"The 'Stuttgart Declaration' Represents A Paradigm Shift," by Ilan Pappe

This view is vastly superior to the two-state solution, which will be no solution at all.

Within a one-state solution, they will face the challenge of the "separate but equal" mentality unless it too is addressed at the outset. In outlining the one state, it is necessary to anticipate this "separate but equal" issue to nip it in the bud.

Freedom of association is an important thing. Within the one state, it should be as reasonably balanced as possible.

In addition, it should be illegal to grant classes of people a better standard of living or quality of life than others by way of targeting them with more tax expenditures and for reasons of ethnicity and religious beliefs where those beliefs as exercised don't inflict harm.

This one secular state is not the end-all-be-all solution either. It is simply superior to the two-state concept. I would rather they all see the very best, but hearts are hard and can barely hear as it is. May they soften and soften and soften.

The new paradigm insists on analyzing Israel as a settler colonialist state of the 21st century whose ideology is the main and principal obstacle for peace and seeks peaceful means of changing this regime for the sake of everyone living there and those who were expelled from there.

via The "Stuttgart Declaration" Represents A Paradigm Shift By Ilan Pappé.

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