Jerusalem Post Missing Huge Aspects: "Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy"

Concerning the linked article, I left the following comment on The Jerusalem Post ( story:

Subject: You missed huge aspects; Author: Tom Usher; Country: United States of America:

I'm not defending Zionism, but The Jerusalem Post didn't include that Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who was the de facto #2 at WikiLeaks and the alleged source of the Al Haqiqa (aka Al-Hakikah and Syria Truth) story, has denied he ever made any such bribery or other claims about Julian Assange or WikiLeaks.

Jerusalem Post Missing Huge Aspects: "Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy"


In addition, The Jerusalem Post failed to mention that Julian Assange has promised to release thousands of additional cables on both Israel and the Mossad.

The former aspect temporarily works to Israel's advantage. The latter most certainly does not and will not.

Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy.

There are other aspects with which I take exception, but it should go without saying that Zionists do and will cast everything that even calls into question Zionist actions as being anti-Semitic. They do that regardless of the fact that Jews are not the only Semites (Arabs for one are also Semites) and regardless of the fact that Israel has done many things that are obviously wicked on their face. It also won't due that the Zionist counter to facts showing Zionist wickedness is that other countries are and have been wicked too.

It helps that Julian Assange has been interested in exposing other than Zionist crimes.

The answer to the Zionists is not that wickedness by others make Zionist wickedness okay but that all nations and states must clean up. The answer to the Zionists is not that some people hypocritically point the finger at Zionism but that there are those who point out Zionist wickedness who point to all wickedness regardless of the people perpetrating it and say, "Stop."


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