @AddToAny #

  67. Watch what happens. Law-enforcement, etc., will be subjected to "sensitivity training" concerning homosexual youth... #

  68. More News on the Frontline of the Just Begun Eternal Cyber War: MasterCard DOWN:,... #

  69. Barack Obama, The Great Caver, caved into Zionist-Israelis thumbing their noses at his insistence they stop building... #

  70. "It's a ticking time bomb with a remote fuse; so this bomb can go off the second that they release the key, and the... #

  71. Julian Assange: "The Cable Gate archive has been spread, along with significant material from the US and other... #

  72. Julian Assange to the Neocons: "Check and mate." Try treating him like he's at Guantanamo, idiots. Waterboard him. Watch your Empire fall. #

  73. Ron Paul Will Chair House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy (oversee the Fed). Freedom Watch - #

  74. Socialism for the Rich [rugged capitalism for everyone else] - U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) #

  75. WikiLeaks/Zionism?: Dissatisfaction with Assange: Former WikiLeaks Activists to Launch New Whistleblowing Site - SPIEGEL #

  76. Hugely Important Post: Julian Assange: Proven Zionist, Israeli, Mossad Agent? Prove It. via @AddToAny #

  77. Company Accepting WikiLeaks Donations Sen. Lieberman wants them declared criminals materially supporting terrorists. #

  78. Support Assange: #

  79. Reprint: Open Letter: Support for Assange via @AddToAny #

  80. Patriot Act for Internet ahead? #

  81. Governments, Corporations, Fascists, Resisters, Hacktivists, WikiLeaks, and God via @AddToAny #

  82. Pot should not call kettle black - Putin on Assange & Democracy #

  83. Israeli warplanes carried out 4 airstrikes on Gaza targeting a power company & police station. A power company, again? #

  84. Woman Claims Cop Beating in Dog Waste Dispute #

  85. Reading: "Portugal sinks in silence | The Economy Collapse"( ) #

  86. Must Read: Something is Rotten [Sweden]: Strange Case Interpol's Red Alert Assange, US Attack WikiLeaks, by Dave Lindorff #

  87. Assange Case: Radical-Feminist Attack Turning Into CIA Fascists Getting Assange via @AddToAny #

  88. Julian Assange's Accuser Supposedly Tied to the CIA | Death and Taxes via @AddToAny #

  89. Hackers Finally Get Political, Strike a Blow: But Who Will Follow WikiLeaks and Anonymous Into the Fray? #

  90. Bob Dylan - Corina, Corina Outtake #

  91. Taj Mahal / Corrina #

  92. Taj Mahal : Statesboro Blues #

  93. Behold The WikiLeaks Mirror Finder via @techcrunch #

  94. No Mention About Domscheit-Berg's Accusation Assange Took Israeli Bribe: Ex-WikiLeaker Explains His Spinoff Group #

  95. "Fourth Estate is dead" Says Ray McGovern, But the Fifth Estate Is Born, Might Revive the Fourth #

  96. The Media Comes To The Defense Of WikiLeaks At LeWeb: "The Leakers Will Win" #

  97. Watch This "Farmageddon" Trailer #

  98. Julian Assange/WikiLeaks: Sen. Ensign Refused Andrew Napolitano Definitions Journalist/Publisher via @AddToAny #

  99. Revealing names of military informants in Afghanistan helping in an illegal war and occupation is not illegal. It's required. #

  100. Divulging who is a war criminal is legally required. The issue is war crimes, not protecting U.S. military sources. #

  101. Don't start illegal wars, U.S., & military informants becomes moot. Such informants need to think before they collaborate with the enemy. #

  102. Allegations against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been made that, as of the date of this upload to Scrib... #readcast #

  103. Reading Julian Assange_ Proven Zionist, Israeli, Mossad Agent_ Prove It. - Real Liberal Christian ... on Scribd #readcast #

  104. Realistic 3D projection on a building #

  105. 3D Building Projection in Germany - Awesome! #

  106. Ukrainian spectacle #

  107. israel stops whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu getting German Prize. #

  108. "Let Us Call On Israel To STOP SHOOTING CHILDREN!" Congressman Brian Baird #

  109. Interrogatories Requests Documentation Daniel Domscheit-Berg OpenLeaks Accusations Bribery Against Assange WikiLeaks #

  110. A Must Watch, Ron Paul Libertarians: WikiRebels – The Documentary | SVT Play via @AddToAny WikiLeaks, Julian Assange #

  111. Americans Want to End The Fed?! #

  112. Journalist John Pilger speaks out on charges against Julian Assange: #

  113. Boy of 12 hauled out of class by police over David Cameron Facebook protest Now he's radicalized. #

  114. Ray McGovern Defends Julian Assange! "You Should Be Following His Example" To American Media #

  115. Daniel Ellsberg & Senator Mike Gravel Call for a New 9/11 Investigation - Alex Jones Tv #

  116. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Global Financial Scandals-12-03-2010-(Part1) #

  117. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Global Financial Scandals-12-03-2010-(Part3) #

  118. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis-12-10-2010-(Part1) #

  119. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Global Financial Scandals-12-03-2010-(Part2) #

  120. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis-12-10-2010-(Part2) #

  121. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Financial Crisis-12-10-2010-(Part3) #

  122. The Real Deal-Cold Weather across Europe-12-05-2010 (Part 3) #

  123. The Real Deal-Cold Weather across Europe-12-05-2010 (Part 1) #

  124. The Real Deal-Cold Weather across Europe-12-05-2010 (Part 2) #

  125. Comment-UK Student Demonstrations Growing Violent-12-09-2010-(Part1) #

  126. Comment-UK Student Demonstrations Growing Violent-12-09-2010-(Part3) #

  127. The Road Ahead: Steps Toward a Global [Green] Uprising, by Ronnie Cummins via @AddToAny #

  128. "Gillard and Mr McClellend...accused Mr Assange of...illegal acts but have...been unable to specify exactly which laws he had broken." #

  129. "Operation Fightback" isn't "patriotic Americans." It's in support of war crimes and suppression of evidence of the same. #

  130. Who doesn't know that attacks on Assange and WikiLeaks are primarily to cover up governmental illegalities at the highest levels? #

  131. Of course teen-hacker efforts in general constitute an "amateur brawl." That though says nothing about the future. #

  132. Cyber War is not all about downing sites but obtaining, distributing, and disseminating evidence of government and corporate corruption. #

  133. @openleaksorg Interrogatories Documentation Daniel Domscheit-Berg OpenLeaks Accusations Bribery Julian Assange WikiLeaks #

  134. @wikileaks Interrogatories Documentation Daniel Domscheit-Berg OpenLeaks Accusations Bribery Julian Assange WikiLeaks #

  135. Go after Julian Assange while the non-Muslim, non-Arab perpetrators of the implosion of WTC Building 7 on 9/11 aren't even investigated. #

  136. Barack Obama is the expert of experts in employing the Wussy Pulpit. Have you ever seen anyone better at it? #

  137. Republicans want George W. Bush's tax cuts to be permanent. They only know one side of the Laffer Curve. They aren't Reaganites. #

  138. Because of tax cuts on Plutocrats: Pharmacist closes business, liver transplant is canceled, dentists pull teeth rather than do root canals. #

  139. "wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist"? Jesus took wine. Guzzling's a stretch. He's eternal, not precocious, and opposes coercion. #

  140. We had 2.19 inches of rain here yesterday. #

  141. "A woman dies from domestic violence every 63 minutes in Russia." That's not manly. #

  142. Ahmadinejad names scientist Ali Akbar Salehi Foreign Minister. At the rate the West murders Iranian nuclear scientists, that's interesting. #

  143. 'Dancing with Dynamite' in South America #

  144. Helen Thomas on Her Resignation and Middle East #

  145. New York Times Beats Drums for War #

  146. Wikileaks: Hezbollah Rockets Cover All of Israel #

  147. William Black on TRNN Webathon #

  148. December 14, 2010 Steps: Daniel Domscheit-Berg (OpenLeaks) Bribery Allegations Against Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) #

  149. Excerpt: The Misplaced US Determination To Indict Assange | Emptywheel via @AddToAny #

  150. New question of the House Un-American Activities Committee: "Are you now, or have you ever been, a supporter of the First Amendment?" #

  151. Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange | via @AddToAny #

  152. You will perform or assist in "legal" abortions or get no federal tax dollars. That's harsh. #

  153. Articles tagged with Gaza | via @AddToAny #

  154. Telling the truth is almost always a revolutionary act because there's almost always universal deceit in this world. #

  155. Who Benefits From Austerity #

  156. Wikileaks and the Diplomacy of Secrecy #

  157. Post 911 World - Coleen Rowley and Peter Dale Scott #

  158. Wikileaks and Constitutional Rights - Michael Ratner #

  159. Austerity and stimulus - Leo Panitch and Bob Pollin #

  160. A World Upside Down? Deficit Fantasies in the Great Recession #

  161. Lowering Workers' Wages is the Objective #

  162. Julian Assange: "I've been subject to cyber attacks. I believe in free speech. I don't believe in censorship...cyber attacks are just that." #

  163. Julian Assange's bail plea exposes double standards in high places? #

  164. Papantonio: Obama Continues the Trickle Down Lie #

  165. Ironic Steve Jobs from Apple Promotes Censorship #

  166. Video: Muslims Concerned About Allegations of FBI 'Entrapment' (CAIR) #

  167. Investigative Journalist David Cay Johnston Slams Obama-GOP Tax Deal on Democracy Now! 1 of 2 #

  168. 3 UPDATES: Daniel Domscheit-Berg (OpenLeaks) Bribery Allegations Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) @wikileaks @openleaksorg #

  169. The "extending tax-cuts for the rich" so-called deal raises taxes on the poorest workers. There're monsters in the White House & Congress. #

  170. "My view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks." Spencer Bachus (R-AL) will chair the House banking committee. #

  171. Gerald Celente: The Police Have Become The Enforcers for The Crime Bosses - Alex Jones Tv 1/3 #

  172. Gerald Celente: The Police Have Become The Enforcers for The Crime Bosses - Alex Jones Tv 2/3 #

  173. Gerald Celente: The Police Have Become The Enforcers for The Crime Bosses - Alex Jones Tv 3/3 #

  174. Unemployed and Uncounted #

  175. Thousands line up in Detroit for utility assistance #

  176. Gerald Celente doesn't agree with Alex Jones on Julian Assange, so Alex censored him on it. #

  177. December Review: Afghanistan War Is a Failure #

  178. Ed Schultz: Democrats Hoodwinked on Tax Cuts #

  179. Michael Moore on WikiLeaks: 'Leaks Don't Kill People, Secrets Do' #

  180. Egyptians Denounce Political Repression #

  181. Winners and Losers in Obama-GOP Deal Pt.2 #

  182. Attorney: Swedish Case is a "Holding Charge" to Get WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Extradited to U.S. #

  183. A rebellion, a revolution? I wish it were already over, but I don't want evil to win. That's how it is. #

  184. John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is "Rebellion" Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy #

  185. Moscow Chaos: Over 1000 detained in attempt to prevent ethnic clashes #

  186. Remembering Richard Holbrooke's Overlooked Diplomatic Record in East Timor, Iraq, and Balkans 2 of 2 #

  187. Remembering Richard Holbrooke's Overlooked Diplomatic Record in East Timor, Iraq, and Balkans 1 of 2 #

  188. How Can The Tea Party Not Love Senator Bernie Sanders #

  189. Italy Anti-government Protest #

  190. US mainstream media missing the facts #

  191. Are TV viewers being duped? #

  192. At Least 39 Killed In Mosque Bombing In Iran #

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