Twitter Digest: February 10, 2011

  1. Twitter Digest: February 8, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  2. The road to Hell is paved with unconscionableness. #

  3. Assange on Swedish prosecutor: "She has refused to come to these hearings." Why is that? #

  4. Weighing in on Planned Parenthood & Lila Rose: The video is damning but is not precisely representative of everyone at Planned Parenthood. #

  5. Article by Eileen Fleming: "Yes We Can; Yes We Must Abolish Nuclear Weapons NOW" via @AddToAny #

  6. Mordechai Vanunu, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, MAY 23, 2010 He is a Christian; so... #

  7. Al-Awda Condemns Betrayal By Unelected Palestinian Leadership #

  8. Child sex-slaves #

  9. Court Unseals ACLU and EFF's Motions on Behalf of Twitter User Birgitta Jonsdottir #

  10. 18 USC 2703(d) requires prosecutors give a judge "specific and articulable facts" info sought is relevant & material to an investigation. #

  11. Reagan's Recession The more things change... #

  12. The Skoll World Forum: Uncommon Heroes #

  13. Gaiman on Copyright Piracy and the Web #

  14. @WikiLeaks #Cablegate : #Israel & #Egypt making sweet love over torture table via @antloewenstein #

  15. "68% Believe Government and Big Business Work Together Against The Rest of Us" Who out numbers whom? #

  16. Socialism in the 21st Century: What is it? #

  17. #Zionists must hate facts being shared, not that #Hitler was "good." Hitler's Armed Forces: Triumph for Diversity #

  18. 24 orgs call #Egypt 's AG to try Min. of Info. Anas al-Fiqqi for inciting violence leading to death... #

  19. #Egypt "VP holds firm, says only alternative to dialogue is 'coup'." Then have one, and then dialogue without the criminal dictators. #

  20. "Egypt can crush uprising like Iran, says Netanyahu." Ben, then the colonels should all revolt & peacefully put down the dictatorship. #

  21. On Sherine / Shireen Abdel Wahab, better late than never? If it's genuine, be glad. Not everyone knows the revolutionaries won't hang. #

  22. #Egypt : Constitution, Article 93: "People's Assembly...only authority to judge the validity of its membership," & to hell with the people. #

  23. #Egypt : The National Lawyers Guild and over 50 organizations and individuals have writte... (cont) . #

  24. Some lawyers appear to have the real law written on their hearts.: National Lawyers Guild NYC Chapter Condemn... (cont) . #

  25. Ghassan Salame, dean Graduate School Intnl Affairs, Paris Institute Pol. Studies: Time has passed "Islamists" by. #

  26. RT @guardiannews: Egypt's army 'involved in detentions and torture' NOT good. The military needs to revolt. It's $'s. #

  27. RT @MaanNewsAgency: Hamas: former Egyptian Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adili tied to church bombing #Palestine #Egypt #

  28. "Uprising has revealed the real Egypt" both good and bad. The youth are too many for dictators & Muslim hardliners. #

  29. #Egypt : Prosecution investigates former Interior Minister's (Habib El-Adly) alleged involvement in church attack . #

  30. This is where huge international pressure can be exerted: RT @labornotes: Labor Notes interviews Egyptian union leader. #

  31. @3arabawy #Jan25 "I hate those who say social media "gave voice" to the Egyptian people." But social media has allowed me to hear & spread. #

  32. RT @TheTruthNetwork: [#Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir]
    Facebook and Twitter r no different than a mic. If u don't hav... (cont) . #

  33. The world needs a global general strike to bring down the plutocracy. Plutocrats are THE problem. The Obamas & Clintons are budding members. #

  34. WikiLeaks: #Cablegate #Egypt 'torturers' trained by FBI #

  35. @RichardGosling "Please read Isaiah ch.19. The living word! #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir quot; I've read Isaiah. Your point? #

  36. "What if the Problem in Egypt Really is the People?" That article (link below) deliberately ignores the rat... (cont) . #

  37. FB RT: Kevin Zeese: "This is the best analysis of the Egyptian Revolution I've seen.... Thoroughly excellent. " Agreed. #

  38. "The Great Tragedy is Obama Chose Not to Hold Out His Hand": Robert Fisk. That's exactly right. #

  39. Barack Obama, stop being a lackey coward. Go to Tahrir Square. Announce there that the dictatorial regime is over and liberation is at hand. #

  40. Robert Fisk is being overly pessimistic. He's underestimating the power of the spreading of the culture of fairness, justice, and honesty. #

  41. International unions, socialist parties, & world religions, back & supply the people in Tahrir Square or sharia will rise. #Egypt #

  42. Trotskyites have no monopoly on world revolution. Have you ever heard of an anti-war Trotskyite? Are there pacifist Trotskyites? Oxymorons! #

  43. The greatest enemy of democracy is laissez-faire capitalism, which is lawlessness. #

  44. Once he warms up, the video is quite informative & insightful. #egypt #

  45. If Obama tells Mubarak to go because the US backs the democratic movement, Obama doesn't lose Egypt, he gains it, as Egypt is its people. #

  46. @UnitedUniverse "@TomUsher govs don't care abt other countries' ppl, but abt their resources." #Egypt #Jan25 Down with them! New government! #

  47. @RichardGosling To get to Isaiah 19, there's a long way to go. As you know, Islam's Allah is not understood by Muslims as Jesus' Father God. #

  48. Israel's Latest War Crime Feb 9, 2011- EU/USA Complicity Knows No Limit - video by Ken O'Keefe #

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