World Citizenship: Is it inherently evil?

"World Citizen" sends shivers up and down the spines of many Ron Paul followers and others. Many fear the NWO will be headed up by people bent upon stripping everyone of what little civil liberties there are. However, there has to be a New World Order. We certainly can't go on the way it is or return to how it was. It was never good enough.

The question is what's in our hearts rather than whether or not we have supranationalism. The question is good government versus what we are experiencing nearly everywhere in the world on the nation-state level anyway.

Changing minds and hearts is the challenge, and it's very hard to get each other to work on understanding terms to overcome so many obstacles. I know I'm routinely misunderstood on account of terminology and semantics. People jump to conclusions that I want to force people, even use violence. It's not true.

Right now, there is hardly any government on any level that isn't based upon the threat of violent and other coercive means rather than upon coming to consensus via the peaceful work of discussion and persuasion. So many are cut off before being heard out. Most of us (humans) give up too soon. How many refuse to concede validity simply because it does not comport with our mental constructs? How many are instantly pouncing on others to put them on the sound-bite defensive no matter that those leveling the charges live in houses of cards themselves and do not seek to reach final conclusions via thorough examination but rather, as with George W. Bush's Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, they seek to avoid the tough questions, such as waterboarding as torture, simply by not asking? That was his actual legal opinion — imagine —, and he actually had a great deal of support on that.

There are pockets of relatively decent governing. What we need is the best of the best and then to improve on that and have it be universal without stifling further improvements. Every time anyone starts talking that way though, then sociopaths clamped down via whatever means it ends up taking to silence that one.

The sociopaths are the most difficult to penetrate. Their compassion zones are so severely damaged. Healing them of that will be difficult since they have wrongly seized wealth, power, and control of so much and do not want to give it up.

Tom Usher

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