Twitter Digest: February 5, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 2, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Pro-Mubarak Protesters Pledge to 'Liberate Tahrir Square with Blood' #

  3. What the Ice Cores Tell Us #

  4. Greenpeace sends message to Koch Brothers #

  5. Capitalism is killing humanity & ruining the planet. Oil- coal- & gas-industry greed is behind catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. #

  6. Greedy oil, gas, & coal industries cause: "Catastrophic Weather Events Are Becoming the New Normal," by Bill McKibben. #

  7. "Americans for Prosperity" is a cover for swine, a Biblical term of art meaning rich pigs wanting it all, though it means starving children. #

  8. Americans for Prosperity's "regulatory restraint" meant gutting Glass-Steagall for the sake of the superrich who are raping the nations. #

  9. Americans for Prosperity's "fiscal restraint" means ignoring that the bankster's usury is sheer evil we don't need and never have. #

  10. Americans for Prosperity is not a grassroots movement. It is a super-greedy Koch Brothers' front group with their dupes and minions below. #

  11. The Koch Brothers are getting the evil rewards of greed and their souls are paying the price. That's Jesus' teaching. #

  12. Nearly everything "libertarians" have said is bad about Bilderberg meetings applies to Koch conferences. Where's the uproar? #

  13. If the superrich have a right to privacy, then so do the poorest of the poor. If the poorest do not, then neither do the superrich. #

  14. "The Kochs fight back" [They lose.] #

  15. Unbridled Capitalism is Satan unleashed. #

  16. For their previous meeting, the Kochs met in Aspen. If the Rockies were laced with coal, the Kochs would destroy them for more mammon. #

  17. The instruments also of the churl [Kochs] are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words.... (Isaiah 32:7 KJV) #

  18. Everything the Kochs talk about is for self. The Kochs give first and foremost to benefit themselves. They are extremely self-centered. #

  19. The Kochs don't want workers having any collective rights or power. Keep the commoners apart so the superrich get even relatively stronger. #

  20. Climate, energy, and financial regulations so we can live, have a clean environment, and keep from being ripped off are hated by the Kochs. #

  21. Lower taxes means more for the already fat Kochs and less regulation over them to stop them from their hugely toxic, polluting ways. #

  22. Big Business and tiny government means the Koch company store is all you'll get and like it or they'll kill you. #

  23. "to characterize...Kochs' self-interested is to misjudge...they are motivated by an intellectual belief system." A selfish system! #

  24. Populists is the last thing the Kochs are. The Kochs are hyper-elitists. #

  25. If you think greed is good, then the Kochs are as gods. #

  26. WikiLeaks Cablegate shows US knew the mind of Mubarak #egypt #

  27. If Obama doesn't tell Mubarak to stop right now, then Obama is violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should be impeached. #

  28. RT @Jnoubiyeh: Suleiman says he "will arrest those responsible 4 the violence." No, he won't. He's not going 2 arrest himself & #Mubarak #

  29. RT @ebertchicago: Beck, other fantasists: Cairo violence is by Islamic extremists. Eyewitness provides perspective: #

  30. RT @drgrist: Big 5 Oil Cos Approach $1 Trillion Profits for Decade, Yet Still Rely on 100yo Subsidies to Sell $100 Oil . #

  31. RT @avinunu: Al Jazeera should refuse to show Suleiman's propaganda as long as its journalists are banned and others being arrested. #Jan25 #

  32. RT @jeremyscahill: RT @sharifkouddous: Every now and then infiltrator caught, Police ID found. dragged away roughy, arrested by army. #Egypt #

  33. RT @greenforyou: GM crops pulled from NE Federal Wildlife Refuges #green #

  34. Are the "tax-cuts for the super-rich" crowd also for ending all tax subsidies for the oil industry, or are they hypocrites? #

  35. RT @CineversityTV: @TomUsher Tom, look here, see some reality from today in Egypt.. let people in the USA know this RT #

  36. Watching monsters drive right into Egyptian people just walking down the street and at such speeds is chilling and disgusts me to no end. #

  37. "Cablegate to Date: 32 Major Revelations (and Counting), by Greg Mitchell. February 3, 2011 via @addthis #

  38. Dems Dump on Mother Nature by Monica Smith | via @AddThis #

  39. Howard Dean thinks people who went to Iraq to kill Iraqis and lord it over them were defending the US? He's crazy. #

  40. When will we all just accept that some people are simply born mass murderers and let them do what they want? Is there a mass-murderer gene? #

  41. Wall Street banksters (B) lobbied politicians (P). P killed regulations. B raped the economy. B contributes more to P. B sees huge profits. #

  42. If Halliburton...willfully & illegally pumped millions of gals of diesel into the ground, it should be nationalized. #

  43. Energy in Depth is an industry group formed to fight federal regulation of fracking. They must be Koch-lovers. They sure are God-haters. #

  44. Tahrir Square Video: Eyewitnesses to Mubarak Forces Wounding / Murdering at Pro-Democracy Rally via @AddToAny #

  45. Egypt's Mubarak, "I will never flee, and I will die on my country's soil." Sooner than you think. #

  46. Mosaic News - 02/02/11: Bloody Clashes in Egypt, Hundreds Hurt #

  47. There is no Egyptian Khomeini in Paris or anywhere else, thank God. #

  48. WaPo Bureau Chief Arrested Among 2 Dozen Journalist Held in Egypt #

  49. White House journalists say Obama ignoring them re Egyptian crisis #

  50. Mubarak isn't a stabilizing influence. A peaceful transition could easily occur without him in power. He is a problem, not a help. #

  51. Hosni Mubarak gives a speech about how he cares. Then he sends in the thugs. What a liar. It's time for Hosni to go, Barack. #

  52. None of this would be happening in Egypt if US capitalist-imperialists hadn't been for the Zionist ethnic-cleansing of Palestine. #

  53. Omar Suleiman is a mealy-mouthed torturer and no good leader for Egypt. #

  54. Worth watching: News Analysis-Egyptian Revolution; 9th day (P1) #

  55. YouTube - Peter Schiff: FCIC is a sham! [Schiff would run this country further into the ground.] via @AddToAny #


  57. Ayn Rand has to be one of the stupidest women ever to walk the face of the Earth. #

  58. Government has never been the problem. Bad government has been. Good government is the solution, and righteousness is its ruler. #

  59. Hey, federal politicians, if you don't bring forth United States Notes and full public-employment, you'll fail. #

  60. Brooksley Born was a total heroine and totally right. Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Gramm, Leach, Bliley, et al., were greedy, meaning stupid. #

  61. Sharif Kouddous: "...thugs...were cursing Mohamed ElBaradei as a US collaborator..., ...shows just the sheer stupidity of these people." #

  62. My Take On: YouTube - Webster Tarpley's "Egypt protests organized by the US?" via @AddToAny #

  63. The Koch Brothers say they don't have anything to do with the Tea Party. They pay for much of it. Do you think they're liars? It's obvious. #

  64. Are the Koch Brothers in favor of their private corporations being treated as persons for purposes of plowing money into politics? You bet! #

  65. Koch brothers - Jane Mayer (Fresh Air) 1/3 #

  66. Uncloaking the Koch Brothers, Tea Party #

  67. Do the Koch Brothers' private corporations have huge government contracts while they clamor for killing the people's government? You bet. #

  68. The Tea Party needs to realize that the Koch Brothers invaded & turned it from being anti-bankster to being anti-regulation of banksters. #

  69. Mark Brzezinski claimed on RT America that some WikiLeaks Cablegate cables have been proven to be fake. Which ones, & how does he know? #

  70. Ever heard Van Jones at length? #

  71. Why is Sen. Republican John McCain (AZ) a step closer to reality on Egypt than is President Obama? Democrats should be even more democratic. #

  72. McCain should call for Mubarak to leave Egypt. McCain's words about the Muslim Brotherhood makes them more powerful. #

  73. On the Kerry-McCain Resolution Calling for Democratic Reform in Egypt via @AddToAny #

  74. US officials: Talks on Mubarak leaving immediately #

  75. Brotherhood says no plans for Egypt presidential bid #

  76. To prevent weapons from entering Tahrir Square, the military and civilians set up numerous checkpoints. . #

  77. Omar Suleiman is not in charge, and he won't last. #egypt #

  78. Shame on fascist Canada! Security Certificates used to abuse. #

  79. 3 members of ruling National Democratic Party resigned: anti-regime protests & party's reaction. #egypt #

  80. "Ah, yes, the Israeli-Muslim Brotherhood Axis strikes again!" Ha! via @AddThis #

  81. Mubarak must step down now. It's over for him. He's lost. There is no way Egypt will be peaceful while he clings to power until September. #

  82. The EU says transition now. The US Senate says transition now. It's cover for Obama to tell Hosni Mubarak to step down right now. #egypt #

  83. If Hosni Mubarak steps down right now, there will not be chaos. #egypt #

  84. So, is FOX News now pro-democracy in Egypt since FOX's Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig were beaten up by Mubarak supporters? #

  85. RT @truthdig Joe Conason: The Right Smears ElBaradei - Truthdig [not just neocons but many "libertarians"] #

  86. Mike Huckabee, opposing Zionist colonization of Palestine is not racism or Apartheid. It's not a two-way street. Zionists "cleans" Arabs. #

  87. Correct: "The Egyptian Uprising Is a Direct Response to Ruthless Global Capitalism," by Nomi Prins #

  88. Correct: "The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World," Ellen Brown via @Truthout #

  89. . "...full Social Security and Medicare benefits at the early-retirement age of 62, for the next... #

  90. "Why are reporters being attacked?" #egypt The answer: "Monsters are in charge." #

  91. Military aid to Egypt's military while it doesn't support democracy allows fence-sitting. Choose. #

  92. Israel Shamir: BBC Joins Smear Campaign Against Assange and WikiLeaks [I can't say I agree 100% but close.] #

  93. Worth Reading: "Getting in line for a revolution" [Sharmine Narwani is learning, sharing, teaching] #egypt #

  94. Nearly everyone in any position of note who is talking as if Egypt 2011 is 1979 Iran is a Zionist wanting to keep down Egyptian democracy. #

  95. FCIC Insider: "I Can't Believe They Suborned Brooksley Born": [I haven't read the book, but it was an inside job.] #

  96. What if China's GDP is Seriously Overstated? via @AddThis [Absolutely correct — been saying this for years] #

  97. "65% Say U.S. Has World's Most Powerful Military" Wow, 35% don't know it? #

  98. FCIC Report: Financial Crisis was "Avoidable;" Warnings were Ignored #

  99. US financial crisis was 'avoidable' #

  100. "Al Jazeera says Cairo office destroyed by 'thugs.'" That's hardly winning the world over to Mubarak. Who runs his show, PR Idiot and Sons? #

  101. Maybe Egypt 2011 is Russia 1917. No, that's not it. How about America 1776? No, that's not it either. How about Iran 1951? That's closer. #

  102. Does the Democratic United Arab States have a nice ring to it? It makes you want to move there. Then that bloc could unite with others. #

  103. "White House: Egypt must stop targeting journalists." Or what, be backed down as Netanyahu has over settlements? All bark: woof, woof. #

  104. Obama can bomb the Hell out of a bunch of poverty stricken tribesman & their kids in Af-Pak, but he can't tell Mubarak to leave. Sure, sure. #

  105. Iran could make a nuclear weapon in as little as one or two years if it wished. So could I. #

  106. "Analysis: Egypt violence seems to backfire on Mubarak" You think? You know, if the CIA, et al., will stay out of it, Iran will follow. #

  107. The commodities-futures market needs to be clamped down. It's murdering people — starving them. It's a criminal marketplace: Racketeering. #

  108. Theocratic dictator Khamenei speaks: "...awakening of people is a war between 2 wills, the will of the people & the will of the enemies." #

  109. Theocratic dictator Khamenei of Iran wants everyone subservient under Islam. Forget that! No sharia! Freedom of religion! #

  110. Egypt's Facebook Face Off - Egypt #

  111. Mosaic News - 02/04/11: Mass Protests Across Egypt and Worldwide #

  112. Muslim Brotherhood #

  113. 101 East - China's dirty secrets #

  114. @CineversityTV Iran-1979 retweeted video 2 simplistic, says Carter shouldn't have told Shah 2 leave, suggests Mubarak should stay: Zionism #

  115. "It Ain't Just Mubarak — 7 of the Worst Dictators the U.S. Is Backing to the Hilt" . #

  116. Unrest in Jordan: Whether he likes it or not | The Economist via @theeconomist #

  117. "From Tunis to Cairo: who are these "new revolutionaries"?" [They don't want an Islamic theocracy. It can be avoided.] #

  118. Frank Wisner, Angela Merkel, & David Cameron cover for Hillary & Barack. They are wrong! The sooner elections are held in Egypt the better. #

  119. Mubarak needs to announce he's leaving & elections will be held in 3 months under full international observation (Carter Center, etc.). #

  120. I found out that for some, I've needed to re-hit the Follow link. @birgittaj Birgitta Jónsdóttir, you're one of them. #

  121. RT @CineversityTV: RamyRoof Mubarak must issue decrees before stepping down #Egypt #Jan25 [Worthwhile, thoughtful] #

  122. RT @CineversityTV: "@TomUsher your country [US] is ruled by thugs. And outright liars." That's putting it mildly. They are top serpents. #

  123. RT @CineversityTV: "@TomUsher thought democracy was talking w/ people, have seen nothing from the US." Obama should have gone to Tahrir Sq. #

  124. Egypt needs freedom of religion where no one religion has coercive power... #

  125. If the Israelis had brains or just PR savvy, they'd be sending more than enough truckloads of good food & truly needed supplies to Gaza. #

  126. Report: Gas pipeline to Jordan set ablaze in Egypt, Israel cut off - #cnn #

  127. @CineversityTV "No retweet, not true. Grtz Pi-Qui Otherwise already confirmed." Explain. Which topic? #

  128. RT @CineversityTV: "@TomUsher Report on Dutch TV NOS, explosion wrecked pipeline to Jordan, company admits, no terrorists, Al jazeera." #

  129. @CineversityTV On the CNN pipeline story, I wasn't retweeting that it was "terrorists." I think most people would reserve judgment. I did. #

  130. RT @CineversityTV: On the pipeline fire, CNN should have written that it has yet to be determined as to whether or not it was sabotage. #

  131. @CineversityTV The CNN editor was sensationalizing the story while also doing CNN's "War on Terror" propagandizing for the Empire. #

  132. RT @CineversityTV: "@TomUsher OK, I understand, strange world, thought people were to inherit Paradise." We reap what we sow. So, sow it. #

  133. Kathleen Christison : @WikiLeaks : #Cablegate : US government hates Al Jazeera, Loves war-criminal Zionists via @AddToAny #

  134. Clinton decries mistreatment of press in Egypt. Press is harassed & worse in US, especially if not with a conglomerate & if "alternative." #

  135. Tzipi Livni: "I was the Min. of Justice, but I am against law – international law in particular"? Anyway, Fatah caved. #

  136. Interesting read: Neocons' Tepid Reaction to the Egyptian Democratic Revolution #

  137. The problems with Obama are he's not his own man & he doesn't know how to bring Mubarak out while becoming a friend of the revolutionaries. #

  138. Egypt's State Security Investigative Services (SSIS) electrocutes genitals & anally rapes with sticks. They're sexually perverted torturers. #

  139. @WikiLeaks #Cablegate : Cables reveal connivance of US government with Mubarak dictatorship: #

  140. Whose worst: Nixon, Reagan, George W.? Reagan & Bush made Nixon look like a genius. #

  141. A Question of Arab Unity - Holy Unity - 17 Mar 08 Pt 1 Ep 8 #

  142. American right-wing Jews behave like fascists [They ARE fascists.] #

  143. Right now, there are older Jews who are wishing Israel hadn't fought against Gamal Abdel Nasser. They better start praying for Egypt. #

  144. Jordan protest #

  145. Mohamed ElBaradei — Spreading the Gospel #

  146. Bruce Rutherford, poli-sci prof says Mubarak's departure from #Egypt won't lead to chaos [Did he quote my tweet?] #

  147. Mega corporations have way too much power. This site advocates a constitutional amendment to change that. #

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