Twitter Digest: February 11, 2011

  1. "Food Policy We Can't Believe In" . [That's an apt title, and it's time progressives dump the Obamas.] #

  2. Twitter Digest: February 10, 2011 via @AddToAny #

  3. Financial Crashes and What to Do About It All: Capitalism v. Democratic Socialism via @AddToAny #

  4. It's too bad the NYT isn't consistent. They need to tell the CIA to bug off. "Mr. Suleiman's Empty Promises" #egypt #

  5. RT @TwiddleEastNews: US masses buy official propaganda much more easily than Egyptian masses. #

  6. RT @cynthiaboaz: Last move of a desperate despot: try to own the uprising with nationalist rhetoric and blam... (cont) . #

  7. [Hogwash! G.W. Bush was covering for fascism/oil & not well.] RT @nprpolitics: Egypt Shows George W. Bush Was Right #

  8. RT @MaanNewsAgency: Dissident proposes national unity government in #Egypt #ElBaradei doesn't get enough credit. #

  9. Mubarak is insane. He stomps on people then lauds them. His cronies are all crazy criminals & must all go from power immediately. #Egypt #

  10. He needed to say step down now to all Mubarak cronies. RT @ayakhalil: "@Port_Sa3eedy: Full Obama Statement #Egypt

  11. Zbigniew Brzezinski doesn't know who the good guys are? The people who... #

  12. The most recent significant change is labor stepping up in Egypt. Now there must be solidarity strikes around the planet, including the US. #

  13. Political parties around the world must jump on the bandwagon for a global general strike bringing down the plutocracy, starting w/ Mubarak. #

  14. FB RT: David Swanson: Egypt was in state of emergency for 30 yrs. In US it's only been 10. Everybody seems willing to take another 20. #

  15. Mubarak: "I will not accept foreign intervention." You don't have choice. Egyptians want the world to tell you to go in no uncertain terms. #

  16. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has stated openly that it will accept a secular Egypt if that's what the majority of Egyptians want. #

  17. It's more complicated than that. #

  18. How hard would it be to back Egyptian democracy, Mr President? simple enough choice between liberty and tyranny #

  19. Rick Santorum: "what message are we sending ... when things get tough we walk away." That's idiotic, Rick. The message is, freedom or doom. #

  20. This article is wrong. If the US had said nothing, Mubarak would have ordered killings until the fascists won. #Egypt #

  21. RT @cynthiaboaz: If u hate terrorism, support Egypt uprising. as nonviolent action succeeds, de-legitimizes violence for change. #

  22. Worldwide, non-violent, permanent revolution until the Plutocracy is gone is the way to go. What we can't have is dictatorship by anyone. #

  23. Social political protest sweeping Arab countries Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen ,Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, have reached Iraq. #

  24. Hosni Mubarak's speech in English. He's way too late! #

  25. Army officer joins Egypt protests, but how many and how high ranking? #

  26. Re: Bill O'Reilly's Obama interview: Obama's wrong people don't know him by his fruit. O'Reilly's afraid Mubarak may expose renditions? Sick #

  27. "The Apostate, Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology" has interesting parts. L. Ron Hubbard was a major liar. #

  28. Banksters 30 x likelier to sell, not buy, bank's stock - value 100 x buying. It's due to "perverse incentives. " #

  29. Tea Party base ignorant. Wants Roosevelt Recession (cause: deficit hawks). Return to New Deal dropped unemployment. #

  30. Egypt's colonels may have to takeover. Transfer of power was due to fear of it & socialism. Military, hold free & fair elections in 90 days! #

  31. The US remains extremely afraid the Egyptian Revolution will obtain too much support & hugely invigorate the Global Socialist Movement. #

  32. You will see that this event in #Egypt is not just about Arabs. The Revolution is Global. It's not just about Muslims. It's about everyone. #

  33. #Mubarak was forced to cede right now. It's Friday. "Powers that be" (US) knew it would allow the whole weekend for news coverage of #Egypt #

  34. #Egypt Don't let military generals whittle down proper redress of grievances. Don't let up until there's freedom: Speech, press, religion... #

  35. needs XXX ratings on some postings — some are totally sleazy! "The vile person shall no longer be called liberal." Bring it! #

  36. Mohamed ElBaradei, you're wrong the people should wait a year w/ a transitional government. They need/deserve elections in 90 days or less. #

  37. Ayman Nour is wrong. The longer the time to free & fair elections, the worse the outcome. #Egypt , don't wait for the Empire to regroup! #

  38. RT @3arabawy: Yesterday, we were all Tunisians. Today we are all Egyptians. Tomorrow we will all b: Syrians? Yemenis? [... Human beings] #

  39. Ali Abdel Wahab is right. #Egypt 's military needs to share power with all the people now. Military's job: Keep peace & involve everyone. #

  40. Romney's new campaign slogan: "Believe in America." I believe in God, Mitt. When America is truly righteous, not like you, it will be one. #

  41. Assange Extradition: The Saga Continues ~ Presstorm . via @AddThis #

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