Concerning the 9/11 Plane vs. Missile Hitting the Pentagon Debate

I am a 9/11 Truther, but sites such as these do need to be dealt with:

That last one concludes that it was "terrorists." Well, who planned what? Just because it looks to that author that it was in fact a plane doesn't mean that the whole of 9/11 was neocon-free of planners. We have to look at 9/11 in its entirety. The Pentagon plane-versus-missile debate is only one small aspect.

One cannot be blamed for having debated the plane-versus-missile question even if that author is correct that it was a plane. That's because the Pentagon has deliberately left the people out to dry concerning their questions. Why is Above Top Secret a better source than the Pentagon for why we might want to conclude that it was in fact a plane versus a missile?

We know that many questions concerning what happened in New York remain unaddressed by the government in any thorough or thoughtful way. Frankly, I can't see the government refuting the Architects and Engineers ( and building-demo experts about Building 7, and this Above Top Secret post certainly doesn't put that to rest.

That said, I still commend the author for his efforts up to the point where he said it was terrorists without saying if he is suggesting that none of 9/11 was an inside job. After all, they let that "plane" hit the Pentagon before one single alarm was set off there. Have they shot down the argument that the Pentagon has anti-aircraft missiles? The government doesn't speak.

Why did Dick Cheney let that plane hit the Pentagon? Was it so he wouldn't take the heat of killing the passengers who might otherwise have survived by who knows what means (taking over the skyjackers or something at the last second)? We aren't given the answers.

We the People of the United States of America are stonewalled by our supposed government (meaning we are supposed to own it and not the other way around), which is an evil thing to do no matter what.

National Security depends on the people being behind their government, which requires that that government give the people every reason to trust it. That government has been doing the opposite of that for a long time.

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