Assaf Kfoury: "Will the US Ignite the Lebanese Tinderbox?" — Israeli Occupation Archive

"...the goal is to marginalize Hezbollah, soften the Lebanese target, and then unleash the Israeli military for the kill. It will be a repeat that will make the 2006 devastation of Lebanon a child play by comparison."


"Secretary Clinton insisted that the STL [Special Tribunal for Lebanon] 'must go forward,' not to give in to those responsible for toppling the Lebanese government, which was 'a transparent effort by [Hezbollah and its allies] to subvert justice and undermine Lebanon's stability and progress.'"


Assaf Kfoury: "Will the US Ignite the Lebanese Tinderbox?" — Israeli Occupation Archive


"Erdogan's counsel to Hariri is to engage Hezbollah and find ways to resolve the conflict in negotiations — in effect, to go back to the Saudi-Syrian compromise agreement that Hariri reneged on during his US visit. If the larger meeting with the US and France takes place, American diplomats can be counted on to play spoilers, and the more so, if the ever-imperious and sanctimonious Hillary Clinton is part of the American delegation."

via Assaf Kfoury: Will the US Ignite the Lebanese Tinderbox? — Israeli Occupation Archive.

The Zionists feel that they are going to run out of time while they still have some sort of quantitative and qualitative military-weaponry advantage. The Lebanese have been constantly improving their rocketry. They also have Russian anti-tank weaponry that shocked the US and Israel when it defeated US active armor.

If Israel is going to continue going for Greater Israel running from the Nile to the Euphrates, it is going to continue meeting with greater and greater resistance. It will not succeed even temporarily while Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas are much aligned.

Finally, the problem with the US is that it is never serious about honest carrots. It always only offers corrupting carrots or whacks with sticks. If only it would try being honest for a change. Greed is inherently dishonest though.

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