My Take on a Video Interview with Ken O'Keefe: Zionism, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Marines, Life

I agree with pretty much everything Ken said. The violent-resistance aspect is going to be the ultimate dividing line though.

Those who went to the lions were no cowards. I'm not suggesting Ken would think so; but unlike them, Ken certainly would have fought and killed those leading them into the arenas.

Those who didn't fight back did not make the world a worse place. They led by example. They lived the Golden Rule. They died for it; and in my book, live on with their children with them.

As for the tattoos, I see tattoos and body piercings as unnatural choices, unreal, a mistake. I would discourage anyone from getting them. However, they are not at the top of my list of priorities of things humanity should correct. We do though need to work on both the big and small things, for the small add up.

I don't dislike Ken; but I want people to choose no human-on-human violence, which compassion for the sick who are violent will carry over to compassion for the "the non-humans," as Ken referred to the other living beings on the planet.

There is one other area not touched on in the ranging video I want to address and that's Ken's position that Julian Assange is some sort of intelligence agent for the CIA and/or MI6 or Mossad or what have you. Ken O'Keefe is now on board at least somewhat with the Gordon Duff crowd over at Veterans Today. I completely disagree that they've provided any substantiated evidence that Assange is such an agent. If there were a falling building such as Building 7 of the World Trade Center we could look at, then there would be reasonable grounds for suspicions, but nothing rises even remotely to that level concerning Julian Assange. WikiLeaks and Assange have been roundly mischaracterized via cherry picked aspects that even then have been distorted for effect.

Assange tried the massive dumping of material. It didn't work. He did not write the contents of the Cablegate cables. Yet a reading of Veterans Today's site suggests that we are to simply forget those things, those facts. So, I strongly disagree with Ken's decision, if he has come to it, to come to some final, condemnatory judgment about Julian Assange based upon not flimsy evidence but absolutely fabricated evidence. Maybe he hasn't looked into the shoddiness of Gordon Duff's work on the subject though. You may learn about that from my series: WIKILEAKS SERIES Information

Now, here's a video interview of Ken O'Keefe covering many issues including but not limited to Zionism, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, the Marines, and life:

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