Quick Notes: Obama's Evil 2011 State of the Union Address

These are my quick notes about Obama's 2011 State of the Union Address:

Obama says free enterprise creates the jobs. Then he talked about public investments to unleash job creation. He should make up his mind. People are homeless and hungry. Children are crying because their parents have been raped by the bankster Plutocrats.

On the energy scene, Obama actually mention biofuels. How ignorant that is! Even worse, he said "clean coal." There's no such thing. He also called nuclear "clean." Nuclear is a cycle, not just a plant. It is highly toxic from start to finish.

About education, among many things, he talked about parents turning off the TV so children will do homework. Obama, tuition is the killer, not just the TV. He also went on and on about math and science and then technology and engineering, as if literacy and writing skills are antiquated. He's speaking the same old worn out business-first, "publicly trained workers for capitalists" mantra. There he was, the lawyer, standing in front of primarily lawyers, calling for technocrats for capitalists — very shallow and transparent. He's calling for a $10 thousand tax credit for four years of college when one year at Berkley costs about $50 thousand. It's insanity. All college should be no more costly for the students to attend than public high school. He did make a fairly decent point about children who are living here and being educated and doing well whose parents brought them here "illegally." It's not the fault of the children, but rewarding them does reward their parents and shows that illegal entry will be rewarded. There are two or more sides to every issue. I believe that many people have come here to escape being on the receiving end of the illegal foreign policy of the US Empire though.

War: He said 100 thousand American troops have left Iraq with their heads held high. Hogwash. Many of them are shattered and sick. Obama made no mention of the war crimes or the lies in the lead-up to the invasion and occupation. What's he get for that but a standing ovation right at that point. That shows the utter evil emanating from that place call Congress. He then raised the specter of al Qaeda, as if we don't know that al Qaeda was a database of anti-Soviet Muslims cobbled together by the US CIA; and that hardly presents a problem compared to the secret false-flag ops of the CIA, MI6, and Mossad and others. He even conflated the Taliban and al Qaeda, which couldn't be further from the truth. Afterall, the Taliban had offered to give up Osama bin Laden if only the US would produce a shred of evidenced that bin Laden and al Qaeda perpetrated 9/11 rather than a bunch of neocons. That evidence has never been forthcoming anymore than the supposed evidence against Iran that it has a nuclear-weapons program. It doesn't have one anymore than Saddam Hussein had one when Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush, the war criminals, said they were positive that he did. What did Barack Obama do, he said let's not look back. It's too bad he only looks back to prosecute relative peons.

He actually claimed that the Taliban provided the "launching pad for 9/11." He has zero proof for that claim. We know for a fact that the CIA faked video of Osama bin Laden claiming responsibility for the "attack." We also know that the CIA waterboarded, tortured nearly to death, one of bin Laden's staff to get him to confess that he "masterminded" 9/11. He also told a whole slew of proven whoppers. We know torture is for sadistic purposes and to throw the fear into everyone and not to gain real evidence. Every child knows that a big kid can twist the arm of a little kid to get that little one to say or do nearly anything. Think of being waterboarded 183 times. Yet, the CIA monsters got to walk away thanks to Obama and others.

He lauded the "troops" claiming they have served "us." However, he completely ignores the atrocities they've committed and the illegality of the wars that were undertaken while he continues the cover-up of 9/11 and the Anthrax Attack and all the FBI provocateurs luring young men to do things or say they would do things that they would otherwise never do or say. We know that the underpants bomber was a set up. We know that a US intelligence officer was asked by the airline/airport security whether or not to allow that young man to board the plane and that, that intelligence officer gave the green light. We know about the unidentified man in the expensive suit who got the young man on board without a passport, etc. That is far from the only such incident. The FBI has a long and sordid history of enticement and entrapment and of supplying the explosives, etc., such as with the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993.

He further excused the sodomites saying that no one would be rejected for military service because of "who they love." So, he's said right there that male-on-male sodomy is not a problem. He ignores all that has been attendant with that lifestyle down through the ages that screams otherwise. He ignores the medical and scientific evidence of the myriad problems associated with anal intercourse. It is not love to engage in selfishly harmful sexual behavior. It is lust. It brings with it all sorts of other problems, including violence and greed (not that there aren't exclusively heterosexuals who engage in those two errors two, but that doesn't make homosexuality excusable). We know that the definition or understanding of marriage amongst the preponderance of homosexuals is libertine. We also know that the pedophiles are starting to openly clamor for their "rights" too now. They regularly want to march in the homosexual parades.

More importantly, Obama claims to be a Christian himself while speaking everything that runs contrary to Christianity: greed, violence, and sexual depravity. Why does he lie that he is a Christian? Why do people elect liars to lead them? He once complained that adhering to the Sermon om the Mount would spell the end of the Pentagon, as if that would be a bad thing.

This guy is a rabid militarist. He doesn't even support keeping the military-industrial-complex recruiters off the college campuses: What a throwback.

Unemployment: We could put everyone to work right away via public jobs that definitely need doing, but Obama never talks about that. He never talks about the problem that is the Federal Reserve System with it's Federal Reserve Notes that bear interest paid for by US tax dollars when we could have United States Notes free of such interest to private interests. Why doesn't he speak about that? He doesn't mention it because he works for the benefit of the banksters who take the lion's share for doing zero work.

Foreclosures: Did he mention them? I didn't hear it. Did I miss it? Who cares, right? Who cares about the new poor enticed by the greediest of the greedy who told the poor that home prices would continue going up and that appreciation would cover everything?

Pollution: Well, he indirectly covered it by talking about "clean" energy and ending tax subsidies for Big Oil. His definition of clean leaves a great deal to be desired. Did he mention any follow-up studies concerning the Gulf of Mexico massive oil leak? No, he didn't. Did he even mention global warming? No, he didn't. Meanwhile, the Arctic is apparently undergoing the warmest winter in recorded history. We've just had the hottest decade on record and just finished up one of the two hottest years on record if not the hottest — all this while he avoids the subject now that the Big-Oil, Big-Gas, and King Coal Republicans are leading the House committees.

As for adequate and necessary funding, state and local governments are not being bailed out while banksters were and continue to be. It would only takes some $130 billion to set the states, etc., straight, but the privately owned Federal Reserve is of, by, and for the private banksters, not the people. Tens of trillions will go to banksters and corporatists while state and county and municipal services will be made to suffer to run government out of the business of serving the people, who own the government and get to vote for the leadership — if they can cut through all the smoke and mirrors of media conglomerates touting the likes of Barack Obama.

Freedom of the press and other rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights: Oh, he joked about that there won't be "pat-downs" to board high-speed trains; however, that's not the plan of Homeland Security (oh, I hate that name). They plan on screening everyone boarding trains and busses and entering malls, etc.

Guantanamo: He had promised long ago to close it. He didn't even mention it. People who were simply sold to the US are languishing there without any due process or proof against them. That's not the only such prison too. The American people are just numb to it all now and believe they can't fight city hall or the federal government. We shall see.

Even as he covers for war criminals, he has his Justice Department looking at ways to clamp down on freedom of the press, to go after those who expose war crimes and fraud, such as Julian Assange and others, including Bradley Manning, a homosexual, military-service member rotting in a modern-day dungeon. In the Obama administration, it's only okay to be a war-crimes-endorsing homosexual.

We mustn't forget that Obama voted to let the telecoms off the hook for allowing the NSA to data mine all Internet traffic running through those telecoms. Imagine all the deals the corporatists have with the Empire's "intelligence" agencies. Does anyone believe that they abide by the Bill of Rights?

Israel and Palestine: Did he even mention it? He mentioned the new Start Treaty but not Israel's hundreds of nukes. He did brag about putting tougher and tighter sanctions on Iran when Iran hasn't done a thing to the US and when Obama has never produced a bit of evidence against them. It's just that the US doesn't want a nation that is not under its thumb, and the Islamic theocracy (and that's what it is) isn't under the Empire's thumb. He also mentioned North Korea's nuclear weapons but not Israel's. What about Pakistan's and India's nukes? Anyway, in so many words, Benjamin Netanyahu told Obama and the US to go to Hell. The Zionists will do to the Palestinians whatever they want to do, and Obama will butt out or the Zionist Lobby in the US will spread the word on how to bring him down. You can tell he's afraid of them by his lack of even mentioning that world-pivoting issue.

He also said our food is safe to eat, but he's wrong. Much of it is loaded with crap. His food czar comes from Monsanto, which is a nightmare of a company, spreading death, especially in India where poor farmers were suckered into getting into the Monsanto-crop fertilizer/pesticide cycle and lost everything. Hundreds of thousands have committed suicide directly because of Monsanto.

Meanwhile, Obama's FDA just okayed cloned meat and dairy when cloned animals have been clearly shown to suffer some major abnormalities and when there is no way on Earth that any scientists can give such "food" a clean bill of health. It's actually rather sickening to even contemplate. Down through the recent decades, one thing after another that science had said was okay has turned out not to have been okay at all. Cloning "food" to feed into the insatiable greed of the corporate executives and superrich capitalists is an extremely dangerous thing in that same old pattern.

Healthcare: He lauded his health-insurance reforms, but he certainly won't remind his listeners that he never demanded that the Senate hearings give full airing of the single-payer option that at the time, the majority of Americans wanted in large measure because of, among other things, Michael Moore's documentary film "Sicko." Obama completely turned his back on that.

Then he dropped the bomb (the big laissez-faire lie). He said that the depression is over so now we can start "balancing" the federal budget rather than reshaping where the money went and is going rather than to put everyone to work now! His words were prepping the people for the draconian and totally unneeded austerity measures that the privatizers want brought in to ruin government services so those privatizers can take market share for pennies on the dollar. Public taxes will have set up everything for the superrich corporatists to just walk in and buy on the cheap. Also, with wages lowering, workers will be willing to work for those corporatists at slave rates or they will be willing to join the military or domestic police-state fascists and to do what they are told no matter how thuggish or evil.

There he stood saying that we need a budget freeze for five years with painful cuts. We DO NOT need that at all. There are clear alternatives to doing that, and he knows it. He was standing there working for the Wall Streeters who put him there to do exactly what he has done, plans, and will do with the Wall Streeters in his administration.

He talked about cuts in the Pentagon, but what about the wars that are not budgeted as Pentagon spending? He's pulling out of Iraq while ramping up in other areas. After Afghanistan, who's next on the hit list. You heard him mention North Korea, but they have nukes now. He also mentioned South Sudan; so if the North hits at the South, you can be sure the US will slug the North. It will continue hammering at Yemen and Pakistan too of course. There's to be no Peace Dividend. Parts of South America are on the list too.

Remember though, he mentioned Iran but not Israel. Israel will continue being insane especially if Presidents don't get after them. Look at how they conducted themselves in Lebanon and Gaza under George W. Bush. They rained cluster bomblets on Lebanon and white phosphorus on Gaza even though Hamas had been abiding by the terms of the ceasefire understanding. Of course, the Bush administration illegally rained down white phosphorus on Fallujah in Iraq because the evil Black Water had been having fun indiscriminately shooting Iraqis and the Muslims of Fallujah got their hands on some US mercenaries and killed them and strung up their burned bodies. It wasn't difficult to predict what would happen for that.

Obama also started in with the Senator Alan Simpson neoclassical-economic charade: The Fiscal Commission. What an evil thing that was and is! He threw a bone to the doctors (very rich) and the insurance companies that cover them (also very rich). He phrased it very deceptively when he referred to frivolous law suits. Frivolous law suits over medical malpractice have not been the problem. Medical malpractice has been the problem. Socialized medicine would solve that, but doctors are more into being rich than they are into being healers. To his credit, he appeared to be saying no to privatizing Social Security; but with Obama, one doesn't know if he's standing firm or just doing a little buying of time. Usually, it's the latter of the two. He offered a corporate-income-tax reduction without lowering general revenues but did say that the top 2% of American income-recipients should not continue to receive the Bush-43 tax breaks. Lower taxes on the superrich is always associated with a generally lower standard of living and quality of life for the applicable country. He also claimed that he will put all spending online so we can see where each dollar goes. He once promised that about legislation. We were supposed to see it all while being debated and also have a comment period before anything is signed into law. He never followed through. He's not going to show where all the money goes. Too much of it goes into black holes and ops.

He ended by actually saying, "God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America." That's blasphemy — coming from him.

The closed-loop thinking of those in attendance who belong to Congress and the agencies, etc., is just astounding. They just don't believe in the right things. They believe in a mishmash of ideologies and falsehoods about reality and God.

How in the world is anyone to get through to them?

I could go on and on about all of these things; but as I said, these were just some quick notes.


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