Beware: Zeitgeist Movement / Venus Project Use Christian Commons Teachings to Lure Christians From Christ

I watched a YouTube video and read the comments. One person mentioned TZM, which is short for The Zeitgeist Movement. He said to the readers to watch a video by TZM. Now, I'd seen their stuff before and found huge fault with the New Age nonsense about Jesus, but I hadn't seen the particular video mentioned — not that I feel compelled to listen to everything TZM. So, I thought I'd watch just to see what they're up to now.

Was I ever extra disgusted at "Awakening (Part 4 of 4)" at the 4:40 mark (see this screen shot of the video) when I saw and heard my teaching (that there isn't money in Heaven) on behalf of the Christian Commons Project transplanted into this anti-Christ Technocracy video by Douglas Mallette. (I'll touch upon why it's anti-Christ below.) I don't know if Douglas Mallette saw my teachings here or whether some other Zeitgeister told him or it's in the earlier "Addendum" video (Released October 2, 2008; I seem to recall being offended by it for this same reason but not taking the time to find the actual text on the CCP blog appropriated for anti-Christ reasons), but it's definitely there in the "Awakening" video and has no business being there whether or not it "coincidentally" occurred to whomever (hard to believe but if so, still not alright). It's shockingly bad that they would do such a thing while claiming to be so lofty in their ideals.

Reportedly, the video was made in 2010, so definitely my public teachings came years before it.

Lots of ZM members have been to my site. I've had a number of them leave comments because I've been critical of their "founder," Peter Joseph, and their movement.

It's interesting though that they use this completely Christian Commons teaching of mine and superimpose it on a completely anti-Christ movement. It's blatant and indicative. It is truly offensive to have an anti-Christ movement using the Lord's Prayer, as I've used it exactly to encourage people to comprehend the Christian Commons Project, for their anti-Christ cause.

Real Christians would never join the Zeitgeist Movement. It's beyond ecumenical. It's beyond syncretic. It's trying to tie atheists to duped Christians, who will find themselves swallowed by the dark side of technology. People just do not understand what is happening in this technological rush away from the spirituality of Jesus Christ.

I am not a Luddite. I am not opposed to labor-saving devices or harnessing clean, sustainable energy. I am opposed to selfishly designed technologies. Oh, I know the Zeitgeisters would point to the supposed unselfish focus of their movement, but they do not know the selfishness of the dark side that was shown right before that 4:40 mark in that video.

Their Brave New World and How The Zeitgeist Movement is Anti-Christ

Just before I saw and heard my ideas misappropriated and misapplied (whether wittingly or unwittingly), I heard the narrator claim that Zeitgeist is designed to give "everyone the utmost freedoms of expression, thought, speech, and life." This is key to understanding since TZM is not Christian. The utmost "freedoms of expression, thought, speech, and life" outside the context of the message and life of Jesus Christ is the utmost unfolding of the utmost anti-Jesus personality. This is because those who hate Jesus hate the prohibitions that accompany Jesus's teachings. In this context, the most important concerns sex.

Peter Joseph, the founder and leader of the movement (note that "Peter Joseph" is not his first and last name — he has hidden his last name for many years), is not a Christian. He doesn't accept or want Jesus as Christ. Why not? He doesn't want the restrictions. Those restrictions aren't about money because like me, he wants a moneyless society. Those restrictions aren't about war because like me, he wants to do away with war. The only major restriction regarding expression, thought, and speech left concerns the sexual. There are tweaks one could mention in an attempt to avoid discussing sexual conduct, but I've raised this sexual issue/point before with Zeitgeisters and never received a response (for what are to me obvious reasons).

To see how sexual libertinism is attempting to permeate society, see my last post: "Johnny Depp, Progressive Discipline, Jesus, The Church, Rebuking, and Condemning Homosexuality."

There's another aspect. I don't know his views on the spiritual dimension(s). For all I know about that in connection to him, he could be a materialist — an empiricist only, as empiricist is commonly used today to refer to what is also (albeit incorrectly) termed the scientific method.

There's a helpful video to make the distinction and to slightly raise the point that empiricism as is still widely misused does not and cannot prove or disprove anything regarding the metaphysical. Truly, such empiricism and scientific method are matters of faith, as is Christianity. I do not subscribe to the position of this video that absent the so-called five physical senses referred to in the video that a human being's soul is necessarily cutoff from sensory input. In fact, I believe the video makes the case that it is a mistake to conclude that five physical senses are the only possible sources of input and hence the basis for knowing or knowledge.

"Perception - The reality beyond matter"

The "Awakening" video is telling. It has a constant dark-music track running along almost nonstop. It only pauses and restarts for dramatic but dark, very dark, effect. It's very, very manipulative.

You will also note that The Zeitgeist Movement started out as 9/11 Truth blended with a total distortion of the Gospel story. Peter Joseph took a load of New Age astrological falsehoods and put it on Jesus. I wasn't the only one who was appalled by the terrible errors on Peter Joseph's part. I was going to rip it apart when I ran into Chris White's YouTube Channel (now called Knowwheretorun1984). Chris demolished Peter Joseph's whole section on Jesus. You really should watch it and favorite it, etc.: "Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie)."

So, I didn't reinvent the wheel. I just send people Chris's way on the subject. I like Chris. He's very honest with himself. He doesn't hesitate to admit what he doesn't know. He's also very good about giving attribution and sending people to the works of others whose works he's used to make his points, etc.

Chris has been bullied by TZM. They've been really huffy about his use of their videos in making his refuting videos. I think that's really intellectually weak on Peter Joseph's part. They've complained to YouTube. Chris appears to have had his YouTube Channel removed and has had to come back under a different user/channel name. That's a really nasty thing for TZM to do (if they were responsible — they certainly worked to get Chris's videos exposing Peter Joseph's huge errors removed) since Chris would lose all of his YouTube friends and subscribers and view numbers and everyone's favorites and likes would all be deleted too and everyone's links to Chris's work would break; but, that's what New Age fascists at heart do to others who simply challenge them intellectually.

You have to understand that Chris's video in refutation is completely academic. It is absolutely fair use. Only someone who has something to hide would try to claim copyright infringement in such a case. Chris doesn't show the whole Zeitgeist video in Chris's video. He simply used exact clips/stills sticking exactly to his valid points.

In addition, since Chris is a Christian and approaches TZM as such and wouldn't even be bothering with them were it not for his Christian beliefs, Chris is exercising freedom of religion and the right to counter attacks on that religion.

Now, keeping in mind all of Peter Joseph's erroneous teachings about Jesus thoroughly exposed as such, look at my words that the Zeitgeisters had read:

The highest Heaven is communist. It is not Marxist. It is not violent. It is not the dictatorship of violent, revolutionary industrial workers. It is not atheistic. There is no money there. It isn't needed. There are no taxes. There is no private property, but no one takes from anyone against his or her will. There is no war there. There is no sexual harm there. Jesus did make clear his position that Sodom was sinful. When you pray the Lord's Prayer, you pray for that Heaven to come to the Earth. You cannot be for it's opposite at the same time. You cannot be for mammon, violence, taxes, and any of the current, fallen, hardhearted, false-hearted state while also being a Christian. That's why Jesus said that you cannot worship mammon and God at the same time.

There is no money in Heaven. There is no capitalism. There is no selfishness, greed, violence, depravity, or coercion. We Christians pray, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Hence we pray for the end of capitalism and all for which it stands.

Bring Forth Heaven where No Money is Required

This apparently offended the sender who had sought to turn us from the understanding that once the real, New Heaven has been unfolded on the Earth, making the Earth also real and new, as meant by Christ, there will be no money.

We are to bring forth that New Heaven and New Earth as one. The Lord's Prayer says, "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven." It is that for which he prayed. It is that for which he taught his disciples to pray. No Christian doesn't want Heaven as Jesus conceived Heaven. No Christian doesn't want it here. We cannot bring it forth without breaking capitalism. Capitalism will be broken. That's the prophecy, and the prophecy must be fulfilled. Standing in the way of that is an evil position. Anyone calling himself or herself a Christian who teaches against this is lying. We each must overcome that. We must overcome the bad influences that have led us to speak falsehoods.

The sender replied, "Jesus is not opposed to a capitalistic society." He then commenced to reiterate all the libertarian capitalist arguments in support of Christianity being capitalistic. Our site already refutes every position of those claiming to be Christian while also supporting libertarian capitalism. One need only read the series of which this article is a part to see that.

Jesus is anti-money in the end. Getting rid of money is a long-term proposition that requires patience and perseverance on the part of real Christians. It will though end in a sudden and final ridding.

Unfortunately, the WordPress "series" plugin kept having major problems, so I had to stop using it.

That blog post is over 3 years old. It's before The Zeitgeist Movement came into existence. It's slightly after "Zeitgeist: The Movie" was released, but my book, "There is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist" (3,503 pages), was published in 2006. It makes clear that the aim of the CCP is a moneyless society per Heaven.

Therefore, snap out of the spellbinding of advertising, public relations, propaganda, consumerism, materialism, commercialism, militancy, sexual temptation, and all the rest. Be free and liberated into unselfish love in action (the spirit of oneness in service and friendship) that is the greatest enemy of capitalism, mammon (filthy lucre), war, and sexual confusion. Turn money into the realm of cooperation. Turn your weapons into the tools of feeding the flock of peace. Turn zeal to feeding the sexual appetite to the zeal of feeding the starving for righteousness' sake. Wake up, neighbor. Emote conflation. Separate yourself to the spirit of oneness.

Reverse the flow

Take the gain of evil, and turn it to the good. The more evil is redirected, the more the real bounty will come. Thy kingdom come. Thusly evil will be reversed out of existence. Transform the money. Transform the weapons. Transform yourself.

I'm not saying that TZM necessarily read my book first. Here are more of my teachings in the book.

The pope wrote as follows:

When we consider the immensity of others' needs, we can, on the one hand, be driven towards an ideology that would aim at doing what God's governance of the world apparently cannot: fully resolving every problem.

This misses the point that God is not governing this world. The prince of this world is governing it, because hearts wax cold and follow the wrong voice. The idealism of Jesus put into action most certainly is God's governance come to earth and will definitely resolve every problem. This is the true faith. Everything else is doubt. "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done." Ask God and not your own intellect, brother Benedict, and listen. God is not silent.

Therefore, even though the population explosion is leading to disaster, we are not to just sit on our hands teaching nothing and doing no righteous works, quite the contrary according to Jesus. Whatever we do that is right brings forth meaningful, positive consequences concerning human souls. Goodness is magnified out into the eternal future. That goodness carries forward passed the end of the earth. God remembers all good things forever. If we are supposed to sit on our hands, Jesus would have told us that. He did not. That idea is a mere human tradition. The truth is that Jesus told us to do the work of God that he repeated three times to Peter to get it through our heads: Feed the flock. If we love Jesus and God, we will feed the flock. If we don't love them, we won't. It is that simple.

We are to do everything we can to have "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10). We are not to do anything violent or by force, because that isn't of the kingdom or the will of God. People are to be moved in their hearts by truth. We also wait for the kingdom to come at the same time. This is not an either or situation. We don't either wait for the advent of the kingdom or work heavenly things on earth. We do both. That's no paradox. It is a grave mistake to wait and do nothing. It is also a mistake to do things thinking humanity will force it. It is correct to do things that Jesus said to do.

Thy kingdom come

It was a mistake that people were led in the direction of thinking that the city of God does not exist here on earth: That it is only in the hereafter. Jesus said the kingdom is within. That is the city of God. It is received via the Holy Spirit from without and within. When it is magnified within, it shines out into this world. When two or more are gathered in the real spirit (the saving spirit of God), it is magnified synergistically (the combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects of the individuals acting alone). This is why we are to be as one, helping each other to help yet others. It greatly magnifies the light and results. Two people gathering without the spirit is still darkness and is magnified if they are hell-bent to lead each other even further astray.

The family in spirit under God becomes beyond sufficient. They bring forth the fruit. They become truly bountiful working not against God but for God in service to all really if you see it. This is the task. It is our job everywhere. The Lord's Prayer says, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." (Matthew 6:10). Jesus gives us the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatever we let loose on earth shall be let loose in heaven. (Matthew 16:19) Our standard will be the one to which we will be subjected. What we say we ought to do, what we forgive, what we hold up as the standard, the standard we live up to, whoever we say is our master, will be the same in the kingdom of heaven. The converse is true. Anything that comes out of us that is evil makes us impure. We open the gates of hell on earth.

In the real dominion, there is no need of money

You make what is needed, you being the people, and you give it to each other as each has need. That's it. You decide what you need and you make it together for each other. There is no money to be hoarded. The more you do things right, the less you'll have to work making anything. Unselfish thinking will see to it. It will unleash the Holy Spirit, literally. Then you won't need a tax. Then you won't need regulation from the outside, because you will be self-regulated in the only way that matters: The Holy Spirit of the truth of the new commandment. Then there will be no competition as incentive but rather compassion and giving and sharing all as incentive. Righteousness is its own incentive. You are your brothers and sisters and cousins. Things will be harmonious. There won't be strikes or walkouts. There won't be negative exploitation. No one will use anyone else for selfish purposes. That's heaven, and heaven is its own means.

Money won't be necessary

Those communes [Christian Commons] will prove that money is not the best system. Jesus sent out his disciples without anything but the clothes on their backs, because where they went, the people of good hearts saw to their needs. It was a demonstration of how wrong those were who insisted that giving and sharing is against human nature. It was to show what true hospitality is. Those towns, houses, families, and people that refused to help the disciples with all that they needed to further spread the good news showed themselves hardhearted and unworthy. They marked themselves and did not repent. They suffered the consequences, as will those of the current age and Empire who likewise reject the truth and refuse to repent. The others though contributed in the ways they were able. They opened their homes in peace to the disciples who brought greater peace into their homes. They fed the disciples and let them wash and probably had their clothes cleaned and replaced them when they wore out, if they wore out. They gave them good places to sleep and to rest and to contemplate. They listened to the message with delight about Jesus and the movement and others of hospitality just like them who showed the Apostles all the hospitality anyone could ask for. All of it was conducive to the healing power of peace and love in the Lord.

Even though the disciples didn't need money, the original Apostles collected contributions for the general, common treasury that Judas carried during Jesus's time on the earth. Those contributions were for the group and to help the poor, etc. However, by accepting coins and scrip (paper money), Jesus and his disciples did not place their faith in money or in the system that produced it. Neither will we place our faith in money or the system that produces it.

Never required money

The truth is that the ultimate natural provisioning of God never did require money. That was the point of Jesus's demonstration in having the disciples go out in faith. People of love rose to the occasion and gave the disciples what they needed along their journeys. The spirit moved the people to help. It burst the bubble of the imaginations of those who had it in mind that money is mandatory for life.

Coins and scrip represent accumulation. People trade in money. It is the hoarding and the love of it and all the associated evils that pollute the minds and hearts and souls of people. It distracts from the truth of cooperation. It gives credit to a false system of greed that brings untold evil results compared to how things would be without selfishness.

The concept of trade (commerce) in and of itself runs contrary to freely giving and sharing what would be freely received (were it not for money) without hope of recompense. Jesus showed that. The system of money is a lie. It is though the system imposed by the hardhearted. That system can be displaced by your love.

The Christian Common concept is worked out in great detail. You can see that from the Canons of the Church. In a nutshell, the main concept is obtaining land for organic farming the surplus of which is used to feed everyone. The land will be where the Christians will live. The communes will be as self-sufficient as is practicable. Join and help.

I believe this "Lord's Prayer, Thy Kingdom come, no money in heaven" idea showed up in TZM before this "Awakening" video. This "Awakening" video (a misnomer by the way), appears to have borrowed heavily from other Zeitgeist videos, but I have not taken the time right now to re-watch the ones I've seen in order to confirm or reject that. I do have a day-job. Of course, taking from an earlier video in and of itself is not evil except that it is magnifying the initial evil.

Site searches on the RLCC (Real Liberal Christian Church) blog for the text strings: "no money" "no bank" "Lord's Prayer" ... will turn up this concept over and over.

Now, one thing I've learned about this Zeitgeist Movement is that it claims such a loose organizational structure and platform (detachment) that its founder can just about say and do anything and claim that whatever that something is doesn't represent the Movement, per se — very convenient to not be held to account.

TZM even has a page dedicated to deliberate vagueness: "#6 Is The Zeitgeist Movement related to Peter Joseph's Films?":

While the word "Zeitgeist" is also associated with Peter Joseph's films, "Zeitgeist: The Movie" and "Zeitgeist: Addendum", the film series based content isn't to be confused with the tenets of "The Zeitgeist Movement" here. Rather, the films were inspirations for "The Zeitgeist Movement" due to their popularity and overall message of seeking truth, peace and sustainability in society.

The term "Zeitgeist" is defined as the 'The General intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era." The Term "movement" very simply implies 'motion" and change, Therefore The Zeitgeist Movement is thus an organization which urges change in the dominant intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time.

The Movement is not about Comparative Religion, False Flag Terrorism, Economic Hit-men, Fractional Reserve Banking or the Federal Reserve. The films are unrelated to the Movement in detail and are personal expressions of Peter Joseph. There is often some confusion in this regard and in the most extreme cases some people have the knee-jerk reaction that TZM support's forbidden "Conspiracy Theories" or is "Anti-Religious" or the like. This type or rhetoric tends to be of a pejorative/insulting nature, used in the context of dismissal of The Movement by an erroneous and "taboo" external association. The fact is, there is no association whatsoever.

If you are not familiar with what TZM actually is - with its pursuit of a new social system called a "Resource-Based Economy" - please review our extensive literature and video/lecture materials on this website

You may feel that this is fair if you view TZM as anarchical; however, consider the highly structured organization required to bring forth the massive technological projects more than hinted at by that Movement and The Venus Project in particular. Anarchists don't bring forth coast-to-coast supersonic maglev trains. Governments do, whether corporatist or not, highly structured governments and not Movements that can morph on a whim and disconnect themselves from their "founders" visions. Don't get me wrong here. The Christian Commons is founded upon an understanding of what is termed "Christian Anarchism." The Commons is not anarchism as in anti-government but rather voluntary consensus under God in the government of Heaven (the Kingdom). That requires everyone within it being of one spirit, which Christians call the Holy Spirit of truth. Its movement directs. TZM wants the Commons without that for the reasons I'm expressing here, which reasons are fatal flaws in TZM.

Please realize if you don't already that Christianity is its founder. Every word and deed of Jesus inform me of exactly what Christianity is and is not. The same can rightly be said concerning Buddha and Buddhism and Mohammed and Islam and Moses and Torah Judaism (non-Talmudic); and, of course, the list doesn't stop there but is very long. However, with The Zeitgeist Movement, contrary to The CCP (Christian Commons Project), you are asked to join a Movement that is founded by "a visionary" whose visions are disassociated from the Movement he founded — undirected but ready to provide the organizational structure/vision to bring forth a technological utopia run by technocrats. If you think that's intelligent and the way and path to enlightenment, I won't be seeing you in Heaven and it won't be because I'm not there.

Understand also that centering the human spirit upon tech is the heart and soul of diminishing the metaphysical that is God. This then is retardation, which has been in place since before Nimrod and his proverbial Tower of Babel. This gets into deep theology. It raises the identity of Lucifer, who is understood as the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar II. The Freemasons attempt to break this understanding of the fake Lucifer (Nebuchadnezzar II) as the fallen spirit and Jesus Christ as the bringer of the real light. It serves their Nimrodian (tech) aims.

Understand further that Peter Joseph is into theosophy (whether he says it or not) and all of the occultism surrounding it. Others and he at TZM want all of that separated from the Movement, per se. However, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3 KJV). How can two who disagree walk together all the way to the final promised land?

This raises the age-old question concerning what I mentioned above that is syncretism. It raises the issue of Hinduism and Buddhism versus Christ in that Hinduism and the other "Mystery Religions" stress the supposed many paths to enlightenment, whereas I have taken to explaining that no matter the path to the top of the mountain, once there, one is still faced by the strait gate to God that is Jesus. One is still faced by the narrow way (path) that can only be traversed by the way of Jesus Christ.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6 KJV)

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. (Matthew 12:30 KJV)

Of course, Peter Joseph rejects this; yet, you are asked to conclude that TZM is on the right path. What it is, is loaded with half-truths, or what I call partial-truths while only the whole truth will see you through the gate that signifies. This is why I don't join The Zeitgeist Movement but rather continue calling people to The Christian Commons.

Don't be beguiled. You'll be on the wrong train headed into outer darkness, into the bottomless pit, and the lake of fire. "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." You can't get to Heaven and Godliness by telling your neighbor that whatever he might do sexually is okay. You can't build the proper society by ignoring it. Most people have known this truth for thousands of years; however, it is very clear that there is a spirit loose in the world that is working overtime to get the vast majority of people to think incorrectly, to think that it's nobody else's business if he or she is sexually diddling the little child or whatever. It's been a huge movement in the wrong direction mostly given huge momentum by Alfred Kinsey, himself a homosexual (bi-sexual) and possible pedophile. See: "Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles."

Yet, The Zeitgeist Movement wants you to believe that it isn't "Anti-Religious." Well, it's anti-Christianity without doubt. Let those with a mind to think realize.

They say they are "not about Comparative Religion, False Flag Terrorism, Economic Hit-men, Fractional Reserve Banking or the Federal Reserve." Well, the CCP is about exposing deceptions and offering the clear solution. The CCP will stand behind the founding positions that comparing religions is essential; awareness of false-flag attacks, especially 9/11, is critical; that the Empire has used bribery, threats and assassinations for reasons of their imperial greed, and it must be understood and discussed in detail; and that fractional-reserve banking and the Federal Reserve System and the reasons for the huge indebtedness of the people by reason of fraud has to be exposed.

You will note that the "Awakening" video says on behalf of the TZM (if it stands behind this video; they can always drop anything by claiming it was never a tenet), that the economic system up to the point where machines started completely outstripping human work energy/power was good. However, it was never good, right, fair, necessary; and one won't understand the sociopathic obstacles to the CCP without realizing that and why. TZM is trying to avoid putting off those who have loved capitalism. Unless people can understand how selfishness and lust are interconnected, they will not move to the proper spirit to give up greed and violence and sexual harm all at the same time, which is minimally necessary.

The Zeitgeist Movement wants to move the whole of society from neoliberal economics to a moneyless society in one fell mental leap/swoop. I have been writing about the moneyless society since before TZM. Jacque Fresco was too, of course, and that aspect is fine.

However, we have a National Debt right now that can be eliminated much sooner if we don't hold out for humanity to see the light of ending mammon at the same time. Ending mammon can happen and will happen, but in the meantime, there are people hurting and suffering in ways that can be eliminated by eliminating the National Debt, ending government borrowing, and ending fractional-reserve banking.

See my post, "Bullion Bozos: Tally Sticks, Fiat, Bill Still, Gold, Silver, and Banksters," and watch this short speech by Bill Still. Bill is doing a great service to humanity by dedicating his life to this cause of freeing the people from the banksters.

YouTube - Bill Still's Speech at Bromsgrove 2010

I can work with Bill Still as opposed to The Zeitgeist Movement because unlike TZM (Peter Joseph), Bill is not trashing Jesus or misleading people as to the horrendous evil that has been the elitists' system that has indebted governments and hence the people paying unnecessary taxes thereby transferring their livings to Plutocrat banksters and their corporate cronies for nothing in return but being bled into poverty and death of the flesh.

I am not a huge incrementalist, but stages and phases in development are not anti-Christ. Jesus planted seeds two thousand years ago. I'm reaping the fruit of his huge tree. TZM's facade of not being about "Comparative Religion, False Flag Terrorism, Economic Hit-men, Fractional Reserve Banking or the Federal Reserve" masks that TZM is the embodiment of killing Christianity and the salvation of humanity from evil.

The "Awakening" video is linked to from the Movement's site. The founders definitely have watched it and seen the use again of my express teachings for the Christian Commons Project, not the Zeitgeist Movement or the Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement must be called out for it, and the people need to be made aware of the trickery by those who are hostile to Jesus.

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. (Matthew 13:24-30 KJV)

Peter Joseph is his enemy, and TZM is the seed of choking weeds, choking the words of Christ.

So, while I point out these things, I don't call down wrath upon the many members of The Zeitgeist Movement, I simply do as Jesus did. There will be a separation. Will you be with the tares or the wheat? Unless Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco stop, turn, repent, and do their atoning work (taking up their crosses), how will they be with the wheat?

Consider the timing. The Zeitgeist Movement didn't exist when I started the CCP, and the Venus Project was something I hadn't thought about in decades. I will say though that the moneyless society had occurred to me completely independent of Jacque Fresco back in 1967, well before my first reading Jacque Fresco's ideas.

By the way, the "Project" in the Christian Commons Project came to mind when I was thinking about my deceased nephew who had once told me that he was working on a music project (a music group), which put me in mind at the time of a group from the 1960's called The Blues Project. Neither the Zionist Project nor the Venus Project came to mind. "Project" was simply suitable.

Here's one telling YouTube thread:

Small businesses will eventually grow into moguls just like the ones you find on Wall Street. That is the free market system, an economic survival of the fittest. Don't like it? Vote for other political parties or movements. (Zeitgeist Movement.)

TerraRubicon 2 days ago


The Zeitgeist Movement is a New Age technocracy. Have you really studied the Venus Project's ideology? Do you want Theosophic technocrats making the final decisions? It could lead to so-called enlightened cyborgs finally incapable of independent thought. Transhumanism could be a one-way ticket to you as controlled robot.

TomUsherRLCC 2 days ago

@TomUsherRLCC I see where you got the points you raised and I agree with you that TZM and TVP is transhumanism. Unlike you however I see a lot of positive potential and nobody is steering towards becoming cyborgs incapable of independent thought. The latter seems to be already present with 'ordinary humans', seeing how they elect the same politicians who make the same mistakes over and over again. In that regard and metaphorically speaking; controlled robots are already here.

TerraRubicon 1 day ago


My point is that it will happen to people who will then be unable to disconnect or remember what it was like before and be unable to know whether before was better.

Transhumanism could, and likely would, be a technological collective-mind — one mind. I don't have a problem with one mind if it's spiritual (one soul) and righteous rather than technological.

As for many people already being as controlled automatons, I agree.

You didn't address the start of my comment.

TomUsherRLCC 6 hours ago

@TomUsherRLCC No I didn't address the start of your comment. Seeing how you're a Christian I thought that particular aspect was best to be avoided, for now. Zeitgeist 1, a personal project by director Peter Joseph, strongly criticizes religion which understandably was met by a lot of opposition. Hence the counter argument that Zeitgeist is New Age. The Zeitgeist Movement itself is actually made up of people from all walks of life. Some are religious, some are atheists.

TerraRubicon 4 hours ago

Here's the other thread where the person mentioned the "Awakening" video:

The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) brought up some Real and Tangible Solutions to ACTUALLY SOLVE OUR ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL & ECOLOGICAL CRISIS - to know more about it, watch: "Awakening - Multilang - 1/4" (short video) and "Zeitgeist Addendum". Both of them are on YouTube. The SOLUTIONS presented in both videos are already being applied and they have already been proved to work in the short and long run. It's about time to expand/spread it World Wide.


the zeitgeist movement dot com



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The Zeitgeist Movement is the Venus Project — technocracy. Technocrats make the decisions. Aspects of the Zeitgeist Movement are not worked out.

It's egotistical to take someone else's idea (Venus Project), slap a new name on it, throw in New Age total fabrications about the origins of Christianity, and ride in big on 9/11 Truth only to then distance from it.

The line is that Peter Joseph (last name hidden) is not the "leader," so the Project can morph.

Forget it.

TomUsherRLCC 1 day ago

@TomUsherRLCC - I understand your frustration and i have realized you never visited TZM website to clarify what TMZ is what what relationship it has with the venus project - I encourage you to visit "the zeitgeist movement dot com" and clarify your points of view - by the way - jacque fresco is 100% with the work of Peter Joseph - but don't take my word, check for your self (or just keep making assumptions as it has been showed in you last post)

All the best


FactualSolutions 1 day ago


You don't realize anything of the kind. I've been to the site. I've seen the videos. I've heard Jacque Fresco talking about it at length. You haven't told me anything I didn't already know. You completely missed the point.

TomUsherRLCC 6 hours ago

@TomUsherRLCC - Gooood - Surely you've got you doubts sorted out by now.

happy 2011



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You decide.

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