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I see that I'm not the only one who sees right through Mr. Obama regarding organics. If she's serious, Mrs. Obama could tell Barack to sleep on the couch. Who's side are you on, Michelle?

Well, I'm opposed to coercion, and she did state her marriage vows.

Anyway, Barack would say he's "in too deep" with Monsanto to give up his filthy habit.

Repent, Barack, repent.

And that's how the First Lady's garden played not long after her husband was inaugurated. But now it's time to cut the crap: Barack Obama having pledged to make us all eat GE foods–for it is ultimately his USDA, not Tim Vilsack's–I don't think it's a stretch to say that Michelle's garden was a deft stroke of diversionary propaganda, meant to make our ruthlessly Monsanto-friendly president* look just as "green" as Johnny Appleseed, or Michael Pollan.

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