Questions: The Future Is Becoming Clearer -- Abandon Sprawl, Intensify Use of High Speed Rail and Return to Urban Life, Like the US Was in the 20's?

Connect over 25 cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Anaheim to northern cities like San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento with electrically powered trains traveling 200-plus miles an hour, kiss goodbye the excess pollution from commuter cars and planes, create thousands of jobs and alleviate citizen suffering and lethal emissions. ...

Questions: The Future Is Becoming Clearer -- Abandon Sprawl, Intensify Use of High Speed Rail and Return to Urban Life, Like the US Was in the 20's?

Along the way, CHSRA will stitch California's major economies, airports and other nerve centers together into a whole that will remake the entire state into one massive metropolis. Think Northern California's Bay Area Rapid Transit BART system....


...CHSRA scored additional billions, thanks to the short-sighted Republicans of Ohio [John Kasich was a really stupid choice, Ohio] and Wisconsin who returned stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), dooming their citizenry to fewer jobs and more transportation migraines. Flush with extra rerouted cash, persistent optimism and a site mandate from the Federal Railroad Administration, CHSRA announced in early December that construction of a 65-mile stretch in the state's suffering Central Valley had gotten the green light for 2012.

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  • How privatized will this be or become? I'm opposed to a privatized system. It should remain public property and be run by the public. Privatization is just crony capitalism.
  • How much will it cost to ride? Will the poor be able to afford to ride? Many poor people can't even afford current bus fare.
  • What will be the "security" screening measures? I say no to requiring people to be irradiated to ride. I say no to invasive pat-downs. The transportation system must identify people as law-abiding and allow them to board without interference. The harsh security measures now are conducive to increasing generalized insanity throughout society, not real safety and security, which come from promoting the spirit of trustworthiness.
  • What will be the source of the electricity to run the system? I say no to the nuclear-energy cycle while perfectly good alternative, clean, non-toxic, even free energy sources are right there for the taking. See: "Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030," Why wait?

Importantly, the electric buses need to be brought back everywhere to connect to the high-speed-rail hubs. Detroit used to be loaded with them until the greed of the auto and oil industries killed them. The electric buses were great compared to the diesel-smoke spewing buses that followed. I know. I road the electric buses. I remember when downtown went from smelling fairly clean to smelling like diesel pollution does — choking.

Greed kills. It killed more than half of Detroit. Detroit could have made electric cars for the world. Instead, the greedy oil industry bought the battery patents and crushed all the EV-1's. Then it shipped jobs overseas via "free-trade," "open-market" trade deals. The greedy also relaxed environmental and labor standards in the US too, thereby allowing in lower-paying companies from Japan and elsewhere — race to the bottom for all but the very top who eventually shoot themselves in both feet though, as their descendants too must live in a stinking, toxic world brought forth from the bowels of Hell by the greedy ones before and now and to follow.

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