Bradley Manning May Not Have Confessed? "...journalistic disgrace at Wired" - Glenn Greenwald -


You need to read the whole linked article. What I'm getting from it, among many other things, is that we really don't know yet that Bradley Manning ever even contacted Adrian Lamo. We don't really know yet if Bradley Manning ever confessed to anything.

Am I reading that correctly? Help me out. If I am, it's all really, really bad what with the way the whole affair has been characterized in the Mainstream Media and alternative press.

I don't agree with Glenn Greenwald's wording of some of his questions but only with very slight tweaks. Frankly, he's done a serious job of probing and focusing in and not letting it drop.

One wonders how long he's going to be allowed. He has some megaphones he's allowed to use, but he really must be being viewed as a major irritant — his real job as a combination investigative-journalist/commentator/analyst.

Read it: The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired - Glenn Greenwald -

Wired really bothered me too: "This is Zionist Brainwashing: "WikiLeaks Reveals Iran's Secret, Worldwide Arms Hunt | Danger Room |" Readers should combine what Glenn Greenwald is honing in on and the issues I've raised about Wired's apparent extreme Zionism.

Something smells in ... the world. Journalism in general is being very unhelpful. I read about how the military is treating Bradley Manning, but has he confessed (without being waterboarded)? Damn it! Spit it out: New York Times, Front Page, Main Headline carried everywhere.

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