Twitter Digest: January 3, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: December 28, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  2. "An Open Letter from Gaza: Two Years After the Massacre, a Demand for Justice" This is a powerful letter. #

  3. WikiLeaks Cablegate Leak: Obama Administration Lied to World: Refused to Help Dubai Investigate Mabhouh Murder #

  4. Propaganda trick: "U.S. embassy in London was a target of UK suspects" That's emphatically guilty before proven so, but notice "suspects." #

  5. "Assange...angered the United States by releasing secret...cables...and teaming up with amplify the impact...." Right. #

  6. Except, I'm the "United States" too, and he has angered me at all by releasing the cables, which confirm US governmental corruption. #

  7. There is a place for privacy because evil people misuse and abuse openness. Those same evil people misuse and abuse privacy too though. #

  8. The problem isn't openness or privacy. It's evil that's the problem regardless; and evil is selfish, with hyper-evil being hyper-selfish. #

  9. I hope the terms of Julian Assange's book deal include a fair percentage of sales. #

  10. Propaganda trick: "Dutch police arrest Somalis over terrorism plot." No, Dutch police arrest Somalis over alleged terrorism plot. See that? #

  11. "Nobel laureate Liu marks 55th birthday in prison." Where's Mordechai Vanunu? #

  12. Elton John and David Furnish become "parents" of baby born to a surrogate mother. I thought they didn't need women. #

  13. "WikiLeaks clones [not just mirror sites] popping up in Europe and beyond". So much for WikiLeaks is CIA/Mossad. #

  14. US governments have been pushing Germany and Japan to get into wars along side the US for years. The American people will regret it. #

  15. @ggreenwald "The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired" is a piece of solid journalism. #

  16. @DakotaMistress Thank you very much for the info on "Because it is not a cablegate mirror but a mirror of the old leaks." #

  17. "Spamhaus' False Allegations Against" #

  18. "Wikileaks Mirrors - About this site" This site threw me. Dakota Moon caused me to take an additional look. #

  19. Breaking the Siege: The Gaza Freedom March #

  20. Caught red handed: To raise money, Zionists pretend distraught Palestinian little girl is "desperate hungry Israeli" #

  21. The New York Times says, "Follow us on Twitter." You're on the site, you click the share button, no Twitter. Come on. #

  22. @wearewideawake I've kept saying to name a Gaza Freedom Flotilla ship (a big one) "The Mordechai Vanunu." No one has taken me up on it. #

  23. Hardball take from Marxist-Trotskyites: New York Times backs attack on WikiLeaks: #

  24. "I'm not one of these fanatic a good want...things...healthy...they're not." Ty fanaticism. #

  25. "Farmers, pecan growers say coal plant kills plants." What's new? We've known about this for decades. It's called a cover-up in plain sight. #

  26. Bank of America's Countrywide knew loans offloaded to Allstate were toxic loans to borrowers highly likely to default? . #

  27. "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." Today in 1890, between 150 and 300 Sioux were slaughtered by U.S. troops. #

  28. The difference between Hugo Chavez & Barack Obama: The homeless live in Hugo's office while Hugo lives in a tent. . #

  29. Empire - Hollywood and the war machine #

  30. A Natural By-Product of Nature #

  31. Inside Story - Anarchy in Europe? #

  32. Mohammed: The pedophile "prophet" and his confused followers #

  33. The Real Deal-UK Protests and the 'Yellow Sea' Conflict-12-19-2010-(Part1) #

  34. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Economy-12-24-2010-(Part2) #

  35. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Economy-12-24-2010-(Part1) #

  36. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-Latest on Global Economy-12-24-2010-(Part3) #

  37. The Real Deal-UK Protests and the 'Yellow Sea' Conflict-12-19-2010-(Part1) #

  38. The Real Deal-UK Protests and the 'Yellow Sea' Conflict-12-19-2010-(Part3) #

  39. Reality Check-12-25-2010-(Part1) #

  40. American Dream-Bush Legacy & Iraq War-12-27-2010-(Part1) #

  41. Reality Check-12-25-2010-(Part2) #

  42. Young people will tell their grandchildren they remember before the Big Business takeover of the Internet when people could visit anywhere. #

  43. Unless you have lots of disposable income, you're going to hate the Republican tiered Internet — the anti-Net Neutrality Internet. #

  44. Big Business wants to be able to charge you extra for listening to music or watching videos on the Internet. Net Neutrality prevents that. #

  45. The current FCC plan is way to weak. It caves to Big Business against you, the Internet user; and Republicans want to weaken it further. #

  46. Gangs in the military: Armed & dangerous forces part 2 #

  47. Corporate America screwing the little guy #

  48. Gangs in the military: Armed & dangerous forces part 1 #

  49. Americans support redistribution of wealth #

  50. Defense Spending Disaster #

  51. 112th Congress vs the world #

  52. Put main street before Wall Street #

  53. Bullion Bozos: Tally Sticks, Fiat, Bill Still, Gold, Silver, and Banksters via @AddToAny #

  54. The Silver Candidate vs. the Gold Candidate: Bill Still on the Monetary Lessons of History #

  55. KickStarter "No More National Debt" #

  56. Kickstarter - First interactive book: Bill Still's "No More National Debt": Debt-free United States Notes NOW! #

  57. "Tea Party Leader: Restricting Voting to Property Owners 'Makes a Lot of Sense'" Just try it. Then you might not be for gun rights anymore. #

  58. Keiser Report - Centurion Nails Bankster's Coffin (E100) #

  59. Good Max Keiser point: Major banks are avoiding receivership because the depths of their evils / bankruptcies would be exposed. #

  60. Keiser Report â„–101: Markets! Finance! Scandal! #

  61. Keiser Report â„–102: Markets! Finance! Gold & Silver! #

  62. Keiser Report â„–103: Markets, Finance FUBAR! #

  63. Keiser Report: Markets! Finance! Bleeping Bankers! (E104) #

  64. "media...has begun to pick up our warnings about the failure of the criminal justice response to the epidemic of fraud" #

  65. Keiser Report: JP Morgue (E105) #

  66. Keiser Report: Bank of America Sucks & Blows (E107) #

  67. Keiser Report: Cables, Crises & Cyber Currencies (E106) #

  68. Keiser Report: Feedom & Plutocracy (E108) #

  69. Press TV-Face to Face-Dieudonné M'bala M'bala-04-07-2010(Part 1) #

  70. Johnny Depp, Progressive Discipline, Jesus, The Church, Rebuking, and Condemning Homosexuality via @AddToAny #

  71. Wild speculations are flying concerning a "suspected suicide" bombing of an Egyptian church: no evidence of al Qaeda, just allegations. #

  72. "Man Faces Five Years in Prison for Snooping Through Wife's E-Mails" No, he may face 5 years if... Once a divorce has been filed, watch out! #

  73. There is no such thing as an Islamist. There are only Muslims. #

  74. Did Mohammed tell Muslims to execute anyone who spoke against Mohammed? No. Executing someone for supposedly blaspheming Mohammed is weak. #

  75. "Wikileaks, The United States, Sweden, And Devil's Island," by William Blum I agree with 90+%. It's about Reagan too. #

  76. FBI Raids ISPs Trying to Track Down 'Anonymous' — News from via @AddThis Going after the little fry #

  77. Janet Napolitano is going to listen to Zionists on using unconstitutional ethnic and religious profiling the US can't use and doesn't need. #

  78. "Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery" & aiding her evil "lover" to murder her husband! I'm anti-false propaganda. #

  79. Palestinian carrying bottle in own country at West Bank, Zionist, fascist, imperial "checkpoint" murdered in cold blood by Israeli military #

  80. A Palestinian woman has been gassed to death by Israeli forces oppressing legal protesters against the illegal Apartheid Wall. #

  81. Kristi Noem is a "conservative" Republican for stupid ethanol subsidies and has rec'd her 16.9% of $3+ million in farm subsidies since 1995? #

  82. Lake Superior State University released its annual list of "banished words." Click the heels of your jackboots together so I can hear you. #

  83. The view from my picture window if there weren't two buildings and a few trees in the way: #

  84. Leave it to irreverent "scientist" ironically to call something they don't yet know exists (Higgs boson) the "God particle." #

  85. Leave it to irreverent "scientists" ironically to call something they don't yet know exists (Higgs boson) the "God particle." #

  86. Beware: Zeitgeist Movement / Venus Project Use Christian Commons Teachings to Lure Christians From Christ via @AddToAny #

  87. US students drown in sea of debt #

  88. Panama booms as poor look on #

  89. Chinese cellar dwellers fight for home #

  90. Tesla Roadster Test Drive #

  91. Seed Exchange #

  92. RAP NEWS 6 - Wikileaks' Cablegate: the truth is out there #

  93. Federal Reserve forces local Oklahoma bank to remove Christmas Buttons #

  94. Christmas Banned from Bank in Oklahoma #

  95. Cops Taser Old Man For Refusing Ambulance #

  96. "No refusal" DUI checkpoints coming to Tampa - your blood WILL be taken. #

  97. Alan Watt Dodges Caller #

  98. Alan Watt Lies, Threats and Plagiarism #

  99. [27C3] (en) IMMI, from concept to reality #

  100. Panic gold buying helps hidden, unaudited sellers (who have the most gold) to further impoverish society. Call for United States Notes Now! #

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