Spinner/Ducker: LILA RAJIVA: ZIONIST MINDCONTROL – The Case Against Wikileaks, Part I : Veterans Today



I just thought I'd share with you that Veterans Today has again deleted comments that they cannot handle and that show them to be anything but honest. The comments below are exactly word-for-word as to what was on that site, and I'd of course take a lie-detector test about that.

Would Gordon Duff and/or Lila Rajiva take a lie-detector test claiming they did not delete my comments? You know the answer to that.

Anyway, you can see the screen shot of the other comment on the other post, which comment was also deleted (perhaps more of my comments now that they understand that I will continue to call out their fabrications, distortions, and extremely terrible, even often worthless so-called journalism).

I look forward to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks exposing the Zionists and Mossad in no uncertain terms.

Gordon Duff is a lousy journalist. He's no better than the Mainstream that uses the same cowardly censoring methods. He's actually worst than the MSM because he represents himself to be a truthful alternative. He gives all the rest of us a bad reputation.

I find his methods absolutely despicable, and anyone who uses him as a source after learning of his censoring me to duck the most probative and on-point questions should be ashamed, as he should be ashamed.

I wouldn't write for Veterans Today for an instant million dollars other than to repeat these same ideas about how lousy Veterans Today is with Gordon Duff at it's helm. Now, if they turn to truthful methods and repent, that will be a new day.

LILA RAJIVA: "But then there's also Assange's citation of Benjamin Netanyahu, the hawkish Israeli prime minister who's praised Wikileaks. And there's Assange's statement in The Australian crediting Rupert Murdoch, a hard-line Zionist and one of the biggest promoters of war with Iraq, as his inspiration."

Spinner/Ducker: LILA RAJIVA: ZIONIST MINDCONTROL – The Case Against Wikileaks, Part I : Veterans Today


You've taken these completely out of context and twisted them to fit your preconceived "Gordon Duff" agenda. There are perfectly reasonable explanations for both of these that have nothing to do with the idea that Julian Assange is what Veterans Today has been claiming. You are not practicing journalism but rather crucifixion without benefit of even a kangaroo trial.

Try stating that when in public, Netanyahu is in full-time spin mode. Also try reading Assange's op-ed with the view that he was shaming Rupert Murdoch, which he was.

My comment over on the article LILA RAJIVA: ZIONIST MINDCONTROL – The Case Against Wikileaks, Part I : Veterans Today.

I received a reply:

Lila Rajiva says:
December 27, 2010 at 11:20 am

Hi Tom -

First – isn't "crucifixion" a tad feverish, especially around Christmas time?
In the second place, no one is "trying" Assange. A few of us (very few) are asking a few probing questions, while the majority of the world's leading media outlets (print, TV, and blogs) are crowning Julian king of Transparency.

We're just trying to figure out the power behind the throne..

Kind of what real journalists do, right?
Try reading everything I've written about Assange going back a year or so...
Kind regards and Happy Holidays

Tom Usher says:
December 27, 2010 at 11:35 am

No, it isn't feverish. You say try reading everything you've written, but have you read everything Gordon has been writing about Assange. He's definitely found him guilty, and what's more you damn well know that's true about Gordon. Why don't you admit it right here?

Unfortunately, "journalism" really is leaning in your direction, your style; but that's a bad thing. You're a little easier to read than Gordon but not much — not nearly good enough.

As for the birth of Christ, if you think about that and forget his work on the Cross, you just don't get the birth. Anyway, the Resurrection is another birth, and I don't stop thinking about that when I raise that Crucifixion, not Julian's. I don't confuse the two.

Kind of changing the subject there, right?

How about coming back to your mischaracterizations concerning Netanyahu and Murdoch, or do you have a problem not pulling the typical ducking ploy.

I also added another comment:

Tom Usher says:
December 27, 2010 at 11:23 am

"And then about global warming (Assange seems to believe in anthropogenic global warming)..."

Didn't he publish the "Climategate" emails?

And as for 9/11, aren't there still people who are struggling with it? Who's Geraldo Rivera? Aren't you into "better late than never"? I am.

Tom Usher

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