Twitter Digest: January 31, 2011

  1. Major Twitter Digest: January 29, 2011 #

  2. @Green_Star1 To all you 'misunderstanders' of the uprising in Egypt « Bare Naked Islam's Weblog: [want to bet?] #

  3. Raw Video: Tanks Roll in Cairo Saturday Morning #

  4. Egyptian army storms museum to protect it from The Egyptian police #

  5. WikiLeaks-Leaked Cable: The U.S. Works All Sides in Egypt: Some read too much into it via @AddToAny #

  6. WikiLeaks exposes US complicity in murder, torture, by Egyptian government: #

  7. It looks to me from Hillary Clinton's statements that Mubarak is to go. #

  8. Michelle Obama's garden is a propaganda masterpiece :: News From Underground via @AddToAny #

  9. If the Egyptian military is refusing to move on the people (told not to or no $'s) and Hillary Clinton has said Mubarak must go, he's out. #

  10. Germany bans anti-fascist Zionist movie then changes to allow those over 18 to see it: #

  11. EFF Uncovers Widespread FBI Intelligence Violations Thanks for the link, @shellyroche. #

  12. It's wise that Hamas closed Gaza's southern border; however, Gaza depends on the crossing & tunnels for needed supplies. #

  13. "George Galloway talks about the situation in Egypt and how it may affect... #

  14. Egyptian Army Intervenes to Protect Protesters from Police #

  15. William K. Black is Too Kind: Obama Embraces the "Economic Philosophy That Has Completely Failed" via @AddToAny #

  16. Koch brothers evil political manipulations are steadily being unmasked via @AddToAny #

  17. Alex Jones is such a rabid Anthropogenic Global Warming denier, I'm now wondering out loud if he gets any funding from the Koch Brothers. #

  18. Alex Jones is such a rabid Anthropogenic Global Warming denier, I'm wondering out loud if he gets any funding from Big Oil, Coal, or Gas. #

  19. The stupid Koch Brothers: Smog is good for skin cancer prevention, and acid rain is a myth even though trees and lakes died! #

  20. Hillary Clinton: US not demanding Mubarak leave, backs away from threats to pull Egyptian military aid/bribes. So, Mubarak must "change"? #

  21. Hillary is slow. The longer it takes to "transition," the more power the Muslim Brotherhood, which she fears, will gain. #

  22. Hillary, let the Egyptian people decide. They are not about to install Ayatollah Khomeini. It's not Iran, and this isn't 1979. #

  23. @CineversityTV The US is burning the candle at both ends in Egypt, as it has nearly everywhere else. It's still divide and conquer/rule. #

  24. The US could cause the Egyptian military to hold democratic elections within weeks by saying, "No free and fair elections, no money." #

  25. RT @CineversityTV: @TomUsher Old game of aristocracy, kings, emperors... Nero provided games, amusement (entertainment). Now they use media! #

  26. @CineversityTV Obama admin. shooting itself in both feet by not openly telling Mubarak that for everyone's sake, he should leave now. #

  27. RT @CineversityTV: The New World Order issue is complicated. We certainly do need one but definitely not the one plutocrats have in mind. #

  28. 'Within 24 hours of the [fascist-Zionist] assemblyman's phone call, I was fired' –Brooklyn College adjunct professor #

  29. Maan News Agency: Medics: Israeli forces open fire at Gaza workers [Keep it up, Zionists. You'll get yours.] @AddToAny #

  30. RT @8Voiceleaks8: El Baradei Urges Obama to Grow a Set of Balls . [He'll need a working moral compass to go with them.] #

  31. Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia via @AddToAny [Old boxing proverb: Those who sleep in silk sheets don't fight well.] #

  32. Ronnie Cummins: Fake "Organic" Elite [Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, Stonyfield Farm, etc.] Surrenders to Monsanto #

  33. RT @daphnewysham: Al Jazeera English Blacked Out Across Most Of U.S. via @huffingtonpost #

  34. RT @Jnoubiyeh: era of false promises from Hosni #Mubarak over. people want nothing except dictator's resignation. #Egypt #Jan25 #

  35. John McCain: "You can't have autocratic regimes last forever. The longer they last, the more explosive the results." That's what I say too. #

  36. RT @yvessmith: Guest Post: Israeli, Saudi and American Leaders Say Arabs Are Not Ready for Democracy: The War on... #

  37. An Open Letter to President Barack Obama | Accuracy.Org via @AddToAny #

  38. RT @organic_valley: @TomUsher Please read our response to the OCA post: Why Facebook? Cummins wants to fight the USDA. #

  39. @organic_valley Your Facebook note reads like milk toast when there should be fire in it. Monsanto is killing people & should be dissolved. #

  40. @wikileaks Are you being hacked? Your tweet: "CBS 60 Minutes live stream on WikiLeaks" has a porn link. #

  41. RT @gazamom: HRW: Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority shuts down #Egypt solidarity protest in Ramallah #You #039;renext #Jan25 [If so, bad!] #

  42. Groton US National Guard detachment heading to Egypt [That's a bad idea.] #

  43. In the interest of real "fair and balanced": Stonyfield answers Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association #

  44. Astounding And Dangerous Crap.... (Egypt) via @tickerguy [I agree with much of this, but we need United States Notes.] #

  45. Journalist, Hacker, Spy, Racketeer: #WikiLeaks #Assange [So, is he saying he wishes WikiLeaks had never been born?] #

  46. YouTube - Some "Road Map to Israeli Apartheid" Videos via @AddToAny #

  47. Flotilla Investigation Ignores Israeli Evidence Tampering via @AddToAny #

  48. Tony Benn to BBC "If you wont broadcast the Gaza appeal then I will myself" #

  49. Mark Regev admits Israel used White Phosphorus Bombs after cover up #

  50. Alex Thomson shuts-up Israeli spokesman! #

  51. Israel Confirms Hamas Fired NO Rockets! Must See! #

  52. Blog Post on the "tunnel" and other lies: "YouTube - Mark Regev Confirms Hamas Fired NO Rockets!" via @AddToAny #

  53. They say fear "Islamists" in Egypt, but they fear democratic socialists more. Democratic socialists don't allow capitalist greed to rule. #

  54. Suggestions for Peace Activists in Ni'lin Village, Palestine via @AddToAny #

  55. I have to agree with the "conservatives" that Ted Kennedy doesn't need a tax-payer funded ($68+ million) shrine to his legacy. Right? #

  56. Barack Obama shows more of his Dark Side: having the USDA allow Monsanto to plant GE alfalfa — not one restriction and no labeling — Evil! #

  57. RT @maxblumenthal Mike Huckabee speaks "very Zionistically" in Knesset, condemns Egyptians, calls for more settlements #

  58. Listen folks, ElBaradei was opposed to George W. Bush's Zionist-led pretext for invading Iraq. #

  59. ElBaradei was also very fair toward Iran. He rarely got it wrong. He never caved to Zionists. Egypt could do much worse. Could it do better? #

  60. Comcast completes NBC Universal merger. The rich get richer because the big get bigger. Where're the Republican trust busters, bought off? #

  61. Julian Assange says he enjoys making banks squirm. I don't like the banksters either, but sadism will get one nowhere fast. #

  62. Liberal have a calculated political/legal strategy to target the Koch brothers. #

  63. "Mubarak's fate likely hinges on military's loyalties" The same held for George W. Bush. Where are the Egyptian military's loyalties, mixed? #

  64. Trends Worldwide: #superbowl #februarywish #questionsidontlike #transferdeadlineday John Barry SAG Awards ... What? Try global revolution. #

  65. Abe Foxman throws "anti-Semite" around so loosely, one might be tempted to forget there are real anti-Jewish ethnics out there. #

  66. Much of the mainstream corporate media is doing the CIA thing against Julian Assange now — pulling out all of the personal-attack stops! #

  67. The mainstream, CIA, corporate media is personally attacking Assange to make people think Julian doesn't deserve 2nd Amendment protections. #

  68. If the CIA can get the corporate media to attack Julian Assange as not being "Press" under the 2nd Amendment, the US might imprison him. #

  69. If people allow the CIA/corporate media to get away with labeling Julian Assange as not being "Press" under the 2nd Amendment, then who is? #

  70. Zionist/CIA contacts of the New York Times want to create a line where 2nd Amendment press freedoms only apply to those with a license. #

  71. The mass, mainstream media's attack on Julian Assange is a direct attack on your freedom of speech and freedom to publish, as "press." #

  72. Some mainstream media with some in the CIA and DIA, etc., want to stop Assange before he issues anti-bankster, anti-Zionist materials. #

  73. Earlier today, I wrote "2nd Amendment" several times. I meant "1st Amendment." Perhaps I'll remove those tweets and retweet them with "1st." #

  74. The mainstream, CIA, corporate media is personally attacking Assange to make people think Julian doesn't deserve 1st Amendment protections. #

  75. If the CIA can get the corporate media to attack Julian Assange as not being "Press" under the 1st Amendment, the US might imprison him. #

  76. If people allow the CIA/corporate media to get away with labeling Julian Assange as not being "Press" under the 1st Amendment, then who is? #

  77. Zionist/CIA contacts of the New York Times want to create a line where 1st Amendment press freedoms only apply to those with a license. #

  78. "60 Minutes" said that in "Collateral Murder," some Iraqis had weapons. Prove it. The US military claimed a telephoto lens was a weapon. #

  79. "60 Minutes" also said that no one has accused Julian Assange of stealing documents. I've read gov. officials repeatedly claiming he has. #

  80. "60 Minutes" interviews Julian Assange, Part 1:;housing #

  81. 60 Minutes" interviews Julian Assange, Part 2:;housing #

  82. "60 Minutes" Extra: Assange's Defense & Daniel Ellsberg: #

  83. "60 Minutes" Extra Video: Julian Assange Interview via @AddToAny #

  84. Bashar Assad should reform now and dynamically. . via @AddThis #

  85. If Democrats had gone for single-payer when the getting was good, arguments about the Commerce Clause wouldn't be happening over Obamacare. #

  86. Democrats could win big. Take a principled stance against Israeli Apartheid. Ratchet it up to calls for sanctions going into the elections. #

  87. David and Charles Koch will never fly under the radar again! I remember when nobody knew who I was talking about. #

  88. FreedomWorks is for pollution & wage slavery and against worker safety; consumer protection; & public pensions, police, & fire departments. #

  89. Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and The Koch Conference to dupe the little fry libertarians too. #

  90. "Once secret Koch conference now a target." Is Alex Jones there with his megaphone yelling at secretive plutocrats? #

  91. "Republicans in the Bush era brought the global economy to the brink of catastrophic collapse." We aren't out of the woods yet. #

  92. I'm no strict constructionist/originalist, but the SCOTUS has the power to reinterpret "interstate commerce." So don't count your chickens. #

  93. Omar Suleiman must not be allowed to be the ruler of Egypt. The more the US government wants him, the worse he really would be. #

  94. Egypt is dark on the Internet? There can be real dirty work. The world's people may not see or hear to demand an end before it's too late. #

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