Julianne Escobedo Shepherd of AlterNet Wants the Children Devoured: "Conservatives Freak Out Over MTV's 'Skins' -- Teenagers Have Sex. Get Over It. | AlterNet"

The evil stupidity of some people never ceases to disgust me. The linked article on AlterNet, as you can see, has as part of its title, "Teenagers Have Sex. Get Over It." Ah yes, and the more you say that, the more they'll do that to their own peril. Oh, just hand out condoms and everything will work itself out is the lame reasoning. Well, it's far from that simple, and the world doesn't need people who are Pied Pipers to Hell misleading kids to falsely imagine that being sexually promiscuous is conducive to building a "healthy" sexual outlook.

Everything about sex should be taught in terms of fidelity. Promiscuity is the exact opposite. Why is fidelity important in sex? Well, how do people divorce their sex lives from the rest of their being? If someone is unfaithful, that is promiscuous, in sex, that same mentality is vastly more likely to carryover into all other aspects of life. To fail to properly instruct teenagers and their younger counterparts along these lines is begging for Sodom and Gomorrah, whether or not those are proverbial. They'll soon become reality.

Why are there so many problems in the  financial world if not that fidelity has gone missing? Figure it out. Be loose sexually, and watch other areas where trust and reliance are critical get flushed down the toilet.

This article on AlterNet is the second in as many weeks that complains about video media not because it is promoting sluttishness and unwholesomeness but because the sluttishness and unwholesomeness are not portrayed well enough.

Frankly, I'm not for being as tight as a drum over sex as a mid-Victorian. I am though disgusted with those who promote the path to orgies. One might expect to see Caligula held up as a paragon if these vile fake-liberals continue the fall of mankind. These people would be right at home worshiping Dionysus. They hate Jesus with a passion. His call to righteousness shows them who they are relative to true health.

All this polyamory talk is utter nonsense. It is nothing but decay. Decadence is not health, people. The farther one heads in that direction, the farther from righteousness one gets and the closer to greater and greater pain and suffering and regret for having not heeded those calling to not follow the pied pipers of "free love."

Nothing good has ever come out from unbridled sexual license. Unbridled sexual license leads to children who are not as wanted and not nearly properly cared for. History is replete with examples. It's very nearly a hard-and-fast rule. Don't think that condom use or various forms of contraception are any protection against this. The mentality of looseness permeates all aspects of the life.

Now, it is true that many "conservatives" are hypocrites when it comes to sex. However, that in no way proves the rightness of  promiscuity. Many of those self-styled conservatives simply allow other forms of lust, whether for money and property or violence, to carry over into their sexual mentality. Then they try to fight the generally selfish and short-sighted urges. They cause a habit in one area that spills over into others whether they first imagined it would or not.

Natural inhibitions are abused out of the person and greater and greater confusion is infused in its place, and drugs and alcohol are part of the breaking down of instinctive awareness of what is offensive.

It is no mere coincidence that this "issue" of complaining about drama that is not true enough in that it does not pull youth hard enough with "realism" is tied in with sexual license and intoxication and permissive parenting. One will note that drama is fake to begin with. More importantly though is the analysis of drama as a major tool to pull people away from what is good and holy that is what is really real. Entertainment is used extensively to dupe the youth especially. There is a place where it can be used to good ends; but more often than not, the profits in mammon involved also involve first selling out to the proverbial devil, and that's what demons sell to the youth. Anyone who has spent much time at all looking into why the theater was frowned upon down through the ages by most who were trying to uphold righteousness has likely run into all the associations between the entertainment industry and the exact opposite of righteousness. Look at the shattering of lives in that realm. It's a pattern that sticks out like the sore thumb that it is. Yet, the linked article lionizes it, encourages it, promotes it, etc.

No, this linked article is sheer evil. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd is misled and misleading. She will regret it. I guarantee it. What remains to be seen is whether she lands along the walls of the bottomless pit and climbs out or not. She'll have a great deal of repenting to do considering all the souls she will have helped to mislead into the pit with her.

One wonders what person or persons originally misled Julianne and whether she considers the temptations they placed in front of her good or not. Does she thank them for having helped to promote sluttishness in her?

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd is sick in her soul and needs to stop promoting the ruination of the souls of children.

There needs to be a great sorting out concerning liberalism. Real liberalism is not this vile, sexual pollution at all. It never has been and never will be. AlterNet often gets the giving-and-sharing idea of real liberalism somewhat right, but it invariably and utterly fails on matters of sex.

Real liberalism is pure. It is Godly, and I don't for a second consider Dionysus anything but the evil spirit manifested in confused minds with hardened hearts. Yes, Julianne has a hard heart toward the little children. If she truly loved them, she would seek to protect them from the fall into sexual libertinism with all the attendant disease of the flesh and spirit it invariably brings.

Beware, contains a typical, sick, evil-promoting image (unreal; contrived):
Conservatives Freak Out Over MTV's "Skins" — Teenagers Have Sex. Get Over It. | | AlterNet.

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