There're Spies: Be Against Al Jazeera/Freedom of Speech, For Mubarak in Egypt?

Birgitta Jónsdóttir (Jonsdottir) put the following on her Facebook Wall:

I asked the Icelandic foreign affairs minister during Q&A at the parliament if he was willing to condemn the blackout on Al Jazeera and the Internet in Egypt. I also asked him if he was willing to support the demands of the people taking to the streets in Egypt for democratic reform. He said Yes to it all. Press release to come soon. Waiting for translations to English from the transcript.

Then she posted on her blog about it, and I tweeted it and informed her:

Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Icelandic Foreign Affairs Minister responds to protests in Egypt

Facebook comment:

I just tweeted your blog post, Birgitta. I hope other nations will follow your lead. Could Iceland take it up at the UN?

Birgitta replied:

i think we should - i will ask

Comments following that one are as follows:

Russell Stein wrote:

Game over, Hosni. Iceland's getting indignant!

Aaron Vincent wrote:

this is not as simple as it seems. for one, al jazeera is british intelligence... they've been running a psyop for the past week trying to push mubarak out... so on the one hand you have free speech, and on the other you have the US state constantly telling egypt to turn the internet back on, mentioning twitter and fb by name... doesnt anyone find this disturbing? why are hillary and obama mentioning fb & twitter by name? because the CIA is using them to run a destabilization operation.... this isnt the first time in history such a thing has been used.. they did the same thing with radio in guatemala in the 50s.

Aaron Vincent further wrote:

so, by championing "free speech" you're helping the CIA's destabilization operation... of course, none of the good ppl on the left see any of this.

I replied:

Aaron, who told you Al Jazeera [URL spelling: Aljazeera] is British intelligence? Perhaps he or she overstated or you are misquoting. Go back and have another look.

Al Jazeera is not British intelligence. MI6 does not run Al Jazeera. The decisions as to where to be and what to cover, etc., are not made by MI6 and quite often work exactly against the British government's objectives.

The British government worked hand in glove with George W. Bush's neocons to destroy Saddam Hussein. Al Jazeera was there and was bombed by the "Coalition of the Willing" to shut them up.

If Al Jazeera is one and the same as MI6, which is working with the CIA, why is Al Jazeera English not on every cable network in America?

Of course there is overlap between Al Jazeera and British interests, as many people at Al Jazeera and in Britain share many of the same political tenets.

None of what I'm saying here means there hasn't been direct interaction between members of Al Jazeera and members of MI6. Such interaction does not make Al Jazeera MI6 though.

You're telling people not to promote free speech because the CIA exists and does what it does. Are you a libertarian or a Zionist or what?

By the way, the psy-op has been to get out in front of the transition to the new Egyptian leader that would have come regardless of the CIA or MI6 or anyone else. Would you rather everyone just shut up and let Mubarak install his son so that Egypt is a monarchy? What do you believe in, the Divine Right of Kings with absolute sovereignty vested in the top royal?

If you believe that no one should say anything to influence such things, why are you talking? Isn't it hypocritical? Shouldn't you be practicing what you preach?

No, Aaron, I'm not going to take your suggestions. I'm going to call for Mubarak to step down and to let the people decide their next leader or leaders. I would like them to choose those who agree with me; but if they don't, I'd still rather that they have voices and a say in who governs. That way, I may still speak to influence them to do better.


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