Amnesty International About Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning


This is exactly right. It is what I've been writing for weeks. It is not only not illegal to leak governmental illegalities, such as war crimes, it is a legal obligation to leak them. I bet Bradley Manning's oath required him to blow the whistle. With the history of whistleblowers being blown off, he had to leak it the way he did. I've said here more than what Amnesty International says below and on the linked site, but it's consistent with it. Anyone calling for Bradley Manning's death or Julian Assange's assassination or the like, is vile — a traitor to the Truth (and you know who that is):

According to Amnesty International, criminal proceedings aimed at punishing a private person for communicating evidence about human rights violations can never be justified. The same is true with respect to information on a wide range of other matters of public interest.


...governments cannot avoid their obligations to respect the right to freedom of expression by attempting to do indirectly what they would be forbidden from doing directly [getting corporations to stop processing donations to WikiLeaks, for one].


However, Amnesty International would be concerned if a government were to seek to punish a person who, for reasons of conscience, released in a responsible manner information that they reasonably believed to be evidence of human rights violations that the government was attempting to keep secret in order to prevent the public learning the truth about the violations.


Governments can of course in general seek to keep their communications confidential by using technical means or by imposing duties on their employees; it is not, however, legitimate for governments to invoke broad concepts of national security or national interest in justification of concealing evidence of human rights abuses.

Also, once information comes into the hands of private individuals, states cannot rely on sweeping claims of national interest to justify coercive measures aimed at preventing further public disclosure or discussion of the information.

via Amnesty International Statement On Wikileaks « Eurasia Review.

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