WikiLeaks Conjures Litvinenko's Ghost - Cplash, The Citizen Journalism Site

I like the point below: "without ... even asking any questions." That is the greatest failure. "Formally trained" journalists seem well trained not to ask the right questions. Once given the background information, a group of eight-graders could probably do better than the majority of "professionals" (are willing to do anyway).

It's too much to expect the "mainstream" media will take up these possibilities with any degree of seriousness: so far, news stories on this subject have merely reported the bare facts, as related in the cable, without drawing any conclusions, or, indeed, even asking any questions. That's why Newsweek was recently sold for a dollar, and the rest of the legacy media is headed down the same road. That's also why Wikileaks is the wave of the future – if, indeed, there is to be a future for journalism in a free society.

via WikiLeaks Conjures Litvinenko's Ghost - Cplash, The Citizen Journalism Site.

There are rare exceptions though, and they usually don't get near the "powers that be" to even ask those right questions. Therefore, journalists must band together to brave their "bosses." They need to ask the "tough" questions and drop like flies until the bosses don't have anyone who can even write or speak to ask the Plutocrats' flunkies in government any questions at all.

"You want us back? Then the advertisers and owners butt out of the News Department, period." Hardball, anyone?

Hey, really good and brave journalists, start an employee-owned (you) non-profit news organization. Be your own bosses. If the White House won't let you in for instance, open it up with your fingers on your collectively owned keyboards.

Don't turn elitist.

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