Not so Fast, Not so Fast: "YouTube - The total collapse of the U.S. economy is inevitable - Here's why"

There are a number of factors or variables that do not necessarily make a total collapse of the U.S. economy inevitabile. The following is in response to a YouTube video embedded below (after these quick observations):

China has more problems than are generally assumed.

  1. It has huge environmental obstacles.
  2. It's using way too much coal for energy.
  3. It is creating more environmental problems via its huge dam projects.
  4. It has huge unemployment and is ruining much of its small-farm agriculture.
  5. It suffers from rapid desertification.
  6. It will end up spending a much higher percentage on military.
  7. The demands of its people will put pressure on wages and prices and cause higher inflation if it doesn't move to a new economic system.
  8. China's currency is going to have to float or face tariffs, etc. When it does, its exports will become more expensive and its growth will lessen.
  9. The Chinese people will continue demanding more freedom of expression and eventually begin insisting upon an end to the one-party dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party, which isn't even "communist" anymore.

The US can change.

  1. The US can embark upon a crash program to get off oil.
  2. The US can move to interest-and-debt-free United States Notes.
  3. The US can pay off its National Debt with those United States Notes.

Other factors

  1. At one point not too long ago, most of the world was predicting that Japan would be the new World Super Economic Power. It didn't happen.
  2. India, Brazil, and Russia are not going to be interested in China becoming hegemonic.
  3. Russia has as much or more in common with Europe than it does with China, and the US will remain closer to Europe than China will be able to become close to Europe for the foreseeable future.
  4. Don't rule out that the US will get its military troops out of combat in Afghanistan and then begin to focus highly negatively upon China. Certainly, if history is any guide, the US will greatly speed up its activities against China before China can overtake the US. The US has been talking for a long time about using full-spectrum military dominance against China. That means including space-based weapons. Some people believe that it is highly likely that a Chinese stealth submarine was responsible for the sea launch of the missile off Los Angeles last year. That may or may not be correct; but if it is, it may have caused the US to heed China for a bit, but it certainly would have sent the war planners into overdrive. War with China would be extremely dangerous because China is nuclear, but waiting may not be seen as an option by the war gamers of the US military. There is also the military Keynesianism aspect where war on a large scale would be a huge stimulus to the US economy and right when there are so many unemployed young men and women ripe for a military draft. (Planned?)
  5. There is always "Regime Change" in China too. As I mentioned, the one-party dictatorship remains a problem for China. If the US can stir up enough internal turmoil clamoring again for democratic rights, etc., the US might win a war without firing a shot. It could so destabilize China that the Chinese economy would suffer greatly. Then it could come to the rescue, provided the Chinese cease working with the Russians to harm the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Of course, much of this presupposes that the global Plutocrats don't have it in mind to reduce the US economy to the point where US workers are willing to work for slave wages, which has been the trend ever since Ronald Reagan worked to kill the Air Traffic Controller's Union and Margaret Thatcher worked to destroy the Coal Worker's Union in Britain — all for the sake of the privatizers against the common people and their general welfare. Those same forces though have their eye on China. They have no intention of watching China keep itself from being privatized. Global Plutocrats will definitely seek to rape China.

Therefore, don't count your chickens before they are hatched; and even then, remember how easily they can be stolen and eaten.

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    See also: "Prepping Minds For War Against China":

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    It's interesting how some "leftists" actually think the one-party dictatorship in China shouldn't be rebuked just because the US should be. The fact that the US is hypocritical doesn't mean that China isn't.

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