Abe Foxman, Glenn Beck, Holocausts, Nazis, Rabbis, and I

Glenn Beck is worse than a bull in a china shop, but the 400 rabbis listed in the linked article want everyone walking on egg shells concerning in what context the terms "holocaust" and "Nazis" may be used.

Look, rabbis, you don't own those terms, and I'll be damned if I'm going to fret over when and where I can use them just because you're part of the lying-Zionist-propaganda machine that never admits the huge lies, deliberate fabrications, Zionists have told about the concentration camps. It's well documented and available on line, even though you guys try your best to censor, suppress, and cover it up.

Yes, there are nuts amongst the holocaust deniers, but there are some really careful people who have come up with excellent points that expose as utter liars the tiny handful of Zionists upon which the whole "Final Solution" thing is built.

The Nazis were and the Neo-Nazis are maniacs but so were and are the Zionists.

The Zionists lied that they invaded Gaza because of rockets being  fired from there. They made it sound as if thousands of rockets were landing and blowing up right before the invasion. The facts though are that the rockets don't even blowup upon landing and there was a huge lull or ceasefire understanding in place concerning which Hamas had been scrupulously adhering. Fewer than 2 dozen glorified bottle rockets landed during about six months before Operation Cast Lead. Concerning those, it's been rather undisputed that Hamas severely punished the rogue entities in Gaza that launched them. In some cases, I'm told Hamas even killed a number of them in gun battles.

The Zionists also routinely lied during and after Operation Cast Lead about using White Phosphorus and human shields and indiscriminate firepower and many other aspects of that illegal and wicked operation.

Those are very far from the only times the Zionists have been shown to be utter liars and war criminals, so why should I trust those same people concerning the, in some cases completely ridiculous, claims about what they've termed the Jewish Holocaust?

The Soviets were behind huge parts of the negative propaganda against the Nazis. Are we all supposed to trust Joseph Stalin's regime? It has come out that many of the deaths blamed on the Nazis by the Soviets were actually committed by the Soviets. I been informed that many Polish soldiers were mass executed by the Soviets who had blamed it on the Nazis. It was the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz and continued doing their utmost to make the Nazis come out looking even worse than they had actually been — which was certainly well beyond bad enough to merit condemnation.

Why am I, why is anyone, required to just accept all the nonsense about human soap and tattooed-skin lampshades and shrunken heads and the rest without critical evidence and when only 3 or 4 Zionists who have zero evidence are the sources of the whole holocaust industry?

The "gas chamber" at Auschwitz was "recreated" after the liberation — walls torn down and roof hatches installed, etc. However, reportedly, the walls do not contain the gas residue that the delousing areas contain even now, and it was for delousing that even the Zionist holocaust-experts have said that some 95% of the Zyklon B was used. That's something the general population of the planet isn't supposed to know though. When they think gassing and Zyklon B, they're supposed hypnotically to think that Zyklon B was there at the camps only to murder people in mass.

Concerning the other "death camps," the maps are extremely detailed but they don't even show a place to store the gigantic amounts of wood the "survivors" claim were used for months while dead bodies were cremated on open-air grills. Supplying and storing that wood would have been a major operation in and of itself. Also, the numbers of buried dead and the size of the claimed pits (never scientifically verified) do not seem to add up. The number of dead, before being dug up, burned, and reburied, doesn't seem to add up what with the claimed size of the pits and the claimed water-table levels (per the "witnesses"). The parts of the testimonies of the witnesses that appear to impeach them are left out of the story as it is continually revised as aspects are shot down by "deniers" or researchers.

Even the Zionist experts do not agree on the 6 million figure. The most lauded of them, Raul Hilberg, wrote that 5.1 million was more in order; and he was basing that lower number still upon discredited "witnesses/survivors." At Auschwitz alone, the number has dropped by 2 or even some 3 million depending upon to which "expert" Zionist one is referring.

The list of possible impossibilities concerning the claims of the key Zionist witnesses upon which the whole story is built is extremely long. It makes the best lists of 9/11 questions look almost weak by comparison in many places, and there's certainly enough concerning 9/11 that the majority of Americans do not buy the government's official conspiracy theory.

Yet, the "Holocaust" is sacrosanct. Nonsense. It's an event that is and should always be until put to rest subject to challenge, just like any other "historical" claim.

Frankly, I know the Nazis did many atrocious things, just the way I know the Zionists have done so in Lebanon, Palestine, and Gaza, etc., and just as the US did in Vietnam and wars before it and after it, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Knowing that does not in anyway fix any number of war dead; and I sincerely now believe that the Zionists in conjunction with the Soviets especially, have deliberately lied about and exaggerated the crimes of the German people, not that what they actually did wasn't extremely criminal, as Cast Lead was extremely criminal and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine has been and is extremely criminal.

The ADL's Abe Foxman is upset with Jewish Funds for Justice for publishing an ad signed by 400 rabbis taking Fox News Channel to taks [sic] for diminishing the Holocaust.

Abe is upset because the ad, appearing in today's Wall Street Journal and Forward, quotes his own critiques of Fox's Glenn Beck. JFSJ is free to do so, he said — his remarks are part of the public record — but it's tacky for him to be used for a campaign he does not endorse.

via Foxman, Fox and the rabbis | Capital J | JTA - Jewish & Israel News.


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