WikiLeaks Leak: Mossad Sells US on Iranian Regime-Change Plan, by Richard Silverstein


Think if this were true:

...four separate planes carrying hundreds of IDF soldiers crash in a single year all due to mysterious circumstances not traceable to mechanical or human failure.  Israeli nuclear scientists die in bombings and under other violent circumstances.  Retired Israeli generals and a deputy defense minister are  kidnapped and spirited to Teheran.  Mysterious explosions at Israeli missile bases leave scores dead.  And a mysterious computer worm leaves the Dimona nuclear reactor virtually incapacitated.  Whenever asked about any of these incidents Iranian politicians and military officers smile knowingly while Iranian media are filled with stories trumpeting the derring-do of its intelligence services.  Finally, various Iranian generals, intelligence directors and political leaders publicly call for regime change in Israel, a full-fledged assault on Israel to force it to renounce its nuclear program, end the Occupation and topple the current government.

via Wikileaks: Mossad Sells U.S. on Iran Regime Change Plan « Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place.

WikiLeaks Leak: Mossad Sells US on Iranian Regime-Change Plan, by Richard Silverstein

All these happened to Iran at the hands of others (mostly Israel) and even though zero proof has been provided that Iran has done anything illegal under international nuclear treaty obligations. Furthermore, separatist and other groups have been funded, equipped, and trained by the West (mostly the US, UK, and Israel) to carry out true terrorist attacks in Iran. Mosques have been attacked with scores of worshipers maimed and killed. Many military members have been attacked and killed. Sanctions have been placed on Iran. Iran has been treated very evilly for all of my lifetime. In 1953, the US overthrew the duly elected President of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, and installed a semi-puppet dictator, Mohammad-Reza Shah (The Shah), who employed a CIA-trained secret police, SAVAK, that use severe CIA-torture techniques on Iranian dissenters. Iraq was equipped and trained by the US to gas Iranians during Iraq's war against Iran. Yet after all of that, stupid people in the US can't understand why the Iranians would not be open to letting the US do just anything it wants in and with Iran.

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