Zionist Troll Ironically/Idiotically Uses American Indians to Justify Zionists Stealing Land: ronaldruck on Twitter

Check out this comment to me from this Twitter user concerning my anti-Zionism:

@TomUsher Wasn't Burien Washington originally inhabited by Native Americans? A shame you get to live on their land...

My reply:

@ronaldruck American Indians didn't own land, and they are sharing it with me now. You don't know their or my spirit. So hold your tongue.

This is a translation of a translation and no doubt paraphrases Chief Seattle's speech, but I have no doubt that the sentiment reflects very much his feelings at the time. There are of course, hyper-greedy-capitalist individualists who hate wholeness/righteousness and who seek to deny every sentiment in that speech.

Then there's this interesting page on of all sites the ADL (Jewish Anti-Defamation League): Native American Quotes About Land Ownership (I saved it in case they come to realize it doesn't work to their Zionist advantage and kill it). It's all rather ironic, isn't it?

Many American Indians are some of the strongest supporters of the Palestinian's right of return. They relate. So too do I.

Tom Usher

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