YouTube - On the Calvinism / Arminianism Debate

Here's a message I just sent to Chris White concerning his video below:

Hi Chris,

Good job on the "On the Calvinism / Arminianism Debate" video!

I agree with the "both" position.

I didn't get to watch the whole of Keith's video before it was taken down. I was interested in how he said at the outset that he doesn't follow Calvin. It was clear to me that Keith was going to define Calvinism as being different from the fruit of "Calvinism" as understood under the broadest historical interpretation.

My first exposure was the history of the Protestant Work Ethic and the use of Calvinism to further acquisitiveness, which I freely admit, left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, by the time they get through splitting the hair, there won't be anything left.

The argument appears to me to be semantical and that the right approach is to reconcile the scriptures per the "both" position. That is the conclusion at which I arrived some years ago and independent of having heard the idea first. It was original with me, although I have no doubt it has occurred to others down through the centuries.

I left a comment on Keith's video he put up about the other one having been taken down for alleged copyright infringement.

I also visited his opponent's channel and watch a bit and concluded that I didn't want to engage between them on the level I saw. So, I was making my YouTube rounds and your channel was next up alphabetically, and I saw your "On the Calvinism / Arminianism Debate" video and wanted to let you know that 1) I fully understand why you would not allow comments on that one and 2) that you exceeded my expectations.

I'll turn it into a blog post probably with this message as is.

Peace to you, Chris.

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

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