"60 Minutes" Extra Video: Julian Assange Interview

It appears to me that Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes" is not taking the CIA/U.S. Justice Department's cues concerning Julian Assange. As a journalist, Steve thinks Julian is a journalist and certainly a publisher.

After watching the "60 Minutes" regular segment and then this "60 Minutes Overtime," I see that Steve Kroft was not passing judgment in the regular segment but rather doing his best simply to probe.

Julian freely admitted that he is still learning the ropes of high-powered journalism/interviews. Personally, I thought he fielded the questions quite well. Obviously, he's been asked the same questions over and over and has had an opportunity for many of his answers to become nearly automatic if not completely.

He seems to becoming more politic as he matures under fire. Let's hope he truly grows in the job.

As for his idea that he's getting along well with the New York Times, I don't think he can see it from the outside. It's either that or the Times is big enough that there are some there who are getting along with him while there are others skewering him and he knows it (likely).

I wonder what brand of "libertarian" Julian considers himself.

Part 1

Part 2

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