Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Answers Question About "Israeli intelligence service Mossad"

It's fantastic to finally have someone in journalism putting this question to Julian. It needs to be expanded with more specifics though. The charge that Julian took a bribe from Israelis to cover up any Israeli wrongdoing needs to be the focus of an in-depth interview.

I wish to express my thanks to Rita Fawn Fey over on Facebook who, in a discussion (well, some people are discussing while others vent confusion) on the topic, directed readers to the Q&A by supplying a link directly to it.

There has been speculation that you have the support of George Soros and Israeli intelligence service Mossad. Where do you think this is coming from?

(It is common) in the US to allege George Soros is behind everything. To be fair, the only vaguely conspiratorial things that George Soros has been behind is some of the 'Colour Revolutions' in Eastern Europe about five or six years ago that I know about.

As for Mossad, in the release of "Cablegate" material, there is no one spared. If you look closely, what has happened is that the New York Times as a media organisation has to be quite careful not to criticise Israel too much. So, if you look at the coverage in English that is coming out you will see little that is critical of Israeli behaviour and a lot critical of Iran, for example. That is not a true reflection of the "Cablegate" material. There is information in there that is critical of most countries - certainly including Israel.

There is a bias towards material that is critical of Iran because the information comes from US embassies and US diplomats reporting back to Washington. So, it does follow Washington's agenda in terms of what US diplomats and political officers are looking to report and what they do report back to Washington.

via Q&A: Julian Assange, Publisher & Editor-in-chief, WikiLeaks > afaqs! news & features.

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