Twitter Digest: January 9, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: January 3, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Daniel Domscheit-Berg video: Cryptome post: Leah Abramowitz, Syria Truth, accusing Julian Assange as Mossad is fake. . #

  3. Gold-Bug Austrian Batted Zero: Ron Paul, Competing Currencies: Free Competition in Currency Act via @AddToAny #

  4. Israel war crimes, your tax dollars at work . #

  5. 'Europe protests justified, demands in streets key to mankind's future' . #

  6. Dark Ages: 2010 Uprisings just a start, Revolt 2011 coming? . #

  7. 'Spy services feed info to whistleblowers to keep tabs on site visitors' . #

  8. On the Edge with Max Kaiser-2011 Financial Predictions-12-31-2010-(Part2) . #

  9. Big-Oil & Gold, Pastor-Shill?: Lindsey Williams on Radio Liberty with Stan Monteith via @AddToAny #

  10. Is there an ethnic litmus test or closed-shop union of Jewish economists to which Obama is limited when considering top economic advisors? #

  11. Slash, better yet scrap, military and war spending worldwide. Put everything into peace and prosperity across-the-board. #

  12. Don't be violent. End the wars. Bring them home. Make peace. Be good neighbors. Don't be greedy. Spread and share the wealth. Righteousness! #

  13. All you people who voted Republican, now watch them suck up to the banksters more than ever! #

  14. US Navy video: females pretending to wash one another, sailors in drag, simulated masturbation, rectal exam. That's consistent militarism. #

  15. Chomsky on Leninism 2 of 2 . #

  16. Chomsky on Leninism 1 of 2 . #

  17. "Libertarian" capitalism's corporate sponshorship . #

  18. Keiser Report: Monsanto and the Seeds of Evil (E109) . #

  19. Why Government is More Afraid of Debt than Depression . #

  20. Liked "Domscheit-Berg talks about Wikileaks and Israel at #27C3 (from min 30:30)" . #

  21. Daniel Domscheit-Berg Took Time for Book Waited to Clear Julian Assange Half-Heartedly via @AddToAny #

  22. Facing WikiLeaks Threat, Bank of America Plays Defense - via @AddToAny #

  23. Who's Wayne Madsen's "Republican Party consultant"?: "Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks cables" #

  24. Hogwash: "American Thinker: Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks" via @AddToAny #

  25. Levees From Around The World - Care2 News Network via @AddThis #

  26. Assange: WikiLeaks Not Concerned with US Nat'l Security . #

  27. Wikileaks: Exposing Misdeeds, Strengthening Democracy via @AddToAny #

  28. NAFTA + U.S. Farm Subsidies Devastates Mexican Agriculture . #

  29. Foreclosures on People Who Never Missed a Payment . #

  30. Stimulus and Tax Cuts Not a Long Term Solution . #

  31. US Treasury Global Capital Firefighter-in-Chief . #

  32. Most Minimum Wage Earners Can't Afford Necessities of Life . #

  33. Higher Taxes on Top 1% Equals Higher Productivity . #

  34. Republicans' Deficit Ceiling Bluff an Attack on Social Security . #

  35. The 8 Minute Epoch: 65 million Years with James Hansen . #

  36. United States Notes, Inflation, Deflation, Bank of North Dakota, Fractional-Reserve, Socialism, Monetarism, Chicago... #

  37. A Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope, and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering | KAIROS PALESTINE #

  38. Flow - The Privatization of our Water . #

  39. Jerusalem Post Missing Huge Aspects: "Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy" via @AddToAny #

  40. I think Israel Shamir worded his headline to grab you. Israel Shamir: Julian Assange's Deal With the Devil . via @AddToAny #

  41. Mossad, Iranian Jews Peddle Asgari Counter-Narrative #

  42. Why don't "liberals" get False-Flags? WikiLeaks' Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies... #

  43. Just saw that "Assange is an ET Ascended Master from Andromeda." Quick, tell Gordon Duff. He'll make it a headline: Mossad is Andromeda. #

  44. Inside Wikileaks - UK . #

  45. The Economist Strikes Again That's the Economist Magazine, which seems to be decidedly Zionist. That's not a good idea. #

  46. Israeli Officials Allegedly Bribed US Corporations | Gaza | WikiLeaks | Julian Assange via @AddToAny #

  47. WikiLeaks vs OpenLeaks Documentary HD [Full] Propaganda Controlled Opposition or Victim of Success? . #

  48. Mind of Mohammed is Islam Judged by Jesus's Eternal Standards. His Word is Not the Law, and He Was Not a Prophet of God. #

  49. On a fishing expedition (invasion of privacy), Justice Dept. subpoenas private Twitter messages of Wikileaks supporters. #

  50. The Justice Dept. does not have probable cause to subpoena the private Twitter messages of all of the particular WikiLeaks supporters. #

  51. The judge who granted the Justice Dept. subpoenas for private Twitter messages of the particular WikiLeaks supporters is weak on justice. #

  52. @birgittaj Ask your parliament to pass a "Sense of Parliament" resolution condemning the US Dept. of Justice fishing expedition against you. #

  53. @birgittaj U.S. Department of Justice Subpoenas Private Twitter Data & Messages of WikiLeaks & High-Level Volunteers #

  54. Justice Department orders Twitter to release WikiLeaks documents - #cnn #

  55. VoiceLeaks: "The Blind Eye Effect" . #

  56. Reuters does an article on the mass killing at Gabrielle Giffords gathering but says nothing of what happened to the shooter. Journalism? #

  57. Birgitta Jonsdottir finds the JoD subpoena troublesome because US VP Joe Biden "has labeled WikiLeaks as a cyber-terrorist organization." #

  58. 15 bodies, 14 decapitated, were found Saturday in Acapulco, Mexico primarily because of NAFTA. #

  59. We could have had full employment almost immediately, but Bernanke says it will take 4-5 years for the labor market to get back to normal. #

  60. People are giving up looking for work & Bernanke calls it a drop in the jobless rate. For this he makes a huge salary & will get very rich. #

  61. Other things being equal, high taxes + a welfare state = high national quality of life while low taxes + no welfare state = the opposite. #

  62. The Media are saying Jared Loughner's favorite books are Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, and Animal Farm. Many people like Animal Farm. #

  63. The Communist Manifesto is required academic reading in several disciplines. #

  64. The US warned hundreds worldwide it believes may be imperiled by WikiLeaks' release. Will the CIA have some killed as a false-flag attack? #

  65. The EU fusses over Iran's nuclear program, but when offered a tour of Iran's facilities, it declines. #

  66. If Israel calls for harsh sanctions on Iran, they lose even more moral ground against harsh sanctions on Israel over Palestine. #

  67. Many people start following me on Twitter but after a little truth-telling, quickly change their minds because of their hard-heartedness. #

  68. Rather than go to debt-free United States Notes, Republican congressman Mike Pence wants to fight inflation on the backs of the unemployed. #

  69. Full public employment while eliminating the national debt & avoiding inflation is easy. Stupid, greedy ones run the economy to Hell. #

  70. Zionist headline distortion: "Israelis bribed to admit U.S. goods to Gaza" Should be: "Israelis demanded bribes to allow US goods into Gaza" #

  71. Before Progressivism, recessions were usually worse until deregulation caused this one. Economic know-nothings want still more deregulation. #

  72. He has a very valid point: Keith Olbermann Calls On America To Repudiate Beck and Palin's Violent Rhetoric #

  73. Who didn't know it was stupid when she did it? Democratic Congresswoman Shot in Head Was On Sarah Palin's Hit List #

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