Horrible Treatment, Illegal Imprisonment of Palestinian Children by US-Bankster-Backed Zionist-Israel

Children of Palestine are routinely, severely, and officially abused by ethnic-cleansing, land-thieving, war-crime committing Zionist-Israel (The Zionist Project). Only thoroughly disgusting people support it. Children are often abused simply because the Zionists are allowed to get away with it.

Where is Barack Obama on this? He's exactly where George W. Bush was. Just as Bush before him, Obama turns a blind eye to the huge sins of Zionism because many Zionists have amassed huge fortunes via the evil that is usury by which they exert equally huge power and control over the U.S. government. The banksters who are very disproportionately Neoconservative, that is to say Zionist, control the Congress and White House and via those institutions, the Supreme Court. They purchased the government while the people slept, put to sleep by the mass media also still largely controlled by corporations beholden to those same banksters.

Non-Zionist Americans (includes many Jews) are marginalized in their own country. Anti-Zionist Americans (also includes many Jews), often honest truth-tellers and seekers, have been internally censored, banned, and attacked.

It's past time the children of Palestine are free of Israeli abuse. It's past time the American people stand up against Zionism that is a fascists collective using terrorism, censorship, belligerent nationalism, and racism. (Continues below the following block quote)

The following comes via: Child Prisoners.

The Israeli military court system in the Occupied Palestinian Territory has operated for over 42 years almost devoid of international scrutiny. Each year an average of 9,000 Palestinians are prosecuted in two Israeli military courts operating in the West Bank, including 700 children.

From the moment of arrest, Palestinian children encounter ill-treatment and in some cases torture, at the hands of Israeli soldiers, policemen and interrogators. Children are commonly arrested from the family home in the hours before dawn by heavily armed soldiers. The child is painfully bound, blindfolded and bundled into the back of a military vehicle without any indication as to why or where the child is being taken. Children are commonly mistreated during the transfer process and arrive at the interrogation and detention centres traumatised, tired and alone.

During interrogation, children as young as 12 years are denied access to a lawyer and visits from their families. These children will generally not be permitted to see a lawyer until after they have provided a confession to the interrogator. Whilst under interrogation children are subjected to a number of prohibited techniques, including the excessive use of blindfolds and handcuffs; slapping and kicking; painful position abuse for long periods of time; solitary confinement and sleep deprivation; and a combination of physical and psychological threats to the child, and the child's family.Most children confess and some are forced to sign confessions written in Hebrew, a language they do not comprehend. These interrogations are not video recorded as is required under Israeli domestic law.

Don't fall to the temptation of taking the Zionists and doing all those things to them. Don't sink to their level. Begin though to put a stop to them.

Pull the rug out from under them (without even harming them) by denying them U.S. tax dollars and by doing away with the utterly evil banking system that supports them and gave them their start. Convert the American economy from the moronic Federal Reserve System to United States Notes (interest-free, debt-free, tax-free, and inflation/deflation-free).

Do all of that without destroying any Jews whatsoever. Treat them the way they should have been treating the Palestinians all this time. No one needs to starve or be homeless or otherwise abused.

We need universal repentance, not punishment, not violence, not greed, not vengeance but mercy, forgiveness, and truth.

Benjamin Netanyahu and all Zionists and Neocons, stop being evil.

Tom Usher

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