Twitter Digest: January 29, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: January 9, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. "Christian youths attacked a car full of central Nigeria, killing seven" Don't call them Christians. Obviously, they are not. #

  3. There's no "freedom of the press" difference between Bradley Manning vis-a-vis Assange/WikiLeaks and Daniel Ellsberg and The New York Times. #

  4. Chemtrails Versus Contrails: Who's a Nutter? Answering Laura Knight-Jadczyk of via @AddToAny #

  5. Huckleberry Finn is anti-racist, but "nigger" is being censored out of it to be PC even though that's what Southerners used. It's Immature. #

  6. Here's the Huckleberry Finn article: #

  7. Stop The Kennedy Smears . #

  8. David Talbot, JFK Historian, Says Stop The Kennedy Smears . #

  9. Bashir warns of war over Abyei . #

  10. Probe blames firms for US oil spill . #

  11. Sudan: History of a Broken Land . #

  12. South Sudan's 'oil curse' . #

  13. The Secret of Oz - English - . #

  14. Talmudic Racism goes Mainstream . #

  15. Jeff Rense | Michael Hoffman 011409 "Judaism Discovered" 1/8 . #

  16. Truth About Zionist JEWS Talmud . #

  17. Michael A. Hoffman II_ Jewish philosophy toward Amalek (Palestinians) . #

  18. Alex Jones and Revisionist Michael Hoffman Interview . #

  19. Academic Freedom and Holocaust Denial . #

  20. The Zionist Story. (Full Documentary) . #

  21. Laura Knight-Jadczyk of blocked me because I know too much about Chemtrails. via @AddToAny #

  22. Concerning the 9/11 Plane vs. Missile Hitting the Pentagon Debate via @AddToAny #

  23. Where there is the greatest love, there is also the greatest hate of evil but yet the greatest mercy. #

  24. The Cover-Up Ctte Gov Rfrm Investigat-Mercury/Vaccine/Autism . #

  25. Mr. "Say one thing and do another," just like Nixon. Obama Signs Law Blocking Gitmo Closure — News from #

  26. It isn't that "conservatives" inspired Jared Lee Loughner. It's that violent talk, etc., magnifies violence, which is a false solution. #

  27. Hillary Clinton called Gabrielle Giffords's shooter an "extremist" and said people should reject radical ideologies. Jesus is still radical! #

  28. Hillary Clinton doesn't like radicalism: Arising from or going to a root or source; basic. #

  29. Hillary Clinton doesn't like radicalism: Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme — like Jesus: Extremely good. #

  30. Hillary Clinton doesn't like radicalism: Favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes. Jesus is a radical. So am I, Hillary! #

  31. Hillary Clinton doesn't like radicalism, but she is vastly worse than Jesus, the radical. Whom do you trust, Hillary or Jesus? #

  32. Don't fall for Hillary's false propaganda saying a radical, extreme change to righteousness is bad. She plays mind games via word games. #

  33. Hillary Clinton has talked about incinerating Iran, but she says you should reject radical ideologies. Christianity is most radical. #

  34. Hillary Clinton is a Zionist. She covers for racists, fascists, land thieves, ethnic cleansers, and war criminals. She's an apostate. #

  35. "U.S. criticizes Israel over Jerusalem settlement" All talk, no action! #

  36. Pope Benedict called on Pakistan to scrap its blasphemy law: "a pretext for acts of injustice and violence against religious minorities." #

  37. Zionists knock down a Palestinian hotel for a Jewish settlement, and Hillary Clinton calls it "disturbing" rather than blatant land theft. #

  38. Every chance some people get they tilt the 5-pointed star into being the head of a symbol of evil known as the Goat of Mendes? #

  39. "US debt is largely fictitious" . #

  40. The Pope called Pakistan to scrap blasphemy laws. All states must end apostasy laws. Religious conversion is illegal in many countries. #

  41. All states must end anti-proselytizing laws. Religious proselytizing is illegal in many countries. It's unjust inequality and cowardice. #

  42. In many countries, Christian proselytizing converting a Muslim to Christ can carry the death sentence. Think of how utterly evil that is. #

  43. Anti-proselytizing law is not found just in Islamic countries but also Israel. In India, Christian proselytizing is fought by Hindutvavadis. #

  44. True Christian proselytizing may not be coercive or by means of offering material rewards. Also, Jesus never used hard-sell techniques. #

  45. Informing converts of benefits is not always offering material rewards to induce conversions. For instance, Christianity is not materialism. #

  46. UPDATE 3: Chemtrails Versus Contrails: Who's a Nutter? Answering Laura Knight-Jadczyk of via @AddToAny #

  47. The Tom Usher Weekly is out! . â–¸ Top stories today by @mondoweiss #

  48. Barclays Bank new CEO, Bob Diamond, says banks should stop apologizing for causing the financial crisis. They hired a typical sociopath. #

  49. Goldman Sachs paid $550 million to end an SEC lawsuit but made tens of billions. Under crony gov., crimes pay big; but such go to Hell. #

  50. Majority rejects that violent political talk was a factor in Giffords shooting. They think there was no connection whatsoever? Wow. Slow. #

  51. Support The Twitter Seven: YouTube - WARNING All 637,000 @WikiLeaks Followers Are Targets of U.S. Government Subpoena #

  52. Ukrainians First to Reach Auschwitz. Do human-skin-lampshades and human-soap stories, etc., still stand up? via @AddToAny #

  53. "Every year since 2000 has ranked as one of the 15 warmest years on record." Oil, coal, & gas pray people stay stupid & don't go green. #

  54. U.S. intelligence agencies say that CIA/Mossad targeted assassinations of Tehran's nuclear personnel have set back Iran's nuclear program. #

  55. China said its first stealth fighter should not be seen as a threat. It's strictly for defense, and your eye lids are getting heavy? #

  56. I watched Barack Obama speaking in Tucson saying many right things. I thought too about the value of lives lost to bombs he's authorized. #

  57. @ronaldruck American Indians didn't own land, and they are sharing it with me now. You don't know their or my spirit. So hold your tongue. #

  58. Libertarian or Libertine?: YouTube - "F___ Political Correctness!" Marina Portnaya, RT America (Russia Today) #

  59. Definitions: Christianity versus Islam: YouTube - CrossTalk: "Quran Q&As" via @AddToAny #

  60. Zionist Troll Ironically/Idiotically Uses American Indians to Justify Zionists Stealing Land: ronaldruck on Twitter #

  61. Global Warming: Winter Weirding . #

  62. YouTube - On the Calvinism / Arminianism Debate via @AddToAny #

  63. On the Calvinism / Arminianism Debate . #

  64. The Real Deal-Assassination of Punjab Governor-01-09-2011-(Part2) . #

  65. World Citizenship: Is it inherently evil? via @AddToAny #

  66. By Supporting Barack Obama, Some Black People are Putting their Egos Above What's Best via @AddToAny #

  67. Penn State's Problem with "God-Given Free Will" . #

  68. Censored Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Episode- S02E04 Police State - FULL LENGTH via @AddToAny w/ commentary. #

  69. Demonstrator Shot in the Head With a Tear Gas Bomb in Nilin Demonstration Against Annexation/Apartheid Wall #

  70. Not so Fast, Not so Fast: "YouTube - The total collapse of the U.S. economy is inevitable - Here's why" #

  71. "Chinese President Hu Jintao...resisted U.S. arguments about why China should let its currency strengthen." How long will the US sit back? #

  72. "Critics say China's undervaluing of the yuan gives it an unfair price advantage..., contributing to the...U.S. trade deficit." No kidding. #

  73. The dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier, can return to Haiti, but the duly elected President overthrown in an illegal, US-led coup, Aristide, can't. #

  74. Prepping Minds For War Against China By Shamus Cooke #

  75. Separate but Equal and "The 'Stuttgart Declaration' Represents A Paradigm Shift," by Ilan Pappe via @AddToAny #

  76. Systemic Fraud Includes Little Fry: "The Banks' Worst Nightmare: Homes Given to Borrowers in Utah" | FDL News Desk #

  77. I found a bug in WordPress. The recent comments widget mishandles <a></a> tags. It breaks the widget & places whole posts in the sidebar. #

  78. Excessive videogaming linked to depression in kids Plus, many games are violent and otherwise evil & should be avoided. #

  79. USDA releases new nutritional guidelines for school meals | Grist via @AddToAny #

  80. "(AFP) – More than 17,000 Indian farmers committed suicide in 2009." AFP didn't even mention Monsanto. They have the blood on their hands. #

  81. Girl babies are murdered in Pakistan in high numbers because many women are not permitted to work and are deemed financial burdens. #

  82. Facebook is not your friend. Goldman Sachs is not your friend. Facebook and Goldman Sachs are each other's friend though. #

  83. All other things being equal, import tariffs against China would be fair. The US is still hypocritical though. Look at US corn subsidies. #

  84. Western Watersheds Project says US approved Brightsource Energy's (Israeli) Ivanpah solar-energy plant without proper environmental reviews. #

  85. Western Watersheds Project: US approved Brightsource's Ivanpah solar-energy plant (Israeli designed) without proper environmental reviews. #

  86. Do you think Russia is environmentally right? BP entered an arctic offshore oil drilling deal with Russia's Rosneft. It's greed over good. #

  87. Plenty of Food for Thought and ACTION NOW!: "Dr. Peter Morici on Radio Free Dylan" « Dylan Ratigan #

  88. Is This Right?: YouTube - "Calvinism = Biblical Truth: Predestination, Unconditional Election and Total Depravity" #

  89. KO Special Comment: 9 Days Have passed & The Willful Blindness Hasn't Even Slowed Down Yet! . #

  90. Look, the Sarah Palin "blood libel" comment was some advisor thinking Zionist$ would relate to it. Sarah is a so-called Christian-Zionist. #

  91. MLK: Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam . #

  92. The Tom Usher Weekly is out! . â–¸ Top stories today by @desmogblog #

  93. UPDATE 1: "Definitions: Christianity versus Islam: YouTube - CrossTalk: 'Quran Q&As'" . via @AddToAny #

  94. A Tour of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp pt 1 of 6 . #

  95. Tour of Auschwitz by Jewish holocaust revisionist:... . #

  96. The Khazar Myth Debunked - Thirteenth Tribe - Arthur Koestler Refuted . #

  97. Sen. Al Franken: Stop this First Domino from Falling . #

  98. This Debate's The Wrong Debate! We Should Be Talking About Single Payer Universal Healthcare! . #

  99. Scumbag Cops Get Off Police Brutality Charges AGAIN! (It's On Video! COME ON!) . #

  100. Assaf Kfoury: "Will the US Ignite the Lebanese Tinderbox?" — Israeli Occupation Archive via @AddToAny #

  101. "Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030," via @AddToAny #

  102. The myth of 'American exceptionalism' implodes | Richard Wolff | Comment is free | via @AddToAny #

  103. Obama Nation plan for Internet Drivers Licence . #

  104. Obama lectured Hu on human rights. I have one word for you, Barack: Gitmo. #

  105. Lack of proper regulation led to this depression. More bad deregulation will make things worse. Clean house of the sociopaths/greedy! #

  106. Foxes guarding the chicken coop: Rominger, Gensler, & Dudley: Goldman Sachs regulating Goldman Sachs: Revolving doors: Crony capitalism. #

  107. CIA-trained 'terrorist' in US court - Features - Al Jazeera English via @AddThis #

  108. An Uncensored Conversation with Mordechai Vanunu and Founder of We Are Wide Awake WAWA via @AddToAny #

  109. Response from The White House RE: Mordechai Vanunu Via The New York Times via @addthis #

  110. Unsustainable Palm Oil and the RSPO | via @AddToAny #

  111. Are We Going to Let the Biggest Financial Fraudsters Keep Their Money and Avoid Jail Time? | | AlterNet via @AddToAny #

  112. The reason the laissez-faire Republicans will continue destroying the General Welfare is that Obama is an anti-New Dealer, Democrats. #

  113. Repubs don't hold the Presidency or Senate & barely the House but are pushing deregulation. Will the Dems finally support a real New Dealer? #

  114. The US was at its peak economically when it was at its most opposite to the direction the Republicans want to take it now. Figure it out. #

  115. @PraySite "Your life is not dictated to create it....and are in perfect control of it!" You seem even less Calvinist than do I. #

  116. The poorest Christian has a greater treasure than Tea Party billionaire David Koch. Can you see how? #

  117. I'm Black. I can say "nigger." You're White. You can only say "the n-word"? Who gets to say "honky"? #

  118. The Republicans are going to screw things up so much that the 2008 election will pale by comparison to the real Populist landslide to come. #

  119. Icelandic MP Birgitta Jonsdottir on Democracy Now I support Birgitta's efforts for freedom of the press. #

  120. Every anti-government Tea Party legislator gets paid by government & gets healthcare & other benefits from government common people don't. #

  121. Part of why the United States is slowing relative to other rich nations is because the US lacks socialized medicine. #

  122. Look, Glenn Beck is anti-government because he's paid by Big Business that wants more at the top for the parasites. #

  123. #1 Gun deaths per 100,000, Mississippi: 18.3 | Permissive gun laws: 4th out of 50; #2 deaths per 100,000, Arizona: 15 | Permissive laws: 1st #

  124. Tennessee Tea Partiers whine: "criticism about...founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites." They hate truth. #

  125. Sen. Rand Paul Holds Debt Ceiling Hostage To 44 Percent Cuts In Every Government Program Bonkers #

  126. Will the GOP's Budget Cuts Gut the Middle Class? via @motherjones #

  127. "129 million Americans under the age of 65 are afflicted with preexisting conditions." Only monsters want to repeal their coming coverage. #

  128. High income inequality doesn't lead to research, technology, industry, and innovation but instability and crime. #

  129. A National Security Letter is not a subpoena. People have successfully simply said no to such letters and demanded real subpoenas. #

  130. That was before the Mega-Media corporations bought up all the news organizations in this country. Being a journalist... #

  131. @dangainor You DM'd me: "Judge not lest ye be judged." To what are you referring? Are you using the term "judge" in Jesus' context? Explain. #

  132. @dangainor I just had a look at your Twitter profile and tweets. You DM'd me: "Judge not lest ye be judged." You need to look in the mirror. #

  133. @dangainor Concerning the Koch's brothers, I will be judged as to whether I wrote with cause. I have cause and can be judge by my standard. #

  134. @dangainor To clarify, I am informed that a Twitter "mention" is not a DM (Direct Message), so you had rather mentioned me via an @ sign. #

  135. @dangainor Against the environment of your neighbors, you defend the Kochs? Is that the golden rule? I rebuke my brothers for cause. #

  136. @dangainor Peace, Dan. #

  137. @dangainor : Koch $'s lead astray. "Campaign finance ruling: Should Supreme Court justices have recused themselves?" #

  138. US Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas are for the Koch brother Plutocrats over the people. They follow mammon, not God. #

  139. Police Seize Weapons from Libertarian-Capitalist who Praised Gifffords Shooting: 1 Down and 534 to go via @AddToAny #

  140. Tony Blair said, "they [Iran] carry on with the nuclear weapons." Show us your evidence that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program or shut up. #

  141. Interesting: "Tiger Mothers" Are Driven by U.S. Inequity, Not Chinese Culture - COLORLINES #

  142. Very rudimentary but a good starting place for those who are completely unfamiliar: Defining Inflation — Seeking Alpha #

  143. I don't see hyperinflation: John Williams Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months.flv via @youtube #

  144. World Economic Forum Cherry Picks Way Out of Ponzi Scheme Depression, at least on paper | Steve Keen's Debtwatch #

  145. Gold Bubble: Boom or Bust? Evaluating Gold's Run - Seeking Alpha #

  146. BTW, how did Gordon Duff spin this? The WikiLeaks-Iran connection - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News . via @AddThis #

  147. Wikileak that Sparked the Tunisian "Crisis" #

  148. Veterans Today's Gordon Duff doesn't have an ADL insider. He has someone outside the ADL making up crap. . via @AddThis #

  149. WikiLeaks Has Changed the Way the World Works . #

  150. The BRAD BLOG : Should Major US Pundits, Politicians be Prosecuted for Incitement to Murder, 'Terrorist Threats'? #

  151. Wayne Madsen spins WikiLeaks leaks on the corrupt former Tunisian leader into: "Assange is outed as a tool of Soros and the CIA and Mossad." #

  152. "If ignorance is truly bliss, then why do so many Americans need Prozac?" — Dave somebody #

  153. Jonathan Azaziah, Veterans Today,, is still peddling proven lies (zero proof all hot air) about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. #

  154. Jonathan Azaziah, Gordon Duff, & mob want you stupid enough to believe State Dept cables are supposed to reveal fine details of all evil. #

  155. Jonathan Azaziah is still claiming Julian Assange praised Rupert Murdoch. He did not. He shamed Murdoch. Azaziah is a twisting ducker. #

  156. Questions: Future Becoming Clearer - Abandon Sprawl, Intensify High Speed Rail Return to Urban Life, Like the 20's? #

  157. Taxi To The Dark Side-BBC Full Length Documentary . #

  158. Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Lublin Majdanek, Auschwitz: Is 6 million Jews a huge, deliberate exaggeration? via @AddToAny #

  159. Canada sees staggering mildness as planet's high-pressure record is "obliterated" via @AddThis #

  160. Austinites Refute TSA Propaganda About ABIA Naked Body Scanners . #

  161. WikiLeaks, the Internet and Democracy . #

  162. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd of AlterNet Wants the Children Devoured: "Conservatives Freak Out Over MTV's 'Skins'... #

  163. Rahm Emanuel gave up his Chicago residency. Follow the rule, or throw it out altogether for everyone. Don't show favoritism in such matters. #

  164. Cablegate: "Israeli officials...confirmed...they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse...." Assange is Mossad? Hardly. #

  165. Cablegate: Cables "confirm" Israeli January 2010 assassination of Palestinian Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai. Assange is Mossad? Hardly. #

  166. Cablegate reveals a US-Israeli deal "to continue the 'natural growth' of Israeli settlements in the West Bank." Assange is Mossad? Hardly. #

  167. I Hate When Webster Tarpley Does This: "Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The 'Cognitive Infiltration' Op... #

  168. YouTube - "The biggest Yerushalayim in Jewish history" via @AddToAny #

  169. YouTube - Land grabs in Buenos Aires slums via @AddToAny #

  170. YouTube - Discussing the Palestine Papers via @AddToAny #

  171. YouTube - Swapping land in East Jerusalem via @AddToAny #

  172. YouTube - Moscow airport suicide attack via @AddToAny #

  173. YouTube - The Suffering Sweepstakes: Talmudic Mentality in the History of World War II via @AddToAny #

  174. "the so-called '9/11 truth' movement" So-called my eye. Here's a big thumbs up for Richard Falk! Truth wins! - Telegraph #

  175. Jeff Gates is more than hinting Israel did the Moscow Airport bombing. He does not have evidence. He's way premature! . #

  176. Hogwash! One can't delegitimize what wasn't legitimate. @reuters: Analysis: Israel sees threat from delegitimisers #

  177. Quick Notes: Obama's Evil 2011 State of the Union Address via @AddToAny #

  178. Quick Notes: Paul Ryan's Evil GOP Response to Barack Obama's Evil 2011 State of the Union Address via @AddToAny #

  179. Revealed: story of Israeli troops told to 'cleanse' Gaza - Channel4 News via @AddToAny #

  180. RT @tpmmedia: Planned Parenthood: FBI Investigation Underway Over Potential Sex Ring Hoax . James O'Keefe? Shall we see? #

  181. Planned Parenthood "treating victims of sex hand them back over to their pimps"? #

  182. Gilad Atzmon: The Palestine Papers and Us #

  183. Palestine papers: MI6 [US & Israel] worked with Abbas to crush Hamas This substantiates what I wrote at the time. #

  184. A Frightening Satellite Tour Of America's Foreclosure Wastelands Oh my! Think of the poor children. End banksterism. #

  185. Kucinich: What are we going to Sacrifice for War? . #

  186. Time for King Coal to die: Big Coal's Watergate? Nation Watches as Clean Water Act Scandal Rocks Kentucky Court Today #

  187. It they allow Monsanto in, they'll lose their corn. "Mexico denies request for pilot GM corn plots" - Bloomberg . #

  188. When the British gov. is calling for severe austerity cuts, how can they justify new Trident submarines? . It's insane! #

  189. I used to read this stuff without a critical eye. No longer! "Memorial examines role of Auschwitz oven builders" #

  190. "first research to document meditation-produced changes in the brain" Of course thoughts change brain matter. Prayer works on morality too! #

  191. . #

  192. Yemen protesters demand change of government. Thousands gather in Sana'a to call on Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down . #

  193. It's time the US stop propping up dictators & brutal occupiers. Americans shouldn't have any of their taxes going to such entities. #

  194. Anti-government protests erupt in Yemen AlJazeeraEnglish . #

  195. Abe Foxman, Glenn Beck, Holocausts, Nazis, Rabbis, and I via @AddToAny #

  196. What's Happening in Egypt Explained (UPDATED) via @motherjones #

  197. Jim DeMint: "When you have a big government, you're going to have a little God." Stupid! The Kingdom of Heaven IS government, and it's huge! #

  198. God "made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth" while American exceptionalism is humanism/anti-Christ. #

  199. US Case Against Wikileaks' Julian Assange Collapses via @AddThis #

  200. "Joe Biden says Egypt's Mubarak no dictator, he shouldn't step down..." Say What? It's time for Hosni AND JOE to go! #

  201. Goldman Sachs nets billions from AIG in "backdoor bailout"; @nasiripour reports: via @huffingtonpost #

  202. Must Watch: Nomi Prins: Foreclosure crisis far from over; Banksters bailed out.... . #

  203. RT @CineversityTV: El Baradei "If the US govt wants a friendly Egypt they must stand with the people not with the regime" #Jan25 #

  204. RT @sabbah: Egyptian television reports that the country's cabinet has formally submitted its resignation. #Egypt #jan25 #jan28 #jan29 #

  205. RT @GreeGreece: Egypt protesters defy curfew as tanks roll into Cairo #

  206. RT @FRANCE24: Top dissident #ElBaradei says President #Mubarak must go . #egypt #jan25 and Joe Biden with him. #

  207. Make no mistake about it, when George W. Bush said people around the world want freedom, he wasn't talking about liberating the Egyptians. #

  208. RT @CineversityTV: CONFIRMED: EGYPTIAN MILITARY ABANDONS GAZA BORDER. Will Zionists step in? . #

  209. Barack Obama is not for regime change in Egypt. He's afraid Egyptians might be too socialistic.... . #

  210. If this roadside anal search is true, mundane law says the officer should go to prison. #

  211. RT @ayakhalil: "Wow Al Jazeera confirms: China blocked all news from Egypt as preventative measure against riots. #OpChina #Jan25 #

  212. It's time for Saudi King Abdullah to go. It's time for ALL such authoritarians to go. Don't kill them. Rather, peacefully retire the greedy. #

  213. RT @antloewenstein: Blog post: Let's not forget Israel loves autocrats to maintain its life #

  214. "Israel will be forced to seek out new allies. The natural candidates include Syria" Actually, Russia, China, and India.... #

  215. RT @abubanda: "issue has nevr bn whether the US shld promote democracy; it has bn when the US will stp trying 2 suppress it." #jan25 #egypt #

  216. RT @TwiddleEastNews: Israel may invade Gaza 2 divert Arab street 2 protect its political assets. [will not work]? They'll stop at nothing. #

  217. RT @edwardnh: Most US aid to Egypt goes to military - #jan25 #

  218. The U.S. works all sides in Egypt. #

  219. It can happen here. #

  220. RT @avinunu: Unreal. NDP's Maged Butros tells BBC World TV: "If the people don't want this president, why did they re-elect him?" #jan25 #

  221. DesertPeace: ARE WE FINALLY SEEING THE SUN SET OVER THE AMERICAN EMPYRE [All sides will work it/spin it.] #

  222. Maan News Agency: Egyptian security: 12 killed in Bedouin skirmish at Gaza border via @AddToAny #

  223. RT @VEPalestine: Palestine - #Gaza2 : Palestinian security deployed Saturday morn along the Gaza Strip borders w/... . #

  224. Anthony Weiner: Should U.S. Stop Sending Money To Israel? [not speaking... . #

  225. It's not due to global cooling: #

  226. New York's Record Snow isn't global cooling: #

  227. Mrs. Obama has her organic garden though: "EPA Exempts Refineries From Hazardous Waste Control Requirements" #

  228. Exclusive: Koch Industries Promises To Double Money Raised This Weekend, 40% Of Donors Will Be New via @thinkprogress #

  229. RT @SultanAlQassemi: Al Arabiya: Witnesses report bedouins stormed Police Bureau confiscated weapons in Arish (344 km NE Cairo pop 120,000) #

  230. RT @scmcqueen: new "Miranda" warning: "What U post on Facebook/Twitter cn & will B used against U". B brutally honest in all our affairs #

  231. RT @TwiddleEastNews: "America's neocons, once vocal champions of democracy, have fallen strangely silent over these latest protests" #

  232. RT @guardiannews: Poll reveals less than a third want private firms to provide NHS services #

  233. RT @Jnoubiyeh: only "democracy" in Middle East says time isn't right for Arabs to go through democratic process. #Egypt #Jan25 #Zionism #

  234. RT @SultanAlQassemi: Al Arabiya showing NDP point of view & interviewing its thugs. "Egypt will continue to be lead by Mubarak!" Switching #

  235. RT @MMFlint: . Join me in supporting WikiLeaks with your voice. And check out all their leaks on Egypt. #

  236. RT @MMFlint: Comedy doesn't get better than this: Mubarak appoints as vp man who ran OUR rendition prgm in Egypt (source: Jane Mayer) #

  237. RT @allisonkilkenny: A protester displays a teargas canister made in USA ( #Egypt #Jan25 #

  238. RT @SultanAlQassemi: Abou El-Futouh: @France24 "Nor will Egypt B governed by 1 group or 1 party. Egypt must have a gov that represents all.. #

  239. RT @Angieforliberty: Webster Tarpley: CIA Fuels 'Mob Rule' in Arab World to Change Power: [Webster 's being myopic.] #

  240. The CIA is not running the Egyptian revolution. It's involved, but one Cablegate cable doesn't mean Egypt is Iran. #

  241. RT @Angieforliberty: Brzezinski's Feared "Global Awakening" Has Arrived: [That's not quite what he said, but....] #

  242. Saying the CIA is running/co-opting the Egyptian revolt is nearly saying it was the CIA that brought down the Shah. It's way overstating it. #

  243. [Not new]: two-pronged strategy: support oppressive regimes, promoting democratization: project: democratic imperialism #

  244. Must Read: As the Dominoes Flow toward Israel #

  245. You might want to do this. I don't have the equip.: Join a New Video Project in Defense of WikiLeaks | #

  246. Maan News Agency: Poll: 68% of Palestinians don't believe the Al-Jazeera Palestinian Papers are real [They're real] #

  247. For the poor, this is the Obama Conundrum. He was obviously the best choice in 2008. [No way] #

  248. "reasonable juror", given new evidence, could not have concluded Troy Davis was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt #

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