Twitter Digest: February 8, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 5, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. Egypt will follow Turkey not Iran if the West acts quickly #

  3. A Must Watch: Kafkaesque is US #

  4. Yves Smith: Reaganomics Was Not Free Market #

  5. Reagan Celebration Hides Brutal History #

  6. "The vile person shall be no more called liberal...." (Isaiah 32:5) #

  7. My Take on a Video Interview with Ken O'Keefe: Zionism, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Marines, Life via @AddToAny #

  8. @WikiLeaks #Cablegate #Egypt: US 'consistently skeptical' of Suleiman's depicting Brotherhood as bogey man #

  9. I'd rather smell like a bag lady w/ stinky socks falling down than having been for Bush's trumped-up, illegal invasion & occupation of Iraq. #

  10. Frequent Falsehoods about WikiLeaks Debunked #WikiLeaks #

  11. Judge Covered Up Video Of SIX Cops Kicking and Punching Unarmed Teen! #

  12. Reaganomics Sucked Wealth Up, Did Not Trickle It Down #

  13. Look, if we are going to have any taxes at all, then SOAK THE RICH! Hose THEM w/ taxes. It's never hurt a society yet. #

  14. Arianna Huffington to sell Huffington Post to America Online (AOL). HuffPo has 6,000+ bloggers writing for free. It will go MSM/Corporatist. #

  15. 2009: China: $98.8 B Defense, 2.0% GDP. US: $663.3, 4.3%. Cut US to % of China = $380.9 savings, 0 austerity, 0 depression. Soak the Rich. #

  16. Countries by military expenditures. The US is insane. US 2009 GDP: $14.12 Trillion. Cut the Military & Soak the Rich. #

  17. 58% want at least some changes to Obamacare - similar % who wanted single-payer before the corporatists' latest false-propaganda campaign. #

  18. Barack Obama & Eric Holder, why haven't you arrested G. W. Bush for ordering torture? Go after those who commit war crimes, not expose them. #

  19. I'm told that "conservatives" are upset again that Obama doesn't wear a tie in the oval office. I don't even have a tie. #

  20. I was thinking today that the Iranian tieless-with-suit-coat look is so much more sensible. #

  21. Ties can cut off the flow of blood to the brain and are stupid, functionless add-ons. #

  22. How does the Groasis waterboxx work? #

  23. If rebuking Mubarak is turning on a longtime US friend, then Mike Huckabee doesn't know what it means to be Christian and a real friend. #

  24. If I had no other choices but to live under the Koch Brothers' ideology or George Soros', I'd pick Soros'. There're other choices though. #

  25. Do the Dixiepubs think slave-plantation owners were libertarians? Liberty for whom? Liberty for those with a "right" to enslave others. #

  26. Marcy Winograd, go for it. #

  27. Zionism took a back seat this time: Neocon Bill Kristol sounds vastly more Jeffersonian than do Glenn Beck Beckers. #

  28. Forbid the Egyptian people letting Israel and the US choose the torturer/murderer Suleiman as their next leader. Suleiman must go too. #

  29. @WikiLeaks #Cablegate : Israel's secret hotline to torturer/murderer Omar Suleiman of #Egypt via @Telegraph #

  30. @veteranstoday: @WikiLeaks, @JulianAssange_ = Mossad. Truth: Julian leaked #Cablegate Israel secret hotline to torturer Suleiman. #Egypt #

  31. #Israel : Russian Mafia, money laundering, blood diamonds, weapons deals, illegal organ trafficking,... #Egypt , stand. #

  32. Political Economy: Israel's Occupation, 7 parts: @therealnews Pt 1: #Israel 2nd to US in wealth inequality. Oligarchy #


  34. RT @aicnews: #BDS Success: First Ever Knesset Discussion on Combating Cultural #Boycott of #Israel #

  35. If rushing to give Egyptians at every level a say is destabilizing, then liberation of concentration camps came too soon; but they didn't. #

  36. ElBaradei: Egypt protests could get "more vicious." He's right; and if it does, it will largely be Obama's and Hillary Clinton's fault. #

  37. How long will it take before the world catches up with the meme that money creation does not have to be a result of debt/interest creation? #

  38. When we say that money can be created interest- debt- and tax-free, why don't people jump for joy? Why don't they pounce on the idea? #

  39. The world is under the evil spell of banking dynasties. Wake up! Snap out of it. United States Notes NOW! Nationalize the Fed. It's easy. #

  40. Do you like paying interest, having to borrow rather than making enough for all you need, paying taxes to banksters, and inflation? Come on. #

  41. Obama's now sucking up to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with promises of corporate tax cuts because he's been too soft all along. Bad choice! #

  42. @birgittaj I think the fact that I didn't stop following you myself but discovered it changed is reason to wonder whether anyone is hacking. #

  43. RT @palestine: AJELive: RT @newserati @Ghonim's emotional interview after release, a landmark moment in #Egypt #

  44. @TimBurt , you wrote, "ban Muslim Brotherhood, demand freedom of religion." How about convincing people not to vote for them on the merits? #

  45. FB RT: Alice Bach @Laurie King. Just what we were talking about. "Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney" #

  46. FB RT: James Hillman: "I think we're miserable partly because we have only one god, and that's economics." #

  47. RT @avinunu: BREAKING: France supports King George III to lead post-revolutionary transition in American Colonies. #

  48. Tunisian dictatorial regime seeks emergency powers against Pro-Democracy Movement: #

  49. Radicalize, America. #

  50. George Bush issued travel warning by human rights organisations.
    Vulnerable to 'torture' prosecution. #

  51. "Iran bans foreign cooking on state TV"? They think they're the example for Egypt, et al.? Petty nationalist, I like foreign cooking. #

  52. RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Christians protect praying Muslims in Egypt while Muslims burn churches in Indonesia. #

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