Big-Oil & Gold, Pastor-Shill?: Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty with Stan Monteith

Below, you will find a video (actually, it's an audio track with a photo "still" from Alex Jones' show on In that audio from Stan Monteith's radio program, Lindsey Williams gives some information and encourages people to visit his site to purchase info.

I have questions and comments. I haven't put these to Lindsay Williams first. It is no private matter between Christians though. He's exceedingly public about it. So, I take it to the world where he is doing his "work." I also disclose that I work under capitalism, although I seek to overturn it in each and every heart and say so openly and at length on the blog and elsewhere.

You'll need to listen to the "show" to verify whether my questions actually pertain.

I don't know Lindsey Williams. I do not recall ever having met him or interacted with him elsewise. His name and site are familiar because I had a previous occasion, by reason of someone else linking to him, of visiting there to see if there was anything of interest. I recall his statements about "hearing the voices of the elite." In all honesty (and I do try to be that way all the time), I wasn't favorably impressed.

Well, someone supplied a link to the video (audio) I've embedded below, so I gave him another listen. I did that because Stan Monteith has a following and even though I don't subscribe to his "American patriot" Christianity, I do not dismiss out of hand every last thing he has to say. In fact, there is much truth in what he has said about elitism and anti-Christ occultism (there is Christian occultism, but "occult" is such a loaded term that people don't understand that whatever is hidden to one by reason of lack of discernment is occulted to that one). Many people don't "see" what Jesus is about. In that sense, it's occult knowledge but through no fault of real Christians (who are not trying to hide Jesus's truths from anyone).

As for Lindsey Williams' talk on Stan Monteith's program, here are the following things that come to mind:

Is Lindsey suggesting that the drop in oil price to back below $50 a barrel was not in the news before he publicly first said it would happen (before he was told by an "insider" and before he published the info verbally or in writing on the Internet, etc.)? If memory serves, it was being openly discussed many months before it happened. It is true that the vast majority of people didn't believe it at the time, but the vast majority also didn't believe that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq even though there were plenty of people saying exactly that there are no WMD's in Iraq and going to war is stupid and evil and will be based upon a known lie. The Bush administration and Bush certainly knew there were not WMDs where they were repeatedly claiming they knew they were. Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of them lied through their teeth.

Back directly to Lindsey:

Is Lindsey suggesting that all of what he terms "buzzwords" (he's using the term incorrectly) are also things he was told before they hit the news? He mentioned nothing that I hadn't already read out on the Internet, and I know he wasn't the source for any of those pieces I had read.

He says he "lived with the elite" for years, but he doesn't name names. Being the Chaplain on the Alaska Pipeline to begin with strikes me as being embedded in Big Oil. Ministering to people in all walks of life is proper — but the Alaska Pipelines connection raises a number of "insider" questions in terms of the term "shill." (A shill: "One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.") It doesn't prove he's shilling in a direct way for Big Oil, but the question is valid. He is though "selling" oil (propagandizing for it but without stating its horrendous negatives around the world and Alaska) in a clear and plain sense and is benefiting directly, albeit fleetingly, as a result.

Lindsey Williams says that there is enough oil off Alaska to supply all of America's oil needs for 200 years. Let me say that if that is nothing but propaganda by Big Oil, it would be because the billionaire plutocrats of Exxon and the other multinational, globalist, mega-oil corporations want the American people to clamor selfishly and against environmental common sense (Creation Care) for offshore drilling. Lindsey cite Sarah Palin as an elite source of confirmation. Sarah Palin may be learning on the job, but she certainly has had a deserved reputation for being a bit of an airhead. Can she learn the script and act the part? She's gotten this far, hasn't she? Some group with very deep pockets has kept her in the limelight when from my perspective, she hasn't merited the attention other than that some people are using her as the "useful idiot," generally a rather mean-spirited term but sometimes quite apt.

Lindsey is also pushing gold — a very backward thing to be doing for a Christian pastor. It's backward because of Jesus' sayings about mammon and riches of that kind (REAL CHURCH, CHRISTIAN COMMONS, DEEDS, WORKS, FRUITS, COMMANDMENTS, BELIEF, FAITH, LAW, GIVING, PEACE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, SEXUAL HARMLESSNESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, BRINGING FORTH). It's also backwards given the clear and vastly better alternative to be pushing: United States Notes free of interest, debt, inflation, and taxes. This is a large discussion briefly touched upon in my previous post: "Gold-Bug Austrian Batted Zero: Ron Paul, Competing Currencies: Free Competition in Currency Act." I intend to continue elaborating on the issue as time permits.

Historically, gold has been very elitist. Consider that there are now many institutions that are far from the common people that hoard tons of gold. What do they want to happen to those stocks? They want them to rise. What will they be doing as they rise? They will be calculating when to sell. Buy low is always linked to "sell high" in that market, at least amongst the "elites."

This says nothing about slave and child labor and mega environmental damage done by gold mining and the rest of the supply chain involved with it. Whose pushing gold? Russia for one. Why? Russia has huge gold seams waiting to be mined.

Will gold do anything for the poorest of the poor in general? No. Will United States Notes as I'm proposing them do anything for them? Yes. They could and should be used to provide employment as soon as possible. Lindsey Williams though couches full-public-employment of in terms of a complete takeover by the elitists.

People are hungry and homeless who want jobs now but aren't finding work because of elitists, Lindsey. Elitists are not True Levelers!

The elitists hated the New Deal more than anyone, and the New Deal didn't go nearly far enough. It saved the evil that is capitalism. Franklin D. Roosevelt said as much. Now we reportedly have the greatest disparity in income (income gap) in American history. I'm not advocating for FDR, per se; but just as I don't dismiss everything Stan Monteith says, I don't dismiss everything FDR said and did. I take the best of everyone and Jesus. I throw away the rest.

Also note that Lindsey Williams is so deferential concerning those elites he claims to have known and to know. Where's the criticism? Jesus ripped the rich by his words of truth. Does Lindsey put you in mind of Jesus except when Lindsey tells people to stop and pray? He didn't remind me of Jesus's teachings in any way, shape, or form.

What I took away from Lindsey Williams' talk was that he reads the news especially the business and financial news and finds in it early statements that feel highly plausible given track records. He quickly gathers it, turns it into his talking points, records it, goes out on whatever circuit will have him, publicizes it, and calls people to come buy the information {for $99 according to a comment on the YouTube video page (some scathing comments there, but what's new); note the psychological pricing point to avoid "$100"} he doesn't share except that people pay him. That just isn't Christian pastoring to me.

Does he have sources? I should think there are people who are willing to talk with him and to tell him things as part of some deal. What is that "deal," and what do they really know? Well, it and they aren't with or for God.

YouTube - Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty 12-20-10.


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